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Are you or a loved one looking for a non-hospital setting for alcohol or drug detox in Albuquerque, New Mexico? When you, a family member, or a friend is in the process of experiencing withdrawal from alcohol or substance use, it can be a challenging situation.

You might go through frightening withdrawal symptoms such as severe pain, body tremors, vomiting, sweating, depression, and more. These conditions can be dangerous, and in the past, such severe symptoms have sometimes led to the loss of life, typically from seizures related to detox from alcohol or benzodiazepines.

It’s frightening to go through or watch a family member go through this ordeal. If you or a loved one is in need of a detox Albuquerque services, look no further than Icarus Behavioral Health.

Keep reading to find out more about our individualized plans and evidence-based treatment approaches, and how Icarus is able to provide the best possible care for our clients!

What Does Detoxification From Drugs or Alcohol Consist Of?

Substance abuse

Substance abuse or Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a rising concern among young adults in the US. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), substance use reached an all-time high in 2021. Based on this study, the severity of drug use (as well as opioid addiction) in adolescence affects substance use disorder risk in adulthood.

When a person is suffering from SUDs — may it be due to alcohol or drugs — professional treatment or detoxification is necessary. Several treatments may be required to beat a SUD, but the first step is a drug and/or alcohol detox.

Detoxification is the process in which toxic substances are eliminated from the body to help clients recover from physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. In the simplest terms, to detox is to cleanse, to clear away harmful substances and replace them with positive ones towards living sober.

Many clients who are dependent on substances may voluntarily decide to detoxify themselves to lessen the associated physical risks. With the help of Icarus professionals, you can start a safe recovery journey because we take help to take care of withdrawal symptoms.

This means that you don’t have to go through an ordeal alone and that our emergency medical services in the form of detox are ready and available, often for same-day placement if needed.

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The Detox Process

The process of addiction treatment is a highly personalized approach. We will first assess your history and substance use. Based on this information, we will create a comprehensive, custom treatment plan for you.

If you undergo detox treatment, you’ll likely go through the following stages.

Overcoming Withdrawal Symptoms

Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

When you become physically dependent on alcohol or other drugs, your system adapts over time to these substances. While harmful, your body will still find a way to function as best it can.

However, when you stop using these substances abruptly, your system must readjust to a new way of functioning without them. It is this adaptation that causes most of the withdrawal symptoms during the detox process.

As your body adjusts to the absence of the substance, these symptoms will begin to appear. Nevertheless, they will lessen as the days continue and become manageable.

Withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person, but some general symptoms are:

  • Intense cravings
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased sweating
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Bone pain
  • Fever
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Diarrhea
  • Shivering and shaking
  • Increased heart rate

Medication-Assisted Treatment Considerations

Medication-Assisted Treatment

A substance use disorder is a progressive mental health issue. It is usually a chronic illness, and clients with long-term substance dependency can result in DTs or delirium tremens. This is characterized by confusion, high blood pressure and fever, and possibly hallucinations or seizures. Hence, addiction medicine is given at times to ease the difficulties associated with the detox process.

Going cold turkey off alcohol and drugs can be extremely difficult. While the medication won’t completely eradicate all withdrawal symptoms, it can be helpful to reduce insomnia and mood swings, among others.

Medical Detox – Same Day Placement Possible!

24/7 Monitoring & Support

During the drug and alcohol detoxification process, medical assistance is mandatory to ensure safe withdrawal and prevent relapse. Undertaking the process alone may increase the risk of complications and relapse.

Our treatment team offers incredible support and compassionate care to help you get sober for good. Support can also come from your family and friends – as well as various support groups associated with our drug and alcohol rehab facility.

The ASAM Levels of Care for Substance Use Disorders

Leading Detox: Intervention Treatment

Treatment for SUDs involves a diversified continuum of care, ranging from outpatient therapy to inpatient drug or alcohol rehab. Clients seeking treatment may begin with an outpatient visit and work their way up to inpatient treatment if necessary.

In the US, rehab centers follow a standard of care set forth by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). The ASAM standard uses a 4-level continuum of care and an early intervention level, defined by specific types of treatment under broad categories.

Level 0.5: Early Intervention Treatment

Early intervention treatment is a three-pronged program that educates, offers resources, and provides counseling and educational services to at-risk adults and adolescents. These clients don’t meet the diagnostic criteria for substance abuse. Therefore, the interventions are beneficial to help prevent the development of SUD.

Level I: Outpatient Treatment

This level of program services typically involves 9 hours of treatment each week. It often involves counseling sessions with therapists at our center. Such programs offer help with medical appointments, family therapy sessions, mental health issues, and employment counseling.

With access to a care manager, local emergency rooms, medical services, and 24/7 support, our level 1 outpatient treatment is ideal for individuals who have a demanding schedule.

Level II: Intensive Outpatient/Partial Hospitalization Program

It has two sub-levels, levels 2.1 and 2.5

  • Level 2.1 — Outpatient Intensive Services: We require that you return to our outpatient facility several times per week for monitoring and counseling. Our IOP staff will note any withdrawal symptoms you are still having and help you begin participating in counseling sessions, support groups, or other therapies that may help with your addiction recovery. The minimum recommended duration for this level is 90 days, and Icarus offers an intensive outpatient program on-site in Rio Rancho, NM.
  • Level 2.5 — Partial Hospitalization Program: Available for clients who need more hours of care, level 2.5 provides 20 or more hours per week of intensive therapy. In addition, it includes partial hospitalization.

Level III: Residential/Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Treatment

Depending on your needs, you have to go through four sublevels.

  • Level 3.1 — Clinically managed low-intensity residential services.
  • Level 3.3 — Clinically managed population-specific high-intensity residential services.
  • Level 3.5 — Clinically managed medium-intensity residential services for adolescents, or clinically managed high-intensity residential services for adults.
  • Level 3.7 — Medically monitored high-intensity inpatient services for adolescents or medically monitored intensive inpatient services withdrawal management for adults.

Level IV: Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient Treatment

The most secure form of our detox Albuquerque program offers 24-hour nursing and physician care for adults with acute levels of intoxication and/or withdrawal potential. It also aids clients with medical, emotional, behavioral, or mental health conditions.

At Icarus, we provide a clinical team with an extensive continuum of care for clients which allows for an easy transition from one level of care to another. Specifically, the organization and succession of levels help the client feel taken care of and in good hands.

The Benefits of Medically Assisted Treatment in Our Non-Hospital Setting

Benefits of Medically Assisted Treatment

The effects of withdrawal can sometimes be life-threatening when your brain has become dependent on a substance. These symptoms and the significant distress they cause are often severe enough to encourage someone to relapse. This may result in taking even higher doses of the drug than before, increasing the risk of overdose and death.

The risks of experiencing life-threatening conditions under these circumstances are too great to be left unsupervised. By going through a medically supervised detox, you can avoid the dangers of withdrawal and safely break free from substance or alcohol abuse.

Under the diligent care of our detox specialists, withdrawal symptoms can be addressed before they progress into dangerous situations. Below are some privileges of medically assisted treatment.

  • Your safety and health are a top priority: Our treatment team and highly trained staff will keep you or your loved ones safe at all times.
  • Controlled, safe environment: Detoxing in a safe and controlled environment avoids the risk of recidivism and increases your sense of control.
  • Dedicated medical staff for specialized care: Our staff is serious about your recovery and will monitor you 24 hours a day to ensure you have the best chance of success.
  • Increased focus on recovery: Detox with the help of rehab centers allows you to avoid distraction and focus solely on recovery. Unlike in a hospital setting, you can learn life skills that are helpful for you after completion of your detox program.

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Why Choose Icarus Behavioral Health Among Providers in New Mexico?

If you or your loved one are currently facing substance use, our treatment center will get you sober and clean and back on track to living sober. We don’t think substance abuse is a character flaw. We don’t shame clients or blame them for their substance use.

Instead, we understand drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, and we’re here to help guide you to successful addiction treatment. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you beat alcohol or substances and get you back on the path to a full and healthy life.

Icarus’ health services operate under a multi-disciplinary model. It provides an individualized approach to your recovery that builds on the foundation of medical supervision, evidence-based practices, community, and holistic healing.

A Full Spectrum of Substance Abuse Services

In addition to our Albuquerque detox services, we offer a comprehensive assessment that can get to the root cause of substance abuse. Plus, ongoing support after detox completion. Partnering with us means you get the following benefits that few other providers can deliver!

  • 24/7 support and monitoring
  • Medically managed withdrawal in a comforting environment
  • Personalized case management
  • A wide range of psychological and psychiatric assessments — including for those affected by someone else’s drinking or drug use habits
  • Relapse prevention training and skill building
  • Our help for your next steps and achieving the life you’ve always wanted!

From Detox Albuquerque Services to Long Term Recovery: Icarus is Here

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Admitting you have issues with substances and reaching out for help are the first steps in recovery. We will be there to get you through treatment safely, comfortably, and successfully.

With our combined decades of experience and advanced medical resources, Icarus specializes in helping people like you overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. We can also help you successfully complete detox, get into recovery, and ultimately avoid relapse.

If you’re ready for a top detox treatment in Albuquerque, get started today with a quick and confidential call to our Admissions team!

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