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Find the Right Help to Maintain Sobriety in Socorro NM

Finding addiction treatment can feel overwhelming and impossible while you are dealing with the fallout of using substances in your daily life. You need a treatment center that offers various levels of care, medication-assisted treatment, and detox services. If you are looking for a Socorro drug rehab, what do you need to know?

Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico is only about an hour’s drive away from Socorro and offers everything that you need to get the mental health and substance abuse treatment that you desperately need.

From dual diagnosis treatment to straightforward drug and alcohol use, keep reading to find out what you need to know about the many benefits of pursuing treatment at Icarus!

What Levels of Treatment are Offered at Icarus Behavioral Health?

Levels of Treatment at Icarus Behavioral Health

If you need help with substance abuse treatment, odds are that you might need more than a simple Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting. You need drug and alcohol rehab centers that can target your symptoms, equip you with the skills you need, and offer the support necessary for sobriety.

Our treatment centers near Socorro offer every level of support you could possibly need for drug and alcohol use so that you will not be suffering alone.

Medical Detox

The first few days without your drug and alcohol addiction are some of the hardest for our clients. Your body will be craving more drugs and alcohol, and you might be extremely uncomfortable. Our center near Socorro can help you with medication-assisted treatment and the help of counseling to minimize both physical and psychological discomfort for mental health concerns.

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Residential or Inpatient Treatment Program

Once you emerge from medical detox at our rehab centers, it might be time to implement a stricter treatment plan to tackle mental health concerns before returning to your everyday life in Socorro. Inpatient may be the right move for you.

You can stay in our state-of-the-art treatment center to get the help you need for as long as necessary. During inpatient rehab treatment, we will help you uncover new coping skills, avoid triggers, and cope with unpleasant emotions as they come up in your treatment. Recover with the help of a trained staff that is always available to our clients during their rehabilitation in an inpatient setting near Socorro.

The benefit of a residential treatment center around the Socorro area is that you do not have to worry about your drug addiction for the time you stay with us. You will not have the option to use drugs or drink, allowing you to focus solely on your recovery. This is the best way for a person to start their dual diagnosis treatment for our clients in Socorro.

Outpatient Treatment

After graduating from a residential treatment program, you can segue into outpatient programs near Socorro. This gives you some structure for your newly sober life but also allows you the freedom to interact with your family and loved ones. There are two levels of outpatient treatment that you can pursue: partial hospitalization and regular outpatient.

Partial hospitalization allows you to stay at our substance abuse treatment center during the day, attending individual and group therapy sessions. In the evenings, you can return home to sleep in your own bed and unwind with your family. This approximates your typical life and habits in recovery as an outpatient client with us.

Intensive outpatient treatment (also known as IOP) allows you to come and go at will, as long as you attend all scheduled appointments. We can help you with medication and psychiatry, individual counseling, group therapy sessions, and more, depending on what you need.

This is the least restrictive approach to recovery for most adults, but it may be challenging if you live in Socorro due to the distance to many treatment facilities. Icarus is close by and will provide the help you need with substance use disorders. Both options provide you with a means to assist you with re-engaging your community.

Medication Management

Medication Management

There are times when medication is necessary to treat underlying mental health issues or to help you maintain your sobriety. To this end, we will put you in touch with our team of medical professionals who can take your situation into consideration and help you set an achievable goal today.

Medication can help with underlying depression, anxiety, or any other mental health concern.

Sometimes, medication-assisted treatment and medication management can also help you when it comes to using substances. This makes it less likely that you will transition from our treatment center right back into your previous addiction.

You will be less likely to use if your underlying mental health concerns are taken care of at the same time that you are dealing with your substance abuse issues. Icarus Behavioral Health locations near Socorro offer a well-rounded treatment center that provides all of these crucial pieces of treatment for you or your loved one. The best part is that all of these services from qualified treatment centers may be covered by your health insurance.

Icarus is proud to accept most forms of insurance coverage for rehab, with many Western Sky policies and other forms of New Mexico Medicaid accepted, as well as many private and commercial carriers.

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The Use of Evidence Based Practices in All That We Do

Of course, these levels of care do not mean anything if there are no evidence-based practices in place. From residential treatment to outpatient treatment, you need the best skills in place to minimize suffering and allow you to live your life without alcoholism in recovery.

To this end, we specialize in dialectical behavior therapy to teach you the skills you need to remain sober. This emphasizes a mindful approach to mental health, teaching you how to observe the feelings in your body and how to tolerate distress.

Research points to the idea that tailored DBT programs can minimize other mental health issues that may accompany substance use disorders. If you have a hard time controlling your emotions, DBT treatment services can help you to manage and tolerate them, especially in the presence of a dual diagnosis such as with trauma.

Get Medication Assisted Treatment and Expert Support

Get Medication Assisted Treatment

Our staff and clinical team at Icarus are also well-versed in prescription medication used to assist treatment, the signs of relapse in substance abuse treatment, and a full range of other services. Our treatment center is convenient to Socorro and is well suited for dual diagnosis as well as more traditional approaches.

To treat your mental health, we offer both individual counseling services as well as group sessions for drug and alcohol addiction. Even a rehab family program can play an important role in substance use disorder treatment, depending on your family background and their willingness to support your recovery. Allow our nearby Socorro rehab center to create a customized and holistic treatment plan just for you and your drug or alcohol use today.

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Get Socorro Drug Rehab Services with Icarus in New Mexico

For many people seeking substance abuse treatment in Socorro, the idea of being far from family is a barrier to receiving help. If you are located in Socorro, you have the option of being just one hour away from your loved ones. This allows them to easily visit you, participate in family therapy sessions with you, and engage in your treatment plan (if you choose of course!)

Icarus Behavioral Health is close to Socorro and has all of the services you need in place to conquer addiction treatment head-on. We accept many forms of health insurance and can walk you through the process of verifying what most insurance will cover. This can significantly offset the out-of-pocket costs associated with a rehab center for adults.

Reach out to us today to learn how our services can help any client start walking on the path away from drug and alcohol use and minimize your struggle with our support!

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