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When you have the goal of entering substance abuse treatment, understanding your insurance coverage is one of the essential dynamics. You need to know your deductibles, copays, what’s covered, what’s not, and how long you’ll receive coverage, with a PPO insurance rehab plan or any other.

Because so many different policies exist, many potential rehab clients have questions regarding whether their insurance covers rehab. PPO insurance policies are a common form of policy found by those shopping on the ACA Marketplace and through many employee plans.

However, it’s also the type of policy that receives the most inquiries regarding rehab and substance abuse treatment. Keep reading to learn all about using PPO insurance for rehab, and the many policies and carriers accepted with open arms at Icarus Behavioral Health!

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What Is PPO Insurance?

Medical experts and physicians participate in a PPO or Preferred Provider Organization. A PPO allows you to visit any doctor within its network, unlike insurance companies that require referrals.

PPO Insurance Coverage

The PPO may require you to pay a certain amount before it begins covering you every time you visit a doctor. You may have to pay a deductible first if your PPO rehab policy covers detox or drug and alcohol rehab settings.

PPO insurance normally delivers a greater level of flexibility when it comes to choosing a rehab facility. Clients can choose from a list of providers in the network without worrying about obtaining a referral or preauthorization form. And if paperwork is required, rest assured that Icarus will help you each step of the way in making sure you get the best possible coverage during your time with our facility!

Does PPO Insurance Cover Rehab?

Your health insurance must be accepted by the alcohol and drug rehab setting you choose, and Icarus Behavioral accepts most forms of private health insurance. In most cases, outpatient therapy is sufficient for clients who haven’t used substances for a long time or whose dependence is less severe. Six weeks or more of inpatient care may be necessary in more severe cases. After medical detox, intensive outpatient (IOP) and partial hospitalization (PHP) treatment are great options.

Sobriety goals can be reached with the skills and support you receive from quality addiction treatment. Individual or group therapy can help patients cope with dual-diagnosis disorders during drug and alcohol rehab. Maintaining lifelong success can be achieved through relapse prevention and life skills training. Holistic therapy programs such as our offerings at Icarus also promote wellness and healthy habits through mindfulness practices and meditation.

You will likely receive substance abuse health coverage if you have a Preferred Provider Organization health insurance plan. PPOs usually have a network of doctors and medical experts that are large or small. With PPO coverage, you can obtain care from any provider in the network. Referrals are not required for care. In other words, you do not need to consult your family care provider before getting addiction treatment.

Inpatient or residential programs are often fully covered by insurance using a PPO policy, and as always, our Admissions team is standing by to answer questions and help make the process as smooth as possible!

Can I Get a PPO Policy On the ACA Marketplace?

Many people seeking substance abuse treatment have questions regarding whether PPO policies are available in the marketplace. The answer is yes; plenty of PPO providers are available on the market.

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Determining Benefits for a PPO Policy

PPO coverage differs from one plan to the next. Only the specifics of your policy will reveal the details of your expected costs out of pocket and the benefits you receive.

If you’re curious about your benefits or expenses so you can plan for rehab, contact your provider and ask to speak to your agent. They can go over the specifics of your policy and give you a general idea of exactly how much coverage you’ll receive and how to prepare for any deductibles or copayments.

Obtaining this information ahead of time is important in case you need to budget for out-of-pocket expenses.

Coverage for Holistic Rehab with a PPO Policy

Luckily, a PPO policy will cover treatment at a holistic rehab. At Icarus Behavioral Health, we deal with many PPO providers to cover our clients’ treatment sessions at our facilities.

It’s worth noting that coverage amounts vary depending on your specific policy. Most policies cover all of the services we provide except for a small amount with different rules for medical detox. However, this can usually be resolved with a preauthorization form in a few hours.

Does PPO Insurance Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

PPO Insurance Coverage and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Another common question regarding PPO and rehab is whether a PPO policy covers dual diagnosis treatment. The answer is yes. Dual diagnosis treatment is covered at several different facilities.

Many clients choose to receive dual diagnosis treatment at more traditional facilities that focus solely on behavioral services. Alternatively, other clients prefer to receive dual diagnosis treatment at holistic rehabs like Icarus Behavioral Health.

We work closely with multiple PPO insurance companies to ensure our clients receive the coverage they need. If you need us to speak directly with your insurance provider or work through any issues or challenges you have, contact our admissions department, and we’ll work hard to do everything we can to help you resolve your challenges.

Using a PPO Policy for Rehab In New Mexico

You can use your PPO policy to cover our rehab services at Icarus. Many clients assume that an average insurance policy won’t provide coverage because our rehab is designated as a holistic facility. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many of our mental health and substance abuse professionals have Master’s and Ph.D.-level certifications that allow them to provide comprehensive services and integrated healthcare. You’ll have access to receive simultaneous holistic treatment, behavioral therapy, and different activities that make our program one of the most effective rehabs in New Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

Use Your PPO Insurance for a World-Class Rehab Experience

PPO Insurance for a World-Class Rehab Experience

Using your PPO insurance for a world-class rehab experience could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. The success rates of our treatment program and client satisfaction are the envy of facilities across the United States.

Our initial priority is ensuring our clients’ comfort is at the highest possible level. We believe that when rehab clients can feel secure and relaxed, they’re able to focus on healing and experiencing long-term recovery.

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Icarus: A Rehab Designed with Your Needs in Mind

Once clients get comfortable with their new surroundings, our inpatient program offers a comprehensive meal plan with the highest nutritional benefits to help nourish the mind and body. A personalized treatment plan is put in place through collaboration between each client and their treatment team, which includes both mental health and substance abuse professionals.

If you think this is something your PPO insurance policy won’t cover, guess again! Contact us today to find out how we can help your PPO policy get you enrolled in our program so you can focus on recovery. Make the confidential call and get started today!

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