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The professional team at Icarus Behavioral Health understands the struggles that military members face – especially substance abuse and addiction. We love our armed forces. So we offer customized, comprehensive, confidential, professional detox and rehab programs.

Our goal? We will help you regain control over your life and help you navigate to blue skies ahead.

If you are looking for Kirtland AFB detox and rehab programs, look no further than the options available with Icarus in New Mexico!

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Among Military Families

Service in the military, while honorable, is often accompanied by unique challenges. Those circumstances can lead to substance use disorders (SUDs). Understanding these links is essential in helping Air Force members recover.

The responsibilities of military service increase the risk of alcohol and substance abuse. That is true for both service members and their families. Long deployments, separation from family and friends, and the constant pressure of upholding high professional standards lend themselves to substance use. It becomes a form of self-medication. Moreover, the binge drinking culture often permeating the military can worsen this problem.

You Are Not Alone in Your Struggle with Drug or Alcohol Abuse

You Are Not Alone in Your Struggle

We hear your concerns. You feel isolated, ashamed, or fearful of seeking help. But know that you are not alone in your struggle. Alcohol and drug abuse are more frequent than you might realize in the armed forces.

And the data backs it up.

Research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse shows that deployment is associated with smoking, unhealthy drinking, drug use, and other risky behaviors.

Moreover, two-thirds of veterans report experiencing pain. That leads to increased prescriptions for pain medication. The nature of your job is very physical and dangerous. The risks of injury are high, and the addictive. Thus, they may lead to prescription painkiller abuse and illicit opiate use later.

But prescription drug abuse is not the most abused drug by Air Force members. Instead, it is alcohol abuse.

Alcohol use disorders are the most prevalent form of SUDs among military personnel. Binge drinking rates are higher among active-duty personnel (30%) than the general population (24.7%). Further, 1/3 of personnel meet the definition of hazardous drinking or alcohol use disorder.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment with a PTSD Focus

Many service members also deal with PTSD as a co-occurring disorder. NIDA also reports that among Afghanistan and Iraq veterans, a staggering 63% diagnosed with SUDs also meet the standard for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This statistic highlights the intertwined nature of these conditions.

The NIDA report finally explains how suicide rates among military and veterans exceed the general population. In fact, about 30% of Army suicides and over 45% of suicide attempts since 2003 involve alcohol or drug use. Veterans also comprise a significant part (around 11%) of homeless adults, with 70% of homeless veterans also having an SUD.

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we honor our Air Force and military service members the best way we know how. We help military personnel, veterans, and their families overcome alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental health challenges. We provide specialized programs tailored to the unique needs of the military community.

Icarus provides a full recovery program with therapy for substance abuse disorders and dual diagnosis treatment. So, if you struggle with an SUD, reach out to us. Together, we can chart the course toward a full recovery.

Attending Rehab in Albuquerque from Kirtland AFB

Attending Rehab in Albuquerque from Kirtland AFB

Located near Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Icarus Behavioral Health offers a supportive and safe environment for military families. Here, you will find the help you want and need. We provide in-depth, science-based recovery programs and mental health services.

But recovery is a life-long commitment, so we don’t stop there. We also have comprehensive aftercare plans. Our individualized treatment plans focus on military personnel’s unique challenges. These include treating post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.

The Benefits of Seeking Treatment as an Air Force Member

Addressing substance abuse issues can have significant benefits for Air Force members. Seeking treatment can prevent the potential consequences of failing a military drug test, promote mental and physical health, and improve work and personal relationships. Our treatment focuses on building resilience, managing stress, and developing healthier coping strategies.

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Does Insurance Cover Treatment for Dependents at Kirtland AFB?

Most health insurance plans provided to military personnel cover treatment for substance abuse, including services for dependents.

Coverage may vary based on the insurance plan. So, we recommend reaching out to our insurance specialists for a quick and completely confidential insurance verification.

They will relieve you of the stress of verifying what services you are eligible to receive. Icarus Behavioral Health commits to making treatment accessible and affordable. We will work with you to navigate the insurance process.

What Are the Consequences of Failing a Military Drug Test?

Consequences of Failing a Military Drug Test

Substance use and military service are incompatible. Armed forces commanders take this issue seriously. Failing a military drug test can lead to severe repercussions. They can even alter the course of a service member’s life and career.

The United States Air Force has a zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse. Consequences may vary – here are a few:

  • Loss of Security Clearance: Military personnel often need security clearance to carry out their duties. If a service member fails a drug test, this security clearance revocation could limit their access. This loss can impact their military career and restrict advancement opportunities. They may also lead to a reassignment of duties.
  • Compulsory Enrollment in a Substance Abuse Program: The military recognizes the need to address substance abuse. Thus, a failed drug test often leads to mandatory enrollment in a substance abuse program. While these programs aim to provide help and rehabilitation, compulsory enrollment can still carry a stigma. They could even impact a service member’s standing within their unit.
  • Non-Judicial Punishment or Court-Martial: Depending on the circumstances and severity of the offense, failing a drug test can lead to non-judicial punishment. In worse cases, they might lead to a court martial. The consequences include demotion, forfeiture of pay, extra duties, restrictions, or even confinement.
  • Dishonorable Discharge: Substance abuse can lead to a dishonorable discharge. It’s the most serious type of military discharge. It signifies that the individual departed from the service unfavorably. A dishonorable discharge can limit access to veteran benefits. So it can create difficulties in finding employment. It may also have lasting effects on one’s personal and professional reputation.

It’s important to remember that these consequences affect the individual and their family. At Icarus Behavioral Health, we understand the fear and uncertainty accompanying these repercussions.

Up to 100% of Costs Covered by Insurance

Overcoming a Culture of Drinking at Kirtland AFB and Getting Help

Kirtland Air Force Base, like many military institutions, has a drinking culture. That makes it difficult for individuals struggling with alcohol abuse to seek help. Yet, acknowledging the problem is the first step to recovery.

Icarus Behavioral Health offers effective programs to help you rise to this challenge. We provide you with a supportive environment to explore healthier coping mechanisms.

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Addiction Treatment Options for Kirtland Air Force Base

At Icarus Behavioral Health, everyone deserves a chance to regain control over their life. You deserve to live without the burden of addiction. If you or a loved one at Kirtland Air Force Base are struggling with substance abuse, we’re here to help.

Our compassionate, experienced professionals provide the guidance and support you need. It is to embark on your flight to recovery.

Don’t let another day pass by under the shadow of addiction. Contact us and find the hope and strength you need to reclaim your life. Icarus Behavioral Health is here today. You are not alone – we can help you navigate through the clouds and back into the clear, sunny skies ahead.

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