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Getting Help Convenient to the Jemez Pueblo of NM

There’s a pressing need for access to effective drug rehab Jemez Pueblo services with the nearby cities included. The community is deeply rooted in the tradition of the ancestors. But like many places, it is not immune to the challenges caused by substance abuse addiction.

If you or a loved one are struggling and live in Jemez or nearby, Icarus is here to help. Whether mental health or addiction treatment is needed, or both, we are ready to foster recovery and a brighter tomorrow.

Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico stands ready to serve you or anyone deciding on a more intensive outpatient program or an inpatient treatment center than offered by the Jemez Comprehensive Health Center.

Keep reading to find out more about our proven programs, and to get options for support today!

The Reality of Addiction in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico

Reality of Addiction in Jemez Pueblo

Substance abuse and alcohol addiction are not selective. These illnesses can affect any town, large or small. The Jemez Pueblo, NM, community deserves the resources and support tailored to its unique needs.

To be clear, we have the utmost respect for the Jemez Comprehensive Health Center. They definitely do provide excellent care to residents. But there might be instances where a person requires other alcohol addiction treatment centers for specialized care.

These may include an inpatient program more intense than what’s directly offered for rehab in the Jemez Pueblo itself, and this is where our residential programs at Icarus come into play.

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Why Choose Icarus for Drug Rehab Jemez Pueblo Services?

With our main campus situated in a lovely neighborhood, on a quiet street near NW Albuquerque, we are a mere 50 minutes from Jemez Pueblo. We are proud of our reputation. We’re not afraid to say it…

Icarus Behavioral Health is among the best addiction treatment centers located in New Mexico.

If you are struggling with mental health or addiction issues in the area, you may know there are not many treatment centers in Jemez Pueblo beyond the CHC.

Exploring the effective options for treatment available at Icarus can open a world of new possibilities, and allow for a better foundation in recovery than was previously possible.

Our Evidence Based Offerings

Offering comprehensive care for both substance abuse and other mental health issues, our center provides:

  • Chemical Dependency Programs: Yes. We cover drug and alcohol abuse. We also heal the underlying issues that contribute to chemical dependency.
  • Permanent Sobriety Goal: Our programs refuse to settle for short-term success. We help you have a life of permanent sobriety. Our team will empower each person to start a new, sober life.
  • Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders: Our team of professionals knows that substance abuse addiction can come with other mental health challenges. So we offer tailored treatments to address these complexities.
  • Insurance Assistance: We accept several New Mexico Medicaid programs. Plus, our insurance coordinators can help verify and explain treatment costs. Send us your insurance information, and we will search for those answers.

Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction Near Jemez Pueblo, NM

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Those in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico, and the surrounding areas understand there’s more to recovery than abstaining. The Jemez Pueblo drug crisis is on par with the rest of the state. Effective rehabilitation requires a holistic approach.

Thus, we have a spectrum of therapies and treatments, including adopting and incorporating Native American treatment programs among our offerings. At Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico, we understand that every individual faces a unique addiction journey.

That is why we offer so many New Mexico treatment services to address varying needs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This evidence-based approach helps individuals identify and change negative thoughts. They come to understand the behaviors contributing to their addiction. Through CBT, patients can:

  • Develop coping strategies
  • Understand triggers leading to substance misuse
  • And foster a healthier relationship with themselves.

Group Therapy

This therapy is an integral component of many treatment programs. That’s because it offers individuals the chance to share their experiences. They also gain perspective and receive support from peers undergoing similar challenges. It’s an environment of mutual respect, understanding, and encouragement.

Individual Counseling

This one-on-one approach allows for a personalized treatment plan. We custom-fit it to the specific needs and challenges of the individual. Through these sessions, patients can dive deeper into the root causes of their addiction.

Family Therapy

Addiction doesn’t affect the individual; it impacts the entire family unit. Family therapy aims to heal these strained relationships, promote understanding, and create a supportive home environment conducive to recovery. Our rehab family program and sessions give you and your loved ones a safe setting for healing and repairing familial bonds for those clients who desire it.

Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies

These can include practices like meditation, yoga, and art therapy. By focusing on the mind, body, and spirit, holistic therapies can complement more traditional treatment methods, promoting overall well-being and stress relief.

Medication-Assisted Treatment or MAT

For certain drug addictions, particularly opioid dependency, MAT can be beneficial. It involves using specific medications combined with therapy to curb cravings and stabilize the individual during recovery.

Relapse Prevention as Part of Drug Rehab Jemez Pueblo Services

A vital aspect of any treatment is ensuring the individual has the tools and strategies to maintain sobriety long-term. Our relapse prevention programs educate individuals on recognizing potential pitfalls and navigating challenges without returning to substances.

The Icarus commitment is to help individuals achieve sobriety. But we also strive to give people the tools and support necessary for a sustained recovery. Whatever the substance – prescriptions, street drugs, or alcohol – our diverse treatment methods offer a comprehensive approach to healing and reclaiming one’s life. We have helped a large number of people take back their lives, and we can help you or your loved one as well.

24 Hour Drug and Alcohol Detox and Rehab Options

The Top Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in New Mexico

Choosing Icarus Behavioral Health, a fifty-mile drive from Jemez Pueblo, is an incredible first step. You deserve it! Whether you seek help for yourself or a relative, understanding the variety of available resources is critical. Our team is available whenever needed. We aim to make the process smoother whenever you are ready to talk and can help you attend a drug abuse program right away.

If you or a loved one are living with drug or alcohol abuse, it is time to act. Talking about it with our professionals and seeking help is paramount.

We know it’s challenging. The many rehab centers and programs in the New Mexico directory feel overwhelming. Yet, you can easily connect to our friendly team, get the help you need immediately, and end your struggles with alcohol or drug abuse. With Icarus and our compassionate clinical team for support, you can beat addiction. We are confident that we are the best suited to your needs.

Embark on a Path of Recovery Today

Path of Recovery Today

Addictions might take lives. But with the proper treatment, many can reclaim their life and find the path to recovery. Breaking the cycle of using drugs and alcohol might seem complicated. And alone, it is. But with treatment centers like Icarus offering robust rehabilitation and rehabs, there’s always hope.

Icarus Behavioral Health stands ready to assist with proven drug and alcohol rehab programs if you live in Jemez Pueblo, NM, or nearby communities. We can address the unique needs of anyone searching for addiction centers in New Mexico. We encourage every person to take this opportunity to reshape their lives.

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So here’s our message for everyone struggling with drugs or searching for drug rehab Jemez Pueblo services, or for those having issues with substance abuse in surrounding areas…

You are not alone. The Icarus team is here to offer a new start. Reach out to our phone number today and let’s walk the journey to recovery together!

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