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Getting Treatment Options Using Magellan at Icarus in NM

Those struggling with substance abuse or mental health disorders often express concerns about the cost of receiving behavioral health services. Admitting you need the support of a drug and alcohol rehab is an excellent start. But you have Magellan health insurance, so you ask yourself this: What about Magellan drug rehab coverage?

First, let us congratulate you – you are showing incredible bravery by researching addiction treatment. Whether you are researching what the Magellan Insurance plan covers for yourself or a loved one, you’re on the fast track to finding the best treatment program.

If you are ready now to make the call for help with your drug and alcohol challenges, please call our insurance verification team now. They’re ready to take down all your health insurance provider information and coordinate your insurance benefits.

Read on if you’d like additional information about substance abuse treatment at Icarus Behavioral Health. We will explain what’s covered by Magellan Health Insurance, and how to get help at Icarus now!

Magellan Health Care Does Cover Many Substance Abuse Services

Magellan Health Care

Magellan Health Insurance is among the top health insurance providers, even ranking on the Fortune 500 list. They are a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), offering excellent client benefits. But unlike most health insurance companies, their focus isn’t on physical wellness but on employee assistance program services and behavioral and mental health services. Their commitment also extends to substance use disorders.

Some might pause, wondering if calling the Magellan Health Employee assistance programs would alert their employer. The answer is no. Substance use disorders are a medical diagnosis. Therefore, neither treatment centers nor Magellan Health Insurance employees can tell your manager that you call their EAP program for a referral. While there are a few rare exceptions, such as a court order or a work-related medical emergency, your discussions with the Magellan Health EAP (or any health insurance providers!) are held in strict confidence.

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Choosing Magellan for Out of Network Coverage at Icarus

Magellan Health is not an in-network provider for Icarus Behavioral Health. Regardless, their coverage offers tremendous value to those looking for out-of-network providers in New Mexico for addiction treatment and mental health primary care.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), out-of-network providers and in-network providers must cover substance abuse treatment, behavioral health, and mental health disorders.

Still troubled about the cost of out-of-network providers? Remember also that you can use your health savings accounts to help offset any out-of-pocket expenses incurred if you don’t use in-network providers for your drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Your well-being is worth finding the best-qualified addiction treatment provider, and Icarus in New Mexico does its utmost to provide exceptional services that are also accessible for Magellan Health plan holders.

Get the Treatment You Need With Magellan Drug Rehab Coverage

Magellan Health Care covers an enormous range of integrated behavioral health programs, helping people get the necessary tools to manage a mental illness or substance use disorder.

Addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Magellan Health Insurance gives drug and alcohol treatment programs to craft individualized treatment plans according to client needs. They approve many different medical treatment options for your substance use disorder.

Read on to learn some of the mental health and rehab costs they may cover:

Medical Detox: Getting Proven Options with Magellan Health

Medical Supervision

Medical detoxification is the first step of the healing process in a rehab center. The toxins that build in your body from using drugs or alcohol begin to leave your body within a few hours of your last use.

This phase is also scary for some who struggle. Despite the stories you may have heard from your peers, there’s a way for your mental health providers to keep you comfortable during those withdrawal symptoms – medical detox.

The medical supervision team will use medicines that treat any symptoms you might have, allowing you to stay calm and comfortable.

Residential or Inpatient Rehab Programs at Icarus

Residential or inpatient programs provide clients with 24/7 care. It’s often the best treatment plan for those with a long drug abuse history or the most severe addictions. Inpatient treatment includes a structured schedule that the therapy team customizes to suit each person.

Clients who opt for this usually receive a mix of individual and group therapy from our caring, experienced residential treatment center staff.

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment: IOP Coverage Using Magellan

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Icarus can be an excellent choice for clients who need substance abuse treatment or care for a mental illness but can’t attend inpatient treatment due to family or work commitments.

Outpatient treatment might also be appropriate for someone with a less severe addiction or a client leaving an inpatient program who still needs daily addiction treatments. Some treatment centers call these partial hospitalization programs, and they still meet each working day for several hours to provide support and accountability.

Intensive outpatient services mean the client would attend structured therapies during the daytime. But at night, they leave the rehab center – either to go home or to a sober living facility.

Individual and Group Therapy During Treatment at Icarus

Group Therapy During Treatment

Magellan Health coverage recognizes individual and group therapy are central to healing a drug or alcohol addiction. Clients meet with addiction medicine specialists and counselors who facilitate therapies to promote holistic healing.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs in New Mexico

A dual diagnosis, sometimes called a co-occurring disorder, is when someone has more than one behavioral or mental health diagnosis. Our entire treatment facility team sees this play out often, giving us much experience.

For example, a person who struggles with substance abuse might also have an underlying diagnosis of depression. Many times, the clients never received a diagnosis for that hidden depression. But they unwittingly started to self-medicate the depressed state of mind by drinking alcohol. Receiving alcohol addiction treatment services without learning how to manage depression will not facilitate total healing in this example.

Our team recognizes that the client needs dual diagnosis treatment for lasting drug and alcohol recovery success.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Support Options

Icarus Behavioral Health offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for clients who have severe physical dependency on their drug of choice. For example, a person who uses heroin may experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

To combat that effect, the care team may replace methadone treatment, later stepping down the doses. Our treatment centers recognize that some clients need this transition to succeed ultimately.

Mental Health Programs: Offered at Every Level of Care

Mental Health Program

The Magellan health insurance plan also recognizes that time is of the essence if you have an emergency related to behavioral health or a mental illness.

This type of emergency means that you feel like you might hurt yourself or others. You can call 911 for help or ask a friend or loved one to take you to the closest emergency room. Once you arrive, their staff will monitor your well-being and evaluate you.

The Icarus team can help – we offer stand-alone services to help you address this emergency after you leave the emergency department.

Remember, these emergencies are covered by Magellan insurance, and getting help as quickly as possible is imperative.

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The Story of a Magellan Health Client Who Found Healing at Icarus

Meet Gina, a Magellan Health client with a drinking problem that caused her world to spin out of control. She started drinking after suffering a physical assault. While she suffered only minor injuries, the memories of her attacker would not leave her mind. She replayed the event in her mind, almost on a continuous loop.

Gina was a very light drinker – she didn’t like how it made her bed spin after drinking. It had never occurred to her to drink to relieve those troublesome thoughts.

One night, a girlfriend suggested she should “lighten up,” bringing Gina a special bottle of wine to relax. In just one evening – in fact, in just a couple of hours – Gina polished off the entire bottle. The following day, she noticed it had made her pass out, making her forget the horror of the attack.

The Development of a Dependence on Alcohol

Drinking became a pattern over the next few months. It became her Friday night “relief” from her pain. She eventually escalated to Saturday night. It spiraled and became a nightly routine. Her co-workers began to notice strange things. Usually very attentive to her makeup and hair, Gina had become sloppy, sometimes even wearing the same clothes two days in a row.

Fearing that Gina would lose her job, a concerned colleague told her that their Magellan Health coverage included both an employee assistance hotline and most of the cost of alcohol rehab treatment centers. The kind colleague explained to Gina how everyone had noticed and had been worried about her.

The best addiction treatment center she heard of was Icarus. Although they weren’t in-network providers for Magellan insurance, she knew that their company’s health reimbursement accounts could cover most of what the insurance provider didn’t.

Gina agreed – it was time to get into an alcohol addiction treatment program. She decided to be open about her drinking problem with her manager, who let her take off all the time she needed to get well.

Substance Abuse Treatment That Works for Our Clients

Substance Abuse Treatment

Gina arrived at Icarus Behavioral Health and found the support she needed to regain her life. She thought detox would be terrible, but the nurses gave her medicine to make it tolerable. After detoxing, she moved into the residential treatment center.

She was shocked to learn that she actually had PTSD, probably from the assault incident. The addiction treatment team explained how Gina had leaned on alcohol to numb the trauma. They also taught her how to medicate to refocus her thoughts and quiet the replay of the violent incident.

Today, Gina is back in her cozy apartment and back to work. She loves her job and her happy, sober life. With her PTSD under control now, she no longer feels like drinking.

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