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Substance abuse continues to be a widespread issue in the country. Here in New Mexico, almost one in ten adults and one in six young adults suffer from a substance abuse disorder.

However, the state also has a history of a chronic shortage of behavioral health providers and services to facilitate necessary addiction treatment and address peoples’ mental health needs.

If you or a loved one are in need of a reliable Los Lunas rehab center to help you cope with and recover from substance abuse problems, look no further than Icarus Behavioral Health.

A Premier Addiction Treatment Facility in New Mexico

Addiction Treatment Facility in New Mexico

Icarus Behavioral Health is one of the premier treatment centers in New Mexico for people suffering from substance abuse addiction. Located in Albuquerque, the treatment facility is only a short, 30-minute drive away from the municipality of Los Lunas.

Icarus Behavioral Health offers a warm and inviting environment for anyone seeking inpatient or outpatient drug rehab, as well as top tier mental health treatment programs.

Aside from being one of the closest drug rehab centers to the village, Icarus Behavioral Health also offers one of the most comprehensive treatment services and diverse programs in the state. At Icarus Behavioral Health, you don’t just receive a diagnosis or a simple, one-and-done addiction treatment.

Instead, you receive high-quality care and continuous assistance as you go through their treatment programs. The healthcare workers and staff at Icarus Behavioral Health help hurting, confused, and struggling individuals to recover their healthiest, happiest selves.

The staff at the facility not only helps those suffering from substance addiction and associated conditions but also their families and loved ones, for results that are more lasting.

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Drug Rehab Programs for Residents of Los Lunas, NM

There are many proven effective ways to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Successful treatment generally has several steps, starting with a medical detox and ending with long-term follow-ups to prevent relapses. However, each person’s addiction recovery journey is different. Depending on their overall health, mental state, and level of addiction, the most appropriate treatment may change.

Icarus Behavioral Health understands how each individual suffering from SUDs has different circumstances. In line with this, the treatment center offers various treatment options for drug abuse and addiction under its substance use treatment program. Clients usually receive a combination of the following treatments:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a goal-oriented, structured type of psychotherapy or talk therapy. This treatment works by addressing the underlying psychological and mental reasons for their substance abuse disorder.

Recovering clients meet with a counselor, therapist, or psychologist to discuss their thoughts and emotions. They examine how their emotional state influenced their actions and led to their substance abuse disorder.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Icarus Behavioral Health is one of New Mexico’s authorized providers, with clinicians that can prescribe and provide prescriptions necessary for medication-assisted substance abuse treatments.

Clients usually receive medication-assisted treatment during medical detox to control cravings and provide relief from withdrawal symptoms.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is an alternative to the widely used 12-step method used by Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a support program that teaches you how to reign in and maintain better control over your drug and alcohol addiction.

It does so by helping you focus on your thoughts and feelings to control your actions and by using management tools for long-term control over cravings.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy operates using similar principles as psychotherapy or CBT. However it has the added component of helping you strengthen your interpersonal skills and develop a strong social support network with people in the same boat as you.

This treatment option helps you develop and practice coping skills as well as gain therapeutic alliance to help reduce isolation and stigma that may lead to future relapses.

Reward-Based Treatment

Reward-based treatment has proven one of the more effective substance addiction treatments for clients both young and old! This treatment leverages the innate reward-seeking behavior of clients, to turn behaviors that previously led to using drugs or drinking with more positive forms of reinforcement. You earn privileges and other rewards by cooperating with the treatment program and receiving greater access or freedom in the residential facility. This is primarily a residential or inpatient treatment option but is used in Icarus outpatient programs as well.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Icarus Behavioral Health offers dual-diagnosis treatments to individuals who show symptoms of a drug and alcohol addiction problem, as well as a mental disorder. As the name suggests, you’ll receive simultaneous therapy for both your substance abuse and mental health disorder.

This approach also allows treatment specialists to address shared risk factors and avoid exacerbating one disorder while treating the other.

Beyond Substance Abuse Treatment

Icarus Behavioral Health provides more than just an addiction treatment program. The treatment facility also caters to individuals seeking treatment for general mental health concerns, including trauma and other behavioral problems. Their facilities offer a holistic approach to better assist people and guide them towards healing and regaining their overall mental wellness.

Icarus Behavioral Health accepts Los Lunas, NM clients regardless of age, gender, and mental health issues. Under its mental health treatment program, the center provides individual and group therapy for different mental health disorders, such as:

Reach out to Icarus Behavioral Health today to learn more about their compassionate solutions and effective mental health treatments.

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Icarus Behavioral Health Facilities for Los Lunas, NM Residents

Deciding between inpatient and outpatient treatment is never easy, whether it’s for yourself or your loved one. Icarus Behavioral Health helps make the decision easier by offering both and providing the same level of quality for both your options. The inpatient and outpatient facilities’ proximity to the municipality of Los Lunas minimizes travel difficulties and concerns. This allows you to choose the best type of treatment for treating your addiction based solely on your level of addiction and other health needs.

Inpatient Treatment

Icarus Behavioral Health’s inpatient rehabilitation program has no shortage of compassionate staff and expert professionals to ensure you receive the most complete level of care possible. Through their residential rehab program, you receive a customized treatment plan based on your unique background and needs.

Outpatient Treatment

At Icarus Behavioral Health, their outpatient treatment program is just as robust as their inpatient one. Through their intensive outpatient program, they offer medication-assisted treatment, as well as group and individual counseling — not only for drug and alcohol addiction problems but also for mental health disorders.

Paying for Substance Abuse Treatment at Icarus

Aetna Insurance for Rehab

Among all the centers in Los Lunas, Icarus Behavioral Health offers highly diverse financial options for its treatment plans. The rehabilitation facility is contracted with several major insurance carriers. This helps ensure more Los Lunas residents can afford and receive high-quality treatment and care through the rehab center.

Some of the insurers that Icarus Behavioral Health works with and that cover mental health and substance abuse treatments include:

Contact the Icarus Behavioral Health Admission team today to inquire about their insurance plan carriers or payment options.

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Start Your Healing Journey with Icarus Behavioral Health

Developing a substance abuse problem is not an inherent sign of weakness or poor character. In many cases, it is a perfect storm of lapses in judgment, bad circumstances, and moments of vulnerability.

If you or your loved ones are a resident of Los Lunas, New Mexico, and are looking for exceptional and trusted drug rehab centers, Icarus Behavioral Health is here to support you in your path to recovery.

Call (505) 305-0902 today to learn more about the detox, residential, and outpatient treatment services offered at Icarus. Give yourself the chance you deserve, and reach out now!

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