Drug Rehab in Odessa, Texas

A Convenient Alternative to Odessa Rehabs: Icarus in New Mexico

You know you need help for your substance abuse disorder. But you have questions. Should you go to drug rehab in Odessa, Texas? Or should you head out of state for an inpatient program? Right now, your addiction feels like you’ve dug a ditch but made it so deep that you can’t get out of it. The walls of it block you from seeing out of it. You can hear people above the ditch but not see them. Others can’t see you to offer assistance. You know you need an exit plan but can’t think of one alone.

You need someone to throw you an emergency exit ladder – and the sooner, the better. Icarus Behavioral Health in Albuquerque, New Mexico, can help you escape this precarious spot.

We are just a 7-hour drive or a short flight from El Paso. Our drug rehab center delivers personalized care to every client. With our help, you will find hope to leave that hole you accidentally dug so deep.

Read on. You’ll learn more about how we can assist you or a loved one in ways that treatment centers in Odessa simply cannot match!

Why Drug Rehab Centers in Odessa Might Not Suit You

Residential Inpatient Program

The Odessa, Texas, area offers highly recommended outpatient programs for substance use disorder. Still, you suspect the local options aren’t quite the right fit for your needs. Outpatient programs certainly have a couple of pros, like sleeping at home each night. Still, the nearness of local rehab centers to your triggers makes you think you need a clean break. Trust your gut!

The residential inpatient program at Icarus Behavioral Health is a comprehensive addiction treatment center. You will remove yourself completely from the temptations and triggers you have in Odessa. You will focus only on your drug or alcohol rehab plan.

You’ll complete our residential inpatient program in a structured setting. Inpatient rehab centers give you solid footing as you climb out of that metaphorical ditch – your addiction.

What tool do we grab to dig you out? Keeping in mind that we custom-tailor the best rehab programs one client at a time, here are a few tools we usually reach for:

Confidential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Assessment – Call Now!

Assessing Substance Use and Withdrawal Symptom Management

Here’s how the first steps of your recovery journey may look.

When you first enter our rehab facility, you’ll have a thorough assessment with our intake team. They’ll ask you the questions we’ll need to create your care plan. These will include sharing information about your substance use:

  • Drugs of choice?
  • How frequent is the use of drugs or alcohol?
  • When was the last substance use?
  • What’s you current mental state?
  • Do you have any physical health conditions or illnesses to manage?

We next focus on a medically assisted detox for pain management and easing withdrawal symptoms. This initial phase helps prepare you for the rest of your alcohol and drug rehab to be successful in a lasting manner.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is important for many clients, especially those with an opioid addiction. Your medical professionals will combine medications with counseling – these complement each other. MAT is a holistic approach to treating addiction. MAT helps rebalance the brain’s chemistry so that you will make great progress throughout your time at the addiction treatment center.

Counseling Sessions: The Core of Your Rehabilitation Program

Counseling Sessions

Counseling is one of the most important parts of alcohol and drug addiction treatment at Icarus. It helps you unpack the emotional baggage you’ve collected throughout life. Thus, you gain a clearer picture of why you turned to substances.

You may also experience group therapy or family counseling. Involving family members helps you and your family repair the broken lines of communication.

Motivation to Stay Sober After Leaving the Treatment Center

Aftercare is not so much a final step in your recovery as it is a lifelong commitment. It’s your promise to yourself to stay clean and sober. It takes tremendous courage to stay motivated without treatment centers directly monitoring you. You can do this!

We’ll help you regain self-confidence. When you go home to Odessa, Texas, you’ll have the relapse prevention strategies to continue. We also help you see that you can’t go it alone. Back home, you must be fearless in asking for support from your family and community.

We will also highly recommend you find local 12-step meetings after treatment. The meetings are where you can find even more support. Keep reading – the next section explains more about these community-based services.

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Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous in Odessa, Texas

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) offer you an incredible support system. The weekly group meetings are a lifeline to staying clean and sober. Adults in these groups connect with a single shared goal – continued sobriety. You can speak as much or as little as you wish. Many people sit quietly and listen for the first few sessions. You will feel zero pressure.

AA’s website has a meeting finder to find the best time to suit your needs. If you need to find NA, they have a separate website.

If your family or children need support, there’s also a weekly resource for them! AlAnon provides group support to family members who have felt the impact of a loved one’s substance abuse. Alateen can help teenagers and young adults develop healthy coping strategies in response to a parent’s or grandparent’s use. It’s also a good early intervention, breaking the cycle of substance misuse within families.

These wonderful community meetings are free to attend. However, they gratefully accept donations.

After Rehab Programs: Sober Living in Odessa, TX

Odessa Mountain Bike Park

Returning to Odessa, TX, after leaving the rehab center will mean finding safer ways to spend time. Fortunately, there is no shortage of healthy lifestyle activities near Odessa and Ector County. This section shares some activities that can support your newly won sobriety. Each of these can provide you with entertainment. But more importantly, each can support your new sense of purpose.

Odessa Mountain Bike Park

Cycling the trails at Odessa Mountain Bike Park isn’t just great for physical fitness. It’s terrific for your mental well-being, too. The physical exertion releases endorphins and natural mood lifters. Pedaling the trails requires focus and mindfulness, drawing your attention away from daily stresses. This activity seamlessly blends adventure and tranquility, supporting both your physical and mental recovery journey.

Odessa Meteor Crater

Visiting the Odessa Meteor Crater is a very grounding experience. The local natural wonder will bring you a sense of awe. It also reminds you of the vastness of the world beyond addiction. This spot encourages reflection and appreciation of the natural world. It’s also very peaceful.

Learn to Play Golf

Golf promotes focus and discipline. Once you master the sport, it also makes for great social interactions. Learning to golf allows for healthy competition with friends while enjoying the outdoors. The sport’s gentle pace means it’s great when you’re just reclaiming your health after addiction. It’s an outstanding hobby for those in recovery.

Take in Nature at a Local Park

Odessa has several well-maintained park facilities. Many are complete with walking trails that invite residents to immerse themselves in nature. These parks provide a serene environment for reflection. They also allow exercise and relaxation. Walking helps you maintain mental balance and support sobriety.

Check Out a Performance at the Globe Theatre

Attending a performance at the Globe Theatre offers a cultural escape and a chance to engage with the arts. Watching a play or a musical can give you new insights in a safe and sober space.

Take Classes at Odessa College

Classes at Odessa College

Enrolling in courses at Odessa College can help you grow your skills by leaps and bounds. You can enroll in a college track. You might also enjoy continuing education programs or vocational training. Completing your classes rewards you with feelings of accomplishment. It also boosts self-esteem, which is necessary when rebuilding your life.

Volunteer at a Food Bank or Animal Shelter

Volunteering at a local food bank or animal shelter gives you purpose. Volunteer work can instill a sense of responsibility and fulfillment, which is crucial in recovery. Charitable activities help reinforce your new, more positive self-image. For those who were left unemployed by addictions, this work can also help in rebuilding a resume.

These activities in the Odessa area give you several ways to enjoy safe, clean recreation.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab at Icarus: Your Fresh Start in Life

Are you ready to climb out of the ditch you accidentally dug for yourself? Icarus Behavioral Health is here – ready to drop that emergency ladder into the hole. We’re here to give you that firm footing you need.

It starts when you initially connect with us. We can help verify your health insurance to leverage your benefits. Whether you have private insurance or plan to self-pay, you deserve to access the treatment options and services that best suit your needs.

Once we confirm your details, we can start treatment as quickly as you can make it to us in Albuquerque. Today’s your day – we can help pull you or your loved one out of that ditch, so please reach out now!

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