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Getting Convenient Help Out of State at Icarus in New Mexico

Overcoming addiction is a route that many from Oklahoma City, OK, are walking. If you’re mulling over addiction treatment programs, congratulations! Research is a fantastic first step. You probably know that Oklahoma City offers many intensive outpatient programs. But you want something more. You are on the right track. Sometimes, the key to lasting recovery comes only from a new environment.

That’s where Icarus Behavioral Health enters the picture. Our treatment center is in beautiful Albuquerque, NM. We might be just a short car drive away. But we are worlds away from the familiar triggers of Oklahoma City. This distance gives you a unique opportunity to get the help you need for your drug or alcohol addiction, at a setting that surpasses that of an Oklahoma City drug rehab facility.

Our focus is on YOU. We want YOU to make a total recovery. We want YOU to recover your physical and mental health. We want YOU to heal family relationships. We want YOU to restore friendships.

Are you ready to do the hard work toward restoring your life? Read on. We’re a great alternative to the rehab centers in Oklahoma City, OK.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Sounds the Alarm

Mental Health Services Administration

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shared some troubling figures in its 2022 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. They demonstrate the magnitude of drug and alcohol use across the United States.

SAMHSA shows that 59.8% of individuals aged 12 or older used tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs in the past month. This figure equals about 168.7 million. The report also notes that 70.3 million in this age group used unlawful drugs in the past year. The most commonly used drug? Marijuana – a familiar gateway drug.

But that’s not the worst of their news. More concerning is the discovery that 48.7 million aged 12 or older admitted to having a substance use disorder (SUD) in the past year. That adds up to 29.5 million with an alcohol use disorder. An additional 27.2 million confessed to a drug use disorder.

The survey also reminds us of how closely mental health and substance abuse intersect. Nearly 1 in 4 adults surveyed said they struggled with mental illness in the past year.

These statistics prove the demand for effective treatment – like that you’ll receive from Icarus. You needn’t be a part of those statistics any longer. We can help.

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Why Choose Addiction Treatment Away From Oklahoma City, OK?

It’s an excellent idea for many to seek inpatient treatment away from hometown familiarities, particularly when the out-of-state treatment programs are as convenient as our offerings at Icarus. Here’s why.

Outpatient Programs May Not Be Enough

Outpatient programs in Oklahoma City, OK, may keep you at home. But they may be insufficient for treating addiction. An outpatient program doesn’t always provide the in-depth care necessary for long-term recovery.

Conversely, inpatient programs at Icarus Behavioral Health offer a well-rounded environment. Our inpatient treatment center addresses addiction components. Physical. Mental. Emotional.

You’ll benefit from around-the-clock medical care. You will also find excellent therapies tailored to your needs. An inpatient program can be crucial for those needing more support than intensive outpatient programs.

Out-of-Town Treatment Centers Are Away From Your Enablers

One hurdle to recovery in your hometown is the constant exposure to enablers. Those are people or places that make using easier. You distance yourself from that toxicity by choosing a treatment center away from Oklahoma City. This physical separation can help break the cycle of addiction. Thus, you may focus 100% on recovery without the distractions of home.

Downtown Oklahoma City and the Opioid Addiction Crisis

Downtown Oklahoma City, OK, has an opioid addiction crisis. Worse, it also encompasses many other drugs. Staying close – just a phone call away from these substances can make recovery even more challenging. But you can remove that roadblock by seeking treatment at a facility away from there. You will also decrease the likelihood of relapse or leaving the treatment center too early.

Privacy by Going to a Rehab Center Away from Home

Privacy is an enormous concern for many seeking addiction treatment. Opting for a rehab center away from home adds privacy and anonymity. Being in a different location can provide security. There’s practically zero chance of running into that one neighbor at the rehab center. This privacy can encourage therapy participation, which is vital for long-term recovery.

Out-of-Town Treatment Centers Symbolize a Fresh Start

For many who need addiction recovery, out-of-town treatment centers symbolize a fresh start. Your recovery journey at our rehab facility is a metaphor for the pathway to wellness. It represents a physical and mental detachment from the past. That signals a fresh focus entirely on recovery. The change of scenery can signal an attitude shift. Finally, it may help you commit to sobriety.

Evidence-Based Treatment Plans for Substance Abuse

Residential Treatment

We provide an individualized treatment plan for everyone who comes to us for help. We can help you recover from:

  • Substance and alcohol abuse
  • Behavioral health issues
  • Mental health conditions
  • Trauma, PTSD, and Complex PTSD
  • Co-occurring disorders

Here are a few addiction treatment services we offer:

Inpatient Rehab (Residential Treatment)

Inpatient rehab programs, or residential treatment, will be a key part of your personalized treatment plan. Patients live at the facility, receiving 24-hour care. The structured program effectively addresses severe addiction and mental health disorders.

It’s far more intensive than outpatient rehab.

Management of Withdrawal Symptoms

You don’t need to wait for recovery because you fear withdrawal symptoms. At Icarus Behavioral Health, medical professionals help patients safely get through the withdrawal phase. We provide close monitoring as you break away from chemical dependency. We apply medical intervention when necessary to ease physical symptoms. Managing any possible withdrawal symptoms is essential for progress.

Medication Assisted Treatment and Mental Health Disorders

Many struggling with substance abuse also have mental health conditions. You may qualify for Medication-Assisted Treatment after an initial assessment. MAT combines medications with other therapies. The combination treats both substance use disorders and mental health issues.

Support Groups in Oklahoma City, OK

When you return home to Oklahoma City, OK, you’ll be familiar with several incredible resources for continued support: AA and NA, as well as SMART Recovery.

Narcotics Anonymous – A Lifeline After Addiction Treatment

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a non-profit, community-based organization. It follows a traditional 12-step model. Meetings are free to anyone who commits to sobriety. Members form a community and support each other in their efforts to stay clean and sober. NA and AA are vital support groups for long-term sobriety.

There are many NA meeting times and places throughout Oklahoma City, OK. Be sure to check them out after leaving substance abuse treatment.

Group Therapy Sessions at our Oklahoma City Drug Rehab Alternative

Group Therapy Sessions

Group therapy will be a vital component of your treatment plan. These sessions provide a supportive environment. Together, participants in group sessions will:

  • Share experiences
  • Learn from each other
  • Develop coping strategies.

The community and understanding that develops in group counseling are incredible.

Additionally, Icarus Behavioral Health recognizes the importance of family counseling during recovery. Thus, we often include family therapy as part of its program. It helps to repair and strengthen bonds with your family members, who will most likely be your best support network after rehab.

Alcoholics Anonymous – Ongoing Recovery From Substance Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is another wonderful resource for staying clean after drug and alcohol addiction treatment.  Like NA, it’s a 12-step program. A weekly support group like this can help you during the recovery process.

AA organizations meet weekly. Those who attend share their experiences and find ways to stay sober. There are many opportunities to attend in OKC. These meetings are key to a sober life.

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Skyler Found the Rehabilitation Process at Icarus Very Effective

Skyler needed help when he landed at Icarus Behavioral Health. She had just avoided becoming among the sad statistics of rising drug overdose deaths in Oklahoma City.

Skyler was an overachiever. Everyone – from her colleagues to her clients – loved her magnetic personality. But her bubbly personality was a front. Her mother had died when Skyler was only eight. With a dad in and out of addiction treatment and jail, her maternal grandparents raised her on a farm in Missouri. They were incredibly kind to her, but they didn’t understand that she never had closure from losing her mom.

Skyler was a good kid. Her granny said that her mother would look down from heaven and be proud of her if she was good. So she put on the smile like she was told and covered up her pain. Whatever Skyler did, she did to perfection. She became the captain of the cheer team. Then, she aced her way through high school and got a full college scholarship. Her cycle of perfection continued. She didn’t know that covering her loss would lead her to a series of alcohol rehab centers.

When High Functioning Alcoholism Falls Apart

High Functioning Alcoholism

By the time she was 30, Skyler had reached her career goals. She was negotiating real estate deals and making great money. But the weight of her carefully cultivated image was heavy. She started drinking in secret, then in public at happy hours and clients’ meet-and-greets. Nobody suspected she had a problem. Like her grief, she kept the drinking to herself. She thought she might have a problem and tried one or two specialized programs – outpatient treatment so nobody at work would know. But she could not find sustained recovery. Addiction recovery was her first failure since childhood.

At a cocktail party one evening, a colleague offered her a Benzo to relax after a stressful day. Skyler thought it was a prescription from the pharmacy, but it wasn’t. Her co-worker got it from a street dealer, and it was fentanyl-laced. Skyler and the co-worker both went to the emergency room for overdosing.

Skyler couldn’t let her colleagues know the extent of her substance misuse. She found Icarus Behavioral Health, a recovery center that specializes in alcohol and drug abuse. She called them and found that their drug and alcohol rehab would help her beat the alcohol addiction. Their other treatment program helped with healing the trauma of losing her mom decades ago.

A Safe Landing and Ongoing Recovery Success

The alcohol withdrawal symptoms were scary at first, but the inpatient rehab team was incredible. They gave her medicine to manage them. Skyler found the treatment facility calming and very well-decorated and, most importantly – private from prying eyes. She could focus on her treatment program without fear of discovery and made great progress.

Skyler’s back to work in OKC. She’s at a different company now and still giving her clients and career her all. She’s also spending evenings in a local outpatient program as she continues to step down from inpatient rehab. She’s grateful for the substance abuse services she received at Icarus. She also knows that her mother is certainly looking down, smiling that her daughter made it through addiction recovery a changed woman.

Sober Recreational Activities in Oklahoma City, OK

Don’t think of returning home as a time of temptation. Reframe your thoughts and look at it as a new opportunity. It’s time to rediscover everything your hometown offers – clean and sober!

Indoor Activities in Oklahoma City

For indoor entertainment that supports a sober lifestyle, consider these recreational activities:

  • Love sports? Go to an Oklahoma City Thunder game. Enjoy the excitement of pro basketball in a family-friendly environment.
  • Visit the OKC Memorial and Museum. It honors the city’s history and gives you a new appreciation.
  • Participate in cooking classes to support healthy eating and learn new culinary skills.
  • Enroll in Oklahoma City Community College courses to pursue new interests or keep motivated by checking out some wellness education classes. Need to finish a GED? They can also help you with that process.
  • Treat yourself to new clothes. It’s fun to try on new clothing as you regain physical health. Celebrating your recovery milestones with a wardrobe refresh can boost confidence and remind you of your progress.
  • Join a gym. You’ll meet health-minded people there. It’s a great way to continue to make strides toward your physical health and stay sober.

Outdoor Activities in Oklahoma City

Outdoor Activities in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City offers a variety of engaging outdoor recreational activities for those maintaining a sober lifestyle:

  • Check out the Boat House District. The area is a hub for water sports. You can try kayaking and longboarding. Experienced on the water? Be sure to check out the obstacle course.
  • Scissor Tail Park is a new attraction in the city. It’s a lovely setting for dog walking, yoga, and even paddle boating.
  • Myriad Botanical Gardens can be a beautiful spot for walking and enjoying nature. It’s a perfectly peaceful day trip.
  • Go to Lake Hefner for a few hours of outdoor fun. This spot is terrific for anyone who loves running. Prefer wheels? You can also bike or rollerblade. It has extensive trails and beautiful scenery.
  • Walk among beautiful wildlife at the Oklahoma City Zoo. You’ll observe amazing animals and exhibits. It’s an enjoyable experience for all ages.

Private Health Insurance or Self-Pay for Substance Abuse Treatment

The finances of addiction treatment can boggle the mind. But don’t worry. We’re here to help you understand all options, including private health insurance and self-pay.

Our team will maximize your benefits if you have private health insurance. We understand that dealing with insurance providers and insurance coverage for treatment can be confusing and even frustrating at times. Our staff will contact your insurance provider to clarify your coverage details. We ensure you receive the maximum benefits available for your treatment.

Icarus Behavioral Health also offers self-pay options for individuals who prefer to self-finance their substance abuse treatment.

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Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Offer Lasting Holistic Treatments

You can reach Icarus Behavioral Health in just a 7-hour drive. Or, you can hop on a quick flight. Leaving the temptations of Oklahoma City, OK, can make a big difference while leaving addiction behind you.

Reach out to Icarus Behavioral Health today. You can start your recovery program as early as tomorrow. There’s no time like the present to regain control – so, let’s get started!

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