Out of State Rehab Programs

Traveling to Icarus in NM for Effective Treatment Programs

Anyone who has suffered from an addiction knows that the idea of rehab is both terrifying and exciting. It represents an opportunity to overcome your addiction, achieve sobriety, and take a positive step toward the next stage of your life without drugs. But, it also means discomfort while detoxing.

When I decided that enough was enough and committed to going to rehab, I met an unexpected obstacle: choosing where to start my recovery. Deciding between a local and out of state rehab was difficult, but in the end, I chose to travel to Icarus Behavioral Health.

Choosing Icarus was the best decision I could have made. They provided me with the care, tools, and resources I needed to kick my addiction and begin my path to recovery in a new, drug and alcohol-free environment that helped me focus on improving myself.

If you’re unsure whether to choose out-of-state rehab programs or a local rehab, keep reading to learn more from our team at Icarus and what you need to know before making this crucial decision!

What to Look For in an Effective Behavioral Health Facility

Customized Treatment Plans

Rehabilitation is one of the most effective strategies for overcoming addiction, but they’re not all created equal. Comprehensive, holistic, and high-quality care gives you a better chance at maintaining sobriety after you leave the program.

Fortunately, if you know what to look for, and depending on your state of residence, you’re more likely to find high-quality care at local and out-of-state rehab centers.

The States Most Commonly Served by Icarus in New Mexico

Our neighboring states have areas in which there are few treatment centers available, and little support in terms of medical detox and evidence-based residential treatment. We welcome many clients from throughout the Southwest and the United States as a whole, those who are drawn to the beauty of New Mexico but even more to the effective nature of our programs at Icarus. Some of the most common cities we welcome clients from include Amarillo, Texas, as well as other cities such as Lubbock, Marfa, Midland, and Big Spring, and Odessa, Texas among others.

Increasingly, Icarus has also welcomed soldiers and their immediate families from Fort Bliss in Texas, as we are a short drive away and a more compelling destination for treatment than most alternatives in the area.

We are also pleased to welcome an increasing array of visitors from Oklahoma, in particular Oklahoma City, as well as clients from Dodge City and Wichita, Kansas.

Customized Treatment Plans for All of Our Clients are the Icarus Way

Addiction isn’t a cookie-cutter disease; everyone has different reasons for addiction and treatments that work for them. You might respond better to meditation and mindfulness than group therapy, or find peace when creating art to express your feelings instead of speaking about them.

Being forced to follow a one-size-fits-all drug rehab program is a surefire way to cause frustration and slow progress down. Your drug treatment center should work to create custom treatment plans that revolve around your specific needs and preferences to ensure you’re able to address and heal any conditions and addictions you have.

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Medical Detox

Withdrawal is uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous if you go through it unsupervised. Drugs like alcohol and benzodiazepines can lead to withdrawal symptoms that may prove to be fatal, making it crucial that you get help when quitting them.

A medical detox includes having a medical professional oversee your condition while you deal with withdrawal symptoms. They may also administer medication to ease symptoms and avoid dangerous side effects, making it safer and easier to wean off the drug.

Medical detox programs are an essential element of trustworthy rehab centers, so always look for these programs when recovering from substance abuse.


Attending rehab isn’t something to be taken lightly. The process can be stressful and detox can be dangerous if things aren’t done correctly, so you need to be certain that the facility you’re trusting your recovery to is equipped to help you.

Accreditation like a CARF accreditation or a SAMHSA directory listing demonstrates trust and high-quality standards in providing licensed, effective, and compliant addiction treatment services.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Mental health plays a major role in substance and alcohol abuse disorders. Approximately 38% of people suffering from addiction also have a mental illness, making untreated mental illness a potential contributing factor to struggling with addiction.

Dual diagnosis treatment works to address both mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders at the same time. Your care team will review their relationship and how they impact each other, allowing a more comprehensive treatment plan to be developed so that you’re less likely to feel the need to use drugs to cope with an existing disorder.

Aftercare and Ongoing Support

Take it from me; recovery is a long journey that has its ups and downs. The work doesn’t stop once you leave rehab. You’re going to need to employ the tools and skills you learned to maintain your sobriety, which is easier when you get help with ongoing treatment from your rehab center.

If you’re considering a rehab, ask them about their aftercare support. Some examples of aftercare could be setting you up with a psychiatrist or therapist, helping you find group therapy or 12-step programs in your area, or providing outpatient services at the treatment facility to continue your work.

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5 Reasons to Travel to Out-of-State Rehab Programs

The right rehab makes all the difference. I previously attended two local treatment centers prior to Icarus, and unfortunately, I relapsed after each of them. However, traveling to attend Icarus proved to be the right choice for me, and it can be for you as well.

Here are a few reasons why traveling to attend out-of-state rehab programs may be right for you.

1) Escape Your Triggers

When you suffer from addiction for a long period of time, you begin to shape your environment, relationships, and habits around your drug addiction. Whether it’s a neglected home, negative influences, or isolative behavior, these familiar but harmful situations are a reminder of how substance abuse can affect you.

When you travel to an out-of-state rehab program, you take a step toward breaking the same cycle of drug abuse and addiction that you’ve been stuck in. You’re able to escape triggers that would test your resolve during the early stages of recovery where you’re most vulnerable to relapsing, giving you the time and space to develop the coping skills you need to overcome these triggers when you return home.

2) Achieve Better Privacy

While attending rehab is nothing to be ashamed of, there’s still a social stigma around going to rehab that may make some people uncomfortable with seeking help locally. It can be awkward to run into people you may know while getting help, distracting you from your progress.

When you attend an addiction treatment program outside of your state, you limit the chances of seeing someone you know or worrying about what those people think about you.

3) Find The Right Environment To Recover

Committing to rehab often means dedicating a short span of your life to getting sober, so you need to be in the right place with the best circumstances possible to make the treatments you receive as effective and easy as they can be.

If you’re like me, the mental impact of detox and rehab – stopping your drug abuse and having others dictate your daily life – will make you feel vulnerable and more emotional than ever before. As your brain works to regulate your mental state, you might feel frustrated, angry, agitated, depressed, or any other strong emotion.

If you choose the wrong rehabilitation environment, these emotions can interfere with your recovery. Being comfortable enough to embrace, address, and overcome your addiction in a safe environment is crucial. If you’re uncomfortable, you may be more resistant to treatments and have a harder time putting in the work mentally and emotionally to aid in your addiction recovery.

4) Get Support from Effective Clinicians

Addiction Rehab Care Team

You need to be comfortable with and trust your care team. It’s common for people recovering from addiction to be resentful towards the doctors, nurses, and other staff who are keeping them away from drugs and allowing withdrawal symptoms to make them uncomfortable.

I’ve definitely yelled at a nurse or two when I felt my worst. However, if you have faith in your care team and trust that they’re doing everything they can to help, it’s easier to reconcile and overcome your negative emotions.

Looking out-of-state for treatment centers allows you to handpick your care team so that you’re as comfortable as possible in the care of qualified individuals.

5) You Have More Motivation To Stay

There are some hard times in rehab. I wanted to leave and go home plenty of times, but knowing that I was many miles away gave me added motivation to stay.

When you’re far away from home, it’s much harder to make a hasty decision like leaving treatment before your program is completed. If it was local, you might just be able to get in your car and go home. Out-of-state rehab centers and programs take much longer to leave, making it easier to fight off the impulses to stop.

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Potential Obstacles You May Face When Attending An Out Of State Rehab

Choosing to attend out-of-state rehab programs gives you a lot more options to choose from when considering which addiction treatment center to go to. However, there are some challenges associated with going out of your state to get help with an addiction.

A Lack of Insurance Coverage

If finances are a concern, finding out what kind of insurance coverage is offered at your potential addiction treatment center is important for making recovery more affordable. Many insurance providers will cover rehab in your home state, but rehabs and treatment centers that are out of your state may not be covered in some cases. Contact Icarus to learn more about coverage and payment options, quickly and confidentially.

Feeling Separate From Loved Ones

Your support system is an important part of your recovery. They’re the ones who are going to support you when you come back after rehab, but they’re not able to come visit or participate in family therapy if you’re in an inpatient drug rehab out of state. Not being able to see your partner or children may be stressful, making out-of-state rehab more intimidating.

Additional Costs Related to Travel

In addition to health insurance coverage concerns, there are also costs related to traveling to the chosen rehab facility. You might need to pay for a ride to the airport or parking to leave your car there, the plane ticket, a car rental or ride once you land, and your return trip, making it more costly than expected.

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Result of Effective Out-of-State Rehab Programs

The rehab center that you choose will play a pivotal role in your recovery. Settling for the nearest option isn’t always the best choice, especially if you’re able to afford the travel costs associated with out-of-state rehab centers.

Traveling allows you to leave your stressful, triggering environments and relationships behind so you can focus on your sobriety in a peaceful environment under the care of a trusted care team – and if you’re looking for an addiction treatment facility and team you can trust, look no further than Icarus Behavioral Health.

Icarus employs a comprehensive treatment strategy that includes medical detoxes, relaxing environments, accredited mental health services administration, custom treatment plans, and aftercare that sets you up for success once you leave. Plus, they work with a wide range of insurance providers to make it easier to get help with drug abuse issues.

Whether you’re in New Mexico or are considering attending an out-of-state rehab program, I recommend Icarus. They helped me, and they can help you too.

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