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Struggling with drug abuse is a challenge that many individuals find difficult to overcome. Although overcoming drug abuse is difficult, it is not impossible, especially if an individual is immersed in the right environment. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone, and Icarus is here to help.

However, there are many instances wherein those struggling with drug abuse or addiction refrain from seeking help or admitting themselves into a Bernalillo drug rehab or detox facility due to the fear of being judged or condemned for their current condition. This way of thinking stalls their recovery and develops a stigma that will only cause harm to their physical and in the long run.

Keep reading to find out more about Icarus Behavioral Health and why it forms one of the top options for both Bernalillo and Bernalillo County drug rehab services!

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Being immersed in a safe and supportive environment is vital in helping an individual continue on their road to recovery. This is why our team at Icarus Behavioral Health aims to provide safe and accessible drug abuse and alcoholism treatment for individuals in Bernalillo County, New Mexico who wish to recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

Keep reading to find out why Icarus is fast becoming the treatment center and provider of choice for Bernalillo, Bernalillo County, and the entire state of New Mexico.

What Is Substance Abuse?

What Is Substance Abuse

Substance abuse refers to the overuse of prescription drugs, street drugs, alcohol, or other substances. Using medication or certain substances in a way that is different from its recommended purpose can also be considered drug abuse, such as when prescribed painkiller use becomes an illicit opioid addiction. Similarly, drinking can be social or begin to become an issue, and when it crosses the line into an alcohol use disorder, alcohol addiction treatment is needed (just as with substance abuse treatment).

Most individuals who struggle with drug abuse often feel like these drugs are the highlight of their daily lives. Whether in Bernalillo, NM, or the Bronx, many people who suffer from addiction started off just having the occasional night out with cocaine or dabbling in meth to stay productive during long hours of work.

People don’t start out addicted. It develops when we rely solely on drugs or alcohol for recreation and eventually begin feeling as if we cannot have a good experience or enjoy ourselves without consuming these substances.

If left unresolved, daily drug use eventually develops into dependence and addiction, which can take a great toll on an individual’s physical and mental health, not to mention their lives and the lives of loved ones.

Seeking Proven Programs of Support at Icarus

Icarus Behavioral Health is convenient to Bernalillo, NM, with locations in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, and provides a safe and welcoming environment to overcome addictions of all kinds.

Our facilities also offer mental health approaches and health education services that look at the underlying causes for each of our clients when they drink or use drugs.

By looking at the circumstances that led to substance use, we create more effective outcomes for our clients, who are better able to embrace lasting recovery.

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What are the Signs of Substance Abuse?

People react to using drugs and alcohol in different ways. However, those struggling with mental illness or drug abuse often display certain behavioral cues or changes that can identify their condition. Individuals who are dealing with substance use disorders often show the following signs:

  • Developing impulsive or reckless behavior and participating in risky acts, such as unprotected sex, driving while intoxicated, or voluntarily walking into a hazardous situation.
  • Being condemned for their impulsive behavior. For example, getting arrested or having complaints filed against them.
  • Abandoning all work, school, or home responsibilities
  • Having an irregular eating or sleeping pattern
  • Bloodshot eyes with abnormally sized pupils
  • Sudden change in their behavior, personality, or attitude
  • Displaying signs of aggression, mood swings, and paranoia

Overcoming Substance Abuse and Addiction at Icarus

Substance Abuse and Addiction

The terms abuse and addiction are often used interchangeably. However, they are two different things. With drug abuse, people feel the need to use the drug to have a good time. With substance addiction, individuals become completely reliant on drugs and begin feeling as if they cannot function properly without using them.

Once this happens, the brain chemicals involved virtually ensure that a person undergoes changes in their personality and behavior. As the substances continue to affect their physical and mental health, these individuals’ lives begin to revolve solely around drugs, and eventually, it becomes the ultimate goal or motivation behind their actions.  

What are the Signs of Substance Addiction?

Those dealing with drug or alcohol addiction tend to display certain behaviors, signs, or symptoms that can identify their current condition. Some of the most common signs displayed in those suffering from drug addiction include:

  • Neglecting one’s personal hygiene or appearance
  • Completely disregarding all work, school, or home responsibilities
  • Spending excessive amounts of money on buying substances
  • Displaying withdrawal symptoms after withholding use of the drug
  • Taking drastic measures such as stealing or falling into debt to obtain the drug
  • Defensiveness and reluctance to accept help
  • Increased tolerance to the substance they are using
  • Displaying highly aggressive or emotional behavior if they are unable to take the drug
  • Ongoing conflicts with law enforcement, broken relationships with loved ones, and isolation from any social contacts not connected to drug use

Substance Abuse Treatment for Bernalillo County, NM

We understand that all of our clients come from different backgrounds and walks of life. Rest assured that Icarus Behavioral Health and its personnel offer no judgment throughout the recovery process.

We take pride in being among the rehab centers in Bernalillo County that offer a guaranteed safe, encouraging, and supportive environment for clients and their loved ones during these trying times.

Our treatment center is always open to clients who wish to recover from their trials and achieve optimal physical and mental health. Our facility offers various addiction treatment services as well as programs for mental health and dual-diagnosis clients.

For more information on our programs, call our Admissions line any time of day or night or stop by for a visit at our residential treatment centers and facilities, based in Albuquerque and less than a half hour from Bernalillo, NM as well as nearly all locations within Bernalillo County as a whole.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Bernalillo Services at Icarus

Some individuals will require a more immersive experience as they recover from their challenges. Icarus Behavioral Health offers inpatient treatment for individuals that are coping with the effects of drug abuse on their physical and mental health.

All our clients are handled in a way that is most beneficial for their recovery. Once a client checks into our rehab center, our team carefully assesses their condition and crafts an optimized recovery path that caters specifically to their needs.

Rest assured that all clients will be handled by experienced medical professionals and compassionate staff throughout their entire experience with us.

Substance Abuse Treatment and the Role of Outpatient Services

Some clients find the most comfort in being surrounded by their loved ones during their recovery, which is completely understandable. For those that desire family involvement during inpatient, we also family therapy and counseling for all clients once medical detox is completed. We also offer outpatient addiction treatment options for Bernalillo, NM, and Albuquerque, NM, residents.

Clients will receive a treatment plan that suits their current condition, as well as their physical and mental health needs. Outpatient recovery and outpatient treatment plans often include group therapy or individual counseling sessions held at our drug rehab center.

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Forge a Path to Recovery at Our Bernalillo Drug Rehab

Icarus Behavioral Health is committed to providing the ideal solutions and treatment options for individuals that are struggling to overcome drug and alcohol addiction and abuse. We also treat psychiatric disorders and clients with co-occurring disorders successfully and accept most forms of insurance for treatment.

Icarus prioritizes our client’s safety and well-being and consistently strives to provide the best outpatient and residential treatment program for addiction and mental health in the state of New Mexico.

For more information on our program services, and to inquire about availability, please reach out for a confidential discussion of options today!


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