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Are you online searching for “IOP Santa Fe” but don’t like much of what you find? If you need an intensive outpatient program for substance abuse treatment, it may be time to widen your search.

Finding the best substance use disorder treatment is a highly personal choice. When struggling with drugs or alcohol, you need real solutions; treatment center programs must have custom programs to meet your needs.

Many of our clients have found that a change of scenery – at Icarus Behavioral Health in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho – was the right outpatient treatment center for their needs. Our intensive outpatient programs are only a 45-minute drive from every other Santa Fe recovery center. But our unique approach to personalized care sets us above the rest.

Read on. We’d love for you to discover how our outpatient treatment center can help every client have a chance at long-term recovery, and remember, you can reach out any time to get IOP options convenient to Santa Fe for yourself or a loved one at any time!

Inpatient Treatment Versus Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment

To understand why our evidence-based treatment center is so effective, it’s best first to acknowledge that all addiction causes pain and suffering. But no two people have the same experience.

Some have deep underlying causes, such as a mental health diagnosis or long-term addictions. However, others have been struggling with addiction without a dual diagnosis.

Below, we’ll break down how that plays into how we guide clients toward inpatient treatment or intensive outpatient programs.

What is an Inpatient Treatment Center (Residential Treatment) for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Inpatient or residential treatment at Icarus is usually the best option for those with the most severe addictions. Their substance abuse is often part of a dual diagnosis. That means addiction plus another behavioral or mental health diagnosis.

For example, someone starts to use an illicit drug or alcohol to calm anxiety. This behavior can go on for years without treatment. They turn to self-destructive behaviors or even have run-ins with the law.

The complexity demands inpatient treatment. The 24/7/365 professionals in a residential treatment center help them with a customized recovery plan.

This often means medical detox, medication-assisted treatment, and counseling sessions. It also means complementary services, like music therapy or art therapy. In this environment, dedicated staffers keep a close eye on participants’ safety while helping them with recovery.

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Choosing an Intensive Outpatient Program for Less Severe Alcohol or Drug Addiction

Those in need of healing from shorter-term addictions or without complicated mental health disorders often find intensive outpatient treatment an excellent option.

Besides having a less severe case of substance use disorder, this person may have a family. They might have a career that keeps them from committing to 24-hour care.

For example, women with children may have challenges in finding other responsible adults to look after their little ones during the entire inpatient process. And IOP can empower anyone with a family to get recovery support. Most people receive treatment 3 to 4 hours, up to 5 days per week.

A Partial Hospitalization Program Falls Between Inpatient and IOP

A final type of evidence-based outpatient treatment is the PHP: our partial hospitalization program offering. This is a more intense version of an IOP. With this opportunity, clients attend therapy for up to 6 hours daily and up to 5 days weekly.

It’s often a step-up or step-down option, falling in the middle between inpatient and IOP. This therapy takes the same focus as a full-time job.

Clients in either the IOP or PHP outpatient treatment programs can expect to receive high-quality, custom treatment from our staff. Our mission is to give all clients the tools for a safe healing journey and lasting sobriety.

5 Activities for Relapse Prevention When You Go Back to Your Routine in Santa Fe

Hike the Santa Fe National Forest

Having a relapse prevention plan is a must when you finish your outpatient treatment and go back to your regular days in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Clients work so hard for recovery – and you deserve to treat yourself to some fun.

So how do you support sobriety and enjoy having fun? Here are some ways to continue the healing process:

1) Hike the Santa Fe National Forest

New Mexico is a beautiful place, as you will see when hiking the Santa Fe National Forest. With over 1.6 million acres to explore, you will see breathtaking views. They have trails for hiking or horseback – both excellent therapy to continue your progress.

2) Narcotics Anonymous (NA) of Santa Fe for Lasting Wellness and Sobriety

Like AA, NA is a 12-step program. Their mission is to help their community members enjoy a drug-free life – for good! You can find a local NA group in Santa Fe, New Mexico, by clicking here.

3) Santa Fe Community College for Vocational Strategies

One of the sad realities of a drug or alcohol addiction is joblessness. Whether clients dropped out of school or let their addictions destroy their careers, New Mexico residents have a good place for a reboot: our community college system. SFCC has degree and workforce development programs to help you meet your educational goals.

4) Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for Local Support in New Mexico

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is a faith-based 12-step program. Members understand everything that goes with taking your life back after addiction. Their program helps you stay on track for lasting recovery. You can find a local Santa Fe, New Mexico AA meeting by clicking here. It’s free to attend (but they will thank you if you can donate!). You can attend once a week – or however often you need them.

5) Family Activities in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Make up for lost time with your family! Santa Fe has numerous activities you can do together. These include museums, art, and historic sites. The City of Santa Fe also offers incredible municipal parks for casual family and community gatherings.

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