Rehabilitation Facilities in New Mexico

Rehabilitation Facilities in New Mexico

Finding the Right New Mexico Rehab

Because there are so many rehabilitation facilities in New Mexico, it can be difficult to make an informed decision when seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one. There are a few different ways to discern which rehabilitation facilities in New Mexico stand above the rest and will be your best choice for treatment.

From accreditation to reading reviews of others who have gone through the program, it is important to do your due diligence in researching which option best suits your needs.

Icarus Behavioral Health stands out among mental health and addiction rehabilitation centers in New Mexico. They offer a plethora of different treatment options in both an inpatient and outpatient setting. These programs utilize cutting-edge treatment modalities to help a person recover from addiction as well as a whole host of other mental illnesses.

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Finding the Right Rehabilitation Facilities in New Mexico

Finding rehabilitation facilities in New Mexico can be a daunting task due to the immense amount of information offered online. A quick Google search will come back with hundreds of different facilities that may offer many of the same programs and look all but identical.

It is at this point that reading reviews can be a helpful tool in learning which programs stand out among the rest.

Icarus Behavioral Health has many satisfied former clients who are quick to give the facility extremely high ratings. The reviews speak for themselves and can offer insight into why Icarus Behavioral Health is the best option when considering rehabilitation facilities in New Mexico.

What are the Types of Addiction Treatment in New Mexico?

Types of Addiction Treatment in New Mexico

The types of treatment available in New Mexico include residential inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and partial-hospitalization treatment. These phrases refer to the levels of care ranging from a facility in which the patient is supervised 24/7, down to outpatient in which a patient goes 1-3 times a week for anywhere from 1-3, or more, hours a day.

The different modalities of treatment can be therapeutic based like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), behavioral modification, 12-step based, or medically assisted treatment. Each of these has had some level of success in helping people begin a life in recovery, however, the modality that has been proven to be most effective is the therapeutic approaches such as the ones offered at Icarus Behavioral Health.

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment, Based in Albuquerque

Icarus Behavioral Health offers some of the most empirically backed, evidence-based addiction treatment options that are available today. This includes EMDR for trauma, DBT for borderline personality disorder, and CBT for substance abuse disorder.

It is because these treatment options are studied, and known to work, that Icarus has quickly become one of the most sought-after rehabilitation centers in New Mexico. As a drug and alcohol rehab in Albuquerque, the clinical staff prides themselves on providing programs that consider the whole person. Using holistic methods when possible, they treat the underlying causes of what made you drink or use in the first place to provide the best possible foundation for lasting recovery.

Drug Abuse New Mexico: Statistics and Treatment Needs

The drug abuse statistics speak for themselves in regard to the alarming increase in overdoses due to the introduction of the incredibly potent opioid fentanyl being introduced into the black market of illicit drugs.

According to a study published on the National Institute on Drug Abuse website, overdoses have skyrocketed, going from an annual rate of under 20,000 a year in 1999, to “Nearly 92,000 persons in the U.S. died from drug-involved overdose in 2020, including illicit drugs and prescription opioids.”

It has never been more important to seek treatment for drug addiction, as fentanyl has been found in nearly every illicit drug imaginable. Dealers are cutting everything with fentanyl due to its addictive properties.

Anyone struggling with a substance abuse disorder should seek treatment immediately if possible, as each time a person picks up a drug from an unreliable source, they are playing Russian roulette with this incredibly potent narcotic.

Questions to Ask Before Attending Rehabilitation Facilities in New Mexico

There are some important questions to ask both yourself, and the facility you plan on attending, in order to gain some insight into the next indicated steps on your road to recovery.

Understanding exactly the nature of the program in question, whether you will need detox, whether inpatient or outpatient is right for you, and what exactly you need to bring, are all very important aspects of rehab to consider.

It may be helpful to write your questions down in a list to make sure you can find answers to everything that is important before beginning what may very well be the most important chapter of your life.

It is only through gaining a thorough understanding that you will be able to make an informed decision about where to go. At Icarus Behavioral Health, the admissions department is waiting to answer these questions for you. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call now!

Drug Laws and Court Ordered Treatment in New Mexico

Drug Laws and Court Ordered Treatment in New Mexico

When facing drug charges in New Mexico, attending treatment can have a great impact on how the courts will treat the accused. Whether ordered by the court, or from the direction of your defense attorney, treatment may be attended instead of going to jail in certain circumstances.

Recently, in 2016, the courts of New Mexico began sending people to Assisted Outpatient Treatment instead of jail for some minor crimes usually involving drugs. These programs have had a great impact on recidivism within the Albuquerque area, and have been a great success. If you have recently been found with drugs and are looking for an Albuquerque drug rehab that can help with paperwork and get the approval of a judge, Icarus Behavioral Health is ready and willing to assist.

Sending people to treatment rather than jail has always been a more effective way of rehabilitation, and the more courts open up to this idea the healthier society at large will be.

Many Forms of Health Insurance Accepted

Treating Mental Health and Addiction: Dual Diagnosis New Mexico

Dual diagnosis refers to when a person has both an addiction diagnosis in conjunction with a mental health diagnosis.

Treating a dual-diagnosis client is more complex because treatment of both co-occurring disorders becomes necessary as the two diagnoses are dependent on one another.

According to a study on the National Library of Health website, “because each dual disorder can aggravate the course of the other, both disorders must be treated if the patient is to have the best chance for a good outcome.”

At Icarus Behavioral Health, the concept of dual diagnosis is understood completely. It is because of this understanding Icarus has many options to combat the issue of dual diagnosis. They have many success stories dealing with some of the most severely inflicted dual diagnosis patients.

How Much do Rehabilitation Facilities in New Mexico Cost?

Rehabilitation facilities in New Mexico have a range of different costs when it comes to treatment. Most will have the option of being covered by insurance, however, there are some that only accept out-of-pocket payments.

According to a recent study, “On average an individual enrolled in New Mexico residential rehab can expect to pay $57,989.” This is without including public or private health insurance payments.

When a life is at stake, no dollar amount means anything compared to saving a loved one. It is because of the costs of treatment that Icarus Behavioral Health accepts most insurance plans, including many forms of PPO insurance for rehab.

Are New Mexico Rehabs Covered by Insurance?

Are New Mexico Rehabs Covered by Insurance

Most New Mexico rehabilitation center options are covered by insurance. There are outliers that do not accept insurance, but most rehab facilities in the state of NM do accept some forms of insurance.

After accepting the fact that addiction was a disease by including it in the DSM-5, or the diagnostic manual which is used to diagnose mental illnesses, insurance companies began covering addiction treatment.

If a facility does not accept insurance, it does not mean that they offer a better program than those who don’t.

On our website, there is a form that allows for fast and easy insurance verification to see if Icarus accepts your plan. You can also call our warm and welcoming Admissions department and ask for a confidential review. In most cases, we can let you know within minutes about your coverage and let you know the costs, if any, of attending treatment.

Find Lasting Addiction Recovery in Albuquerque

It is important to understand that finding lasting addiction recovery is possible at Icarus Behavioral Health in Albuquerque. There are many roads to recovery, and many of them start at Icarus Behavioral Health.

The fact that Icarus Behavioral Health offers many different treatment options, means they have a higher success rate than most traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ rehab programs because individualized treatment plans are much more efficacious than cookie-cutter treatment plans.

A life in recovery all begins with first clearing the body of these harmful drugs, which is exactly the first step when attending Icarus Behavioral Health. They have a top-of-the-line detox program where patients are medically detoxed under professional supervision in order to detox safely and completely.

After detox, to give the patient the best chance at success, inpatient treatment is recommended. Having a safe, drug-free environment to begin the process of recovery, offers a patient the necessary support to avoid relapse in those first crucial weeks. It is during this time that cravings for the recently detoxed substances can be the worst.

After inpatient rehab, it is often recommended to drop to a lower level of care and attend outpatient in order to avoid falling victim to relapse during the post-acute withdrawal phase. This phase typically lasts for 3-6 months and can be a struggle for patients who are not connected to an outpatient program.

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Get the Foundation for Lasting Addiction Recovery at Icarus Behavioral Health

After treament, it is recommended the client continues to work on themselves, and our acclaimed aftercare programs help to provide support and make it easy to stay on path of health and recovery.

Icarus Behavioral Health has an amazing staff and facility to offer cutting-edge treatments in the beautiful New Mexico desert. Anyone who is suffering from either addiction, mental health issues, or a combination of both, should call our Admissions department today to begin planning treatment for themselves or a loved one.

It can be literally the difference between life and death, so please give yourself a break and call us to get options for a new life, today!


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