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Using Evernorth for Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

One of the most significant steps in getting help for a substance abuse issue is admitting to yourself you need help. It is a challenging task to accomplish and requires considerable courage, so congratulate yourself that you have found the willingness to seek help.

The next logical step is deciding to attend treatment. This is another frightening decision for many individuals with substance use issues. Read our guide to learn more about why some people get scared about attending rehab, and why you do not have to be. Icarus is proud to be among the foremost rehabs that take Evernorth insurance in New Mexico, and can give you details on your coverage, often within minutes of your confidential call.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what Evernorth Insurance is and how it could benefit you in paying for substance abuse treatment at Icarus Behavioral Health.

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Attending Rehab with the Support of Private Insurance

This is especially true when the addiction in question is physical in nature, such as with opioids and the painful physical withdrawals accompanying the detox period. However, this is the only way to beat a substance abuse issue truly, and just like with any other dynamic in life, there are no shortcuts. The only way around the problem of substance abuse is through it.

You must put yourself through the fire to understand what you put your mind and body through. Most users experience this pain with the hopes of never going through it again, but you must understand the gravity of the situation, which is where the point of admission comes into play.

When this moment happens, and you decide to take the leap of faith, you must have insurance to cover your stint in treatment. For many people, the decision to attend therapy only presents a short-lived window, as the power of the substance that grips them quickly takes over again, eliminating the chances of getting help until the next moment of clarity.

Evernorth Insurance and Paying for Treatment

Evernorth Insurance and Paying for Treatment

For many people, the most complicated issue of substance abuse treatment is the financial portion. Substance abuse treatment is not cheap, and the total amount of the bill is intimidating for most.

Most Americans have some form of insurance, but many people are used to the selectiveness of their provider and assume that something like substance abuse treatment is not covered. In the case of Evernorth Insurance, Icarus accepts their coverage for rehab and as an out-of-network provider.

This article will dive into Evernorth Insurance and how it works. With a quick and confidential call to Icarus Behavioral Health, you can be sure they accept your carrier and provide exact costs and coverage details.

What Is Evernorth Insurance and How Does It Work?

Evernorth offers health insurance to millions of Americans worldwide each year. However, despite the popularity of this carrier, many Americans are unsure whether they provide coverage for substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Does Evernorth Insurance pay for substance abuse treatment? The short answer is yes – they will at least provide coverage for a portion of the rehab cost. However, you will have to research your policy to know how much of the price they are willing to cover. This heavily depends on the coverage level you selected when choosing your policy.

Because Evernorth is such a massive insurance provider, they cover several different types of medical treatments and procedures, including coverage for substance abuse issues. In addition, the insurance giant also provides coverage for mental health issues like bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, and more.

This is important considering the number of people who currently experience favorable results when participating in dual diagnosis treatment. With so many levels of care and types of addiction treatment, it can be confusing sorting out precisely what your insurance company provides coverage for.

Depending on your plan specifically, Evernorth covers the following:

  • Substance abuse rehab
  • Medically assisted detox
  • Alcohol rehabilitation
  • Talk therapy in individual and group therapy settings

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How Does Evernorth Coverage for Rehab Work?

The amount of therapy that Evernorth provides coverage for depends heavily on the state where you have established residency. When it comes to substance abuse treatment, usually, an insurance provider requires a preauthorization form.

It is worth noting that if your carrier requires a preauthorization form and you begin treatment without providing it, and for some reason you fail to submit it, paying for treatment in full becomes your responsibility. When the services you receive are not fully covered, you’ll still be responsible for paying the remainder and any deductible or copayment highlighted by your insurance company.

Understanding the specifics of any policy can be confusing for many people, especially when companies only allow facilities within their network. This means that you must choose from a pre-selected group of rehab treatment facilities that already have approval from your insurance company.

If you decide to attend a facility that is not within the network, assuming your provider allows for out-of-network facilities, this is when you’ll typically be required to submit a pre-authorization form.

Addiction Treatment Options with Evernorth

Addiction Treatment Options with Evernorth

Evernorth Insurance developed a Behavioral Health Department to support individuals experiencing substance or alcohol issues. This department is relatively new and provides many educational resources and other beneficial programs that assist with substance abuse awareness. This information is also readily available for policyholders’ families to help them become more familiar with your situation.

This complimentary educational material highlights all the symptoms of addiction. This includes mental, physical, and emotional trials that individuals go through, providing advice for the individual participating in recovery and the family that supports them.

While these courses are beneficial, they are in no way meant to replace the benefits of substance abuse or genuine medical care.

These additional benefits are provided for any client despite their level of coverage. However, not all clients receive the same coverage regarding addiction treatment. How is this information determined, and can your coverage be increased?

Rehabs that Take Evernorth Insurance: Getting Policy Coverage Details

The benefits and coverage you receive depend solely on your Evernorth policy. Policies are broken up into distinct levels of coverage, separated according to the amount of assistance you receive.

The most basic plan is “The Bronze Plan,” which has minimum premiums but higher out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles. However, gold and platinum provide a wider net of coverage with lower out-of-pocket costs.

The type of plan and the state you live in significantly impact the treatment services covered by Evernorth.

Evernorth Employee Assistance for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Evernorth provides all customers with an EAP (employee assistance program) that allows you to meet with licensed clinicians regarding your substance abuse. This program is available when your employer provides your policy.

Many prefer this program because it allows you to meet one-on-one in person. Alternatively, you can meet with them via phone or internet chat options.

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Does Evernorth Require Treatment Centers to Be In-Network?

The short answer is no.

When an insurance company recommends organizations within their network, it means they have established a contract with one another. This contract states that the rehab facility provides treatment services at a predetermined price.

It is worth noting that not every Evernorth plan makes it mandatory that rehab is in-network. Again, this is also heavily dependent on your state. However, no plan covers the entire cost of out-of-network organizations. Regardless of your policy, choosing an out-of-network rehab when you are covered can still be accessible and affordable.

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The Cost of Addiction vs the Cost of Treatment

Cost of Addiction Treatment

When we think of addiction, typically, we associate the cost with the actual monetary value that addicts spend on the drugs themselves. However, the actual price is far more significant than these figures.

To calculate the trust cost of addiction, you must factor in the funds spent on the social impact, including healthcare, law enforcement, and the criminal portion. However, when individuals can receive the help they need for substance abuse disorders, this eases a significant strain that is usually placed on our economy.

This is aside from the costs of consequences that often mount in lives affected by substance use. Whether you are looking for treatment for you or a loved one, you know the cost of drinking isn’t just the alcohol, and that drug use can cost much more even than the steep price of cocaine or heroin.

Beyond stress and missing work due to withdrawals, the price to pay for driving intoxicated or a drug bust can often make the cost of rehab seem reasonable in comparison.

What Does Evernorth Cover for Rehab?

Some of the services covered by Evernorth are highlighted below:

  • Medially assisted detox. This occurs during a specific window where individuals are monitored 24/7 during the most intense detox and withdrawal period.
  • Inpatient Treatment Services
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (Outpatient that’s typically 20-plus hours per week)
  • Outpatient treatment

Evernorth may also provide a portion of aftercare services and post-treatment options, including:

  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Therapy/Psychiatry
  • Sober living

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Evernorth and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many insurance organizations that cover substance abuse do not cover mental health services. However, in the case of Evernorth, dual diagnosis coverage is provided. Mental health services are also covered individually, which is usually uncommon for insurance providers specializing in drug and alcohol treatment.

In addition, Evernorth also covers services that provide holistic forms of treatment like art therapy, equine therapy, and other vital programs.

With Evernorth and Icarus: Addiction Recovery Is Possible

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we are here to assist your insurance provider. We commonly work with Evernorth Insurance and will go above and beyond to ensure you receive the treatment you need.

For more questions regarding insurance or other inquiries, contact a member of our knowledgeable staff today!

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