Our Methods of Treatment

Our facilities for New Mexico addiction treatment provide highly specialized ABQ behavioral health services. We offer leading solutions among rehabs in New Mexico for those seeking recovery from mental health and substance use disorders of all kinds.

Our staff employs evidence-based practices in keeping with findings from SAMHSA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) and are committed to constantly improving our offerings.

Icarus Behavioral Health also provides a premier destination for eating disorder treatment in Albuquerque and throughout the state. No matter the program track you choose, we are here for you and your loved ones on the path to healing.

Our Facilities

A top choice for rehabs in New Mexico, as shown by the reception area for Icarus Behavioral Health

Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Residential treatment at Icarus Behavioral Health New Mexico offers our most comprehensive level of care. Unlike other rehabs in New Mexico, Icarus employs evidence-based therapies in every facet of our approach; and a personalized treatment plan will be based on your unique background.

Whether you are suffering from addiction or mental health issues, or both, the clinical staff at our facility are among the most compassionate and expert of all drug and alcohol treatment centers in New Mexico.

From the moment you arrive, Icarus Behavioral Health will help you past withdrawal symptoms and craft your customized path to recovery, with an attention to detail that surpasses that of other drug rehabs in New Mexico. It’s the Icarus difference.

Step through our doors and onto the road to recovery!

Outpatient Treatment Services

From our acclaimed Albuquerque treatment center, featuring Intensive Outpatient Services to our full array of Outpatient Programs, the approach towards outpatient care at Icarus Behavioral Health provides the right level of treatment for each client.

Whether in need of Medication Assisted Treatment and group therapy, or individual or group counseling, our New Mexico treatment services and intensive outpatient programs (IOP), along with our detox center in Albuquerque cover both substance use disorders and mental health.

Reach out to our dedicated, compassionate Admission staff now and let us help find the right NM addiction treatment approach for you or your loved one today!

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Insurance Verification Form

Contact Icarus Behavioral Health now and we will provide a confidential assessment of Medicaid coverage or any form of private health insurance policy coverage for drug and alcohol rehab or mental health programs that will not affect your coverage whatsoever.

    Whole-Body Wellness

    Holistic behavioral healthcare and mental health services seek to restore a client to complete health rather than merely treating symptoms. Our beautiful facilities enable us to provide services unrivaled by other rehabilitation centers in Albuquerque and draw from the vast natural resources of New Mexico to incorporate activities like hiking through the majestic landscape or even taking the time to attend a local art show and soak up Southwestern cultures.

    Whole-Body Wellness

    Neutral Treatment

    Maybe it’s the wide-open spaces or the storied history, but something about healing in New Mexico moves the soul. We all come from different walks of life, and no one form of spirituality fits everybody. This is why we provide spiritually neutral treatment that welcomes all to find their own path to recovery, starting right here with our inpatient drug rehab centers in Albuquerque and following all the way through Aftercare and our Alumni program. Visit us now and find out what makes Icarus Behavioral Health so special!

    Detoxification Services

    No matter what substance abuse issues you may be recovering from, we offer a variety of treatment options to overcome these habits, including medical detox and treatment programs. From alcohol detox to drug detox, we have you covered. Our addiction services can help combat withdrawal and make your recovery journey more comfortable.

    Visit our New Mexico rehabilitation and recovery center today and find out how our quality treatment and detox services can support your rehabilitation process and help you achieve long-lasting recovery!

    Detoxification Services
    Personalized Treatment Plans

    Personalized Treatment Plans

    No matter which of our rehab programs you are participating in or what kind of substance use disorder you are struggling with, Icarus in New Mexico can provide the exact care you need! We treat each of our patients with the utmost care, providing them with their own individualized treatment plan upon being admitted into one of the programs at our facilities.

    No matter what your needs are, we strive to provide the quality treatment you deserve. Call the expert team to get started on your recovery journey at an Icarus rehab center today!

    Aftercare Programs and Continuing Care

    At Icarus Behavioral Health, we understand that your recovery is an ongoing process. That’s why our rehabilitation services continue even after you leave our rehab centers in New Mexico. We can provide relapse prevention and aftercare services to our patients who need a little extra help after leaving our treatment facility to ensure their continued well-being.

    Whether receiving ongoing therapy for underlying mental health conditions or participating in our alumni program, the Icarus team is here for you!

    Aftercare Programs

    Getting the Help You Deserve With Icarus Behavioral Health

    At Icarus Behavioral Health, we believe your recovery experience should be comfortable and effective. Whether our clients are New Mexico, residents or out-of-state travelers, we can provide them with effective, high-quality care and long-lasting results.

    If you are looking for a drug and alcohol treatment center in New Mexico, look no further than Icarus Behavioral Health. Call now, and we will walk you through the admissions process and get you started on your recovery journey today!

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    icarus behavioral health nm 5 star review

    What an Experience!


    "Icarus is truly committed to helping people and the community. They have beautiful facilities and amazing staff. Highly recommend for anyone looking to change their life!

    - VC (Alumni)
    icarus behavioral health nm veteran review

    The Folks at Icarus are Top Notch


    "I was not expecting as life-changing a program for trauma and alcohol issues as I found at Icarus. All I can say is that their team has my gratitude and that of my family as well.

    - TA (Alumni)
    icarus behavioral health nm testimonial

    Icarus Gave Me Hope Again


    "Amazing place! The staff is so friendly and helpful, I look at my life and feel grateful everyday for what these people have done for me. 🙏

    - LS (Alumni)
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