Beacon Insurance Drug Rehab Coverage

Using Carelon Behavioral Health for Treatment at Icarus in NM

Maybe you are finally ready to enter substance abuse treatment, but you aren’t sure what your benefits will cover. If you are using Carelon Behavioral Health insurance (formerly Beacon Health Options), knowing where to turn is crucial, and we can help provide answers and support.

How do you know which Beacon Insurance drug rehab is going to be the best fit for you or a loved one?

Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico is a great option for everyone. We can help you verify benefits with your insurance provider so that you know what to anticipate from your out-of-pocket costs. Our drug and alcohol rehab offers all of the services you need for substance use disorder treatment.

Keep reading to learn more about using Beacon for rehab, and feel free to reach out to us with any remaining questions and to get your insurance verified at any time!

Using the Affordable Care Act and Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment

Using the Affordable Care Act

If you know that you want to receive help for your substance abuse, there is good news with the Affordable Care Act. Substance use and mental health are now considered one of ten essential health benefits that insurance providers must cover — including Carelon or Beacon insurance.

Insurance companies are not permitted to place restrictions on these services. The same rules that apply to medical services or surgical interventions must apply to substance use treatment. Insurance companies cannot mandate higher deductibles or out-of-pocket maximums for this type of care.

In fact, they cannot set maximum limits on your healthcare spending at all.

They also cannot deny you coverage simply because you have a pre-existing condition. In the past, this would have applied to substance use disorders or mental health issues. Now health insurance plans cannot deny rehab coverage based on these criteria.

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Parity Protections Minimize the Costs of Attending Treatment

Fortunately, one thing to consider with your Carelon Behavioral Health insurance is that there are clear guidelines in place when it comes to parity protection. This means that insurance providers must cover mental health or drug rehab at the same level as medical intervention. Under the Affordable Care Act, these services must be treated identically.

Consider it this way: If you have a kidney stone, you want your insurance company to cover the full cost of your treatment from medications to scans to removal of the stone if necessary. They will not simply cut you off because you have reached a maximum spend limit.

The same is now true for substance use.

They must cover your treatment from beginning to end. That is not to say that you will not have out-of-pocket costs in the form of a deductible or coinsurance payment though. It just means that they will not be able to mandate that you pay more for substance use issues than you would for medical conditions.

What Do Beacon Insurance Benefits Cover for Rehab?

Mental Health Services

Does Beacon cover drug rehab, mental health services, and dual diagnosis?

The first thing you should understand when considering your behavioral health management is exactly what your Beacon or Carelon insurance provider is likely to cover. As we already saw, the Affordable Care Act means that they must provide coverage for drug and alcohol use.

Addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all service though. Every person enrolled at Icarus Behavioral Health has a unique treatment plan. Here is what you should know about what your Beacon health options are likely to cover.

All Levels of Care for Addiction Treatment

The good news is that your Beacon health insurance provides coverage for all levels of substance abuse treatment. Starting with medical detox from substances, you gain access to around-the-clock care in our treatment centers with an emphasis on safety and comfort. This includes medication-assisted treatment.

Once you safely have the substances out of your system, we will help you transition to our residential program. Again, this provides you with 24/7 care in our addiction treatment centers so that you can focus solely on improving your condition.

However, we can also help you ease back into your daily life with intensive outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization. This enables you more flexibility to come and go from our facility, spend time among your peers and loved ones, and enjoy the best of New Mexico while still receiving much-needed support.

Mental Health Treatment Covered: PTSD, Trauma, and Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Your Beacon drug rehab coverage may not be the only thing you want to consider. A rehab facility should also cater to your mental health just as much as they do your substance abuse. Roughly one in four adults have a mental health illness each year. Just shy of 40 percent of those with substance use issues will also have a mental health condition.

Whether you need mental health treatment alone or drug and alcohol addiction treatment alongside another diagnosis, Icarus Behavioral Health delivers.

We work with your Beacon health insurance to get you access to the services you need most. Carelon Behavioral Health insurance will cover trauma, PTSD, and any other dual diagnosis situation you may be facing with your substance abuse.

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3 Reasons to Choose Icarus for Effective Treatment Support

Why should you choose Icarus if you will be working with Beacon Health Strategies? Our facility is state of the art and allows you to get help with comfort and ease. Whether you need an assessment, medical exams, or counseling, we guide you through every step of the healing process.

1) Lower Cost for Out-of-Network Care

First and foremost, we strive to make our drug and alcohol rehab in New Mexico affordable for everyone regardless of their insurance coverage. If you have Carelon Behavioral Health or Beacon insurance, we may not be considered in-network for every individual plan. What should you know about our inpatient treatment programs?

The good news is that even if we are out of network, we are still a very affordable solution. You may find that our out-of-network care is less expensive than an in-network provider with your Beacon insurance benefits. We can help with the financial cost via payment plans, sliding scale fees, and more so that the treatment you need is always accessible.

2) Access to a Supportive Community

When you are ready to transition out of our residential treatment program and into outpatient rehab, the community surrounding you is significant. Outpatient services are the gateway from inpatient rehab back into your daily life and responsibilities. Fortunately, New Mexico has tons of options for community-based care coordination.

You can access 12-step meetings in the surrounding area and continue to receive outpatient rehab services at our facility. The benefit is that you can return to your home each night to gain more practice and confidence with sober living. Plus, there is no shortage of things to do in the New Mexico area to occupy your time.

3) Specialty Programs for a Brighter Future

Family Therapy

We focus on more than just treating addiction. We believe in a comprehensive, whole-person-focused treatment plan that enables you to live your life to the fullest. From medication-assisted treatment to family therapy, group therapy to individual therapy, we offer everything you could need in our inpatient programs and outpatient treatment.

Allow us to help you transition from a higher level of care in our rehab program to outpatient services with ease. Your exact coverage may vary depending on your plan, but your provider may offer extensive coverage on your health plans.

This can permit you to segue into a lower level of care when you are ready instead of discharging from our facility. Get the inpatient and outpatient care you need with our treatment facility.

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Get Help for Substance Abuse Using Beacon Health Options Now

Are you ready to explore our treatment center here at Icarus Behavioral Health to get the help you need for any drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issue, or dual diagnosis? We can help you get the help you need at a price you can afford by utilizing your Beacon Health Options.

You don’t have to wait another minute to learn more about our rehab facilities. Let our admissions team walk you through the process of verifying your insurance benefits in a quick and confidential phone call.

We won’t pressure you to make a decision, but we will answer all of your questions and help you figure out the logistics of receiving care.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you with substance use disorders and mental health while using Carelon insurance!


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