Best Rehab Centers in New Mexico

When it comes to finding a place to go to treatment for a substance use disorder, there are a few things to consider when comparing and contrasting different facilities.

Some of these factors include whether it is inpatient or outpatient, what treatment modality they utilize, how long the place has been open, and how positive or negative the reviews left by previous clients are.

These factors can all play a role in deciding which of the facilities make the list of best rehab centers in New Mexico.

Top Addiction Treatment Services for Albuquerque and Beyond

Icarus Behavioral Health offers many different inpatient and outpatient programs and is absolutely on that list of best rehab centers in New Mexico.

Serving the Albuquerque area with programs for substance abuse, mental health, or dual diagnosis, the reviews speak for themselves as Icarus Behavioral Health has quickly become one of the top-rated programs in the state.

Call now to explore your options with our admissions department. They are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can help you plan your road to a full recovery.

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What Makes a Top Addiction Treatment Facility?

Top Addiction Treatment Facility

There are many factors that contribute to making a top addiction treatment facility. Among these are the availability of different treatment options ranging from inpatient to outpatient, and ones that offer treatment not only for substance abuse, but for the underlying mental conditions that go along with addiction.

At Icarus Behavioral Health there are many options so that each individual patient will work with a substance abuse counselor in order to plan out their road to recovery.

An empathetic staff, well maintained facility, and cutting edge empirically backed treatment techniques are all factors that make a top addiction treatment facility. All of these things, and more, are found at Icarus Behavioral Health.

What are the Features of a Top Quality Behavioral Health Facility?

Many of the factors that make a top addiction treatment facility are the same as the features of a top-quality behavioral health facility. Things like having a clean and up-to-date facility and an empathetic staff are both qualities that should exist in addiction treatment centers as well as top quality behavioral health facilities.

All of the latest CBT techniques are invaluable to patients seeking inpatient treatment at a behavioral health facility. At Icarus Behavioral Health, they apply all of the latest scientifically proven to work treatments such as EMDR, DBT, and CBT.

Another aspect that sets some places above the rest is their ability to adapt to fit the needs of each individual who is receiving treatment in their facility.

From the moment a patient walks in the doors at Icarus Behavioral Health, they will be looked at as an individual and will sit down with a counselor to create an individualized treatment plan that offers them their best chance at success.

Other Factors for Choosing the Best Rehabs in New Mexico

The main trust signals when you are deciding on rehab is to read the experiences of former clients. Many times, you can find third party websites that feature the ability for people to give their experience with businesses including rehab facilities. Even looking on Google or Yelp can be extremely enlightening.

When I went through and did some research on past clients’ experiences at Icarus Behavioral Health, I was bombarded with beaming, positive reviews. It was as if the staff and facility had left basically everyone who had gone with positive experiences, and set them up for a life in recovery.

Another trust signal for deciding on rehabs is to look for honesty. The honest truth is that there is no fix-all for addiction, and relapse is a part of many people’s stories.

If a rehab is lying on their website, saying they can cure an addict or alcoholic, or saying that no one relapses once leaving their facility, you can be assured that something is awry.

Honesty, individualized treatment, and positive reviews are all trust signals you can rely on when selecting a rehab, and all of these things point to the fact that Icarus Behavioral Health is one of the best in the nation.

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What Programs are Offered at Premier Rehab Facilities?

Rehab facilities can offer a whole host of different programs and treatment modalities. There are some that are based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, some that are known as behavioral modification, some that focus more on therapies such as CBT and mindfulness, and some that are religion based.

Among these many different modalities, the most scientifically endorsed treatments are those which focus on CBT like therapies. These therapies have been studied time and time again with varying degrees of projected success, but all have higher success rates than anything else.

Icarus Behavioral Health offers many different treatment options and will help the individual create a treatment plan to work on the areas the person needs the most help in.

The most efficacious treatment is a treatment centered around the individual, and that’s exactly what Icarus Behavioral Health brings to the table.

What Programs are Offered at Premier Rehab Facilities

What is Treated at Top New Mexico Rehab Centers?

At the top New Mexico rehab centers, a holistic approach is taken when it comes to substance abuse rehabilitation.

First, the client must be medically detoxed so that they may have a clear head when discussing the treatment options following the initial detox period.

A person is then assessed to see if there are any underlying mental issues that may contribute to their addiction, and if so, they are treated accordingly.

A treatment plan is then created for each patient, one that focuses on specific areas that the person needs to work on. This could include specific mental health issues such as BPD or PTSD. This could also include things like anger management or even a recommendation toward spiritual enlightenment. It all depends on the individual and what seems to be most appropriate to them.

At Icarus Behavioral Health, the individualized treatment plan is the key to success. Clients will always have the best chance of success when the treatment is catered to their specific needs. The moment they come through the door they are treated as an individual and never as ‘just another alcoholic or addict’. At Icarus, once you are a client of ours, you become part of the Icarus family.

Addiction Treatment for Native American Tribes in New Mexico

Our team is proud to coordinate care with the many Native tribes in New Mexico with innovative approaches that take into account the need for Native American drug and alcohol treatment that respects each tribe’s language, traditions, and beliefs.

Through consultation with our tribal communities in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Pueblos statewide, we are constantly seeking to integrate our evidence-based practices with Native healing methods, languages, and rites. From incorporating Medicine Wheel concepts to non-12 step methods, Icarus Behavioral Health is far from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ rehab. Our offerings are constantly revised and renewed so that the best of traditional Native practices meets contemporary holistic treatment in the most effective ways possible.

If you are a tribal member struggling with alcohol or drugs, or a tribal elder looking for more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our Native-focused programs take cultural traditions into account whenever and wherever possible. Our clinicians are eager to help you get started on the path to a recovery that respects Native traditions and blends in contemporary holistic treatment methods as well.

What Levels of Care are Offered at the Rehab Facility?

Level of care refers to the amount of medical supervision a patient will be under while in a specific facilities care. The typical levels of care offered at a rehab facility are inpatient, partial-hospitalization, and outpatient.

According to the National Institute on Drug Addiction website, “Residential [inpatient] treatment is a resource-intense high level of care, generally for [patients] with severe levels of addiction whose mental health and medical needs and addictive behaviors require a 24-hour structured environment to make recovery possible.

The same page describes partial hospitalization as, “[the] setting offers [patients] the opportunity to participate in treatment 4–6 hours a day at least 5 days a week while living at home.

“Low- or moderate-intensity outpatient care is generally delivered once or twice a week. Intensive outpatient services are delivered more frequently, typically more than twice a week for at least 3 hours per day.

Depending on the needs and resources of the patient, the admissions department at Icarus Behavioral Health will be able to discern which level of care best suits you or your loved ones needs. It is also possible to switch levels of care if one is either not enough or too much for the individual.

Can I Use Insurance Coverage at Top New Mexico Rehabs?

Insurance Coverage at Top New Mexico Rehabs

Affordability is a huge factor when deciding where to go for rehab. The question of arises of whether or not a person can use insurance coverage at top New Mexico rehabs such as Icarus Behavioral Health.

Use their website to see if they accept your particular insurance plan, as they have a place on the site to enter your insurance information.

Fortunately for those seeking top level care, Icarus Behavioral Health does in fact accept most insurance policies. To find out how much coverage is available, call in and talk to their admissions department today.

Many Insurances Accepted for Treatment

Reasons to Choose a New Mexico Rehab as Setting for Your Recovery

There are a few different reasons to choose a New Mexico rehab setting for your recovery over other popular places such as southern California or southern Florida.

One of the main reasons is that New Mexico has a relaxed atmosphere compared to the relatively fast-moving California and Florida. With a lower population and slower paced lifestyle, New Mexico can offer an environment more conducive for recovery for some people.

Another reason is that many people find the atmosphere of the southwestern desert to be a spiritual setting that may help them get in touch with their Higher Power.

Whatever your personal reasons may be, Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico offers a treatment program that is second-to-none. The wonderful New Mexico setting will be a wonderfully peaceful part of your treatment all in itself.

Find the Right Treatment for Your Needs with Icarus Behavioral Health

Whether you or someone you love needs treatment for substance abuse, mental disorders, or a combination of the two, Icarus Behavioral Health has a variety of different treatment options to fit any treatment needs.

A top rated, highly reviewed treatment center with a variety of therapies offered in both an outpatient and inpatient setting, their admissions department is waiting eagerly to discuss what will work best for you or your loved one.

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