Mountain Recovery Center In New Mexico

Addiction Recovery by the Mountains of New Mexico

Being nicknamed the Land of Enchantment, it only makes sense that New Mexico is home to many beautiful mountainscapes, historical sites, lustrous desserts, and a rich and diverse history.

For those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, New Mexico’s wide-open landscapes can make the perfect recovery destination. When looking for a treatment facility near the various mountain ranges in New Mexico, the Icarus Behavioral Health drug rehab center is a great option.

Located with a backdrop of the Jemez mountains, and Santa Fe National Forest areas, our treatment facility offers a variety of treatment options to help our clients achieve lasting recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and are seeking treatment from a mountain recovery center in New Mexico, you need to look no further than Icarus Behavioral Health. Keep reading to learn how our facility can be a great fit for you!

Recovering Nearby the Jemez Mountains

Recovering Nearby the Jemez Mountains

The Jemez Mountains make up the southernmost tip of the Rocky Mountains and serve as home to the Sangre de Cristo Range across the Rio Grande Valley.

These mountains form a vast area of untouched wilderness, pristine lakes and waterfalls, bubbling streams, and sprawling meadows. When those struggling with addiction incorporate nature and the fresh mountain air into their recovery process, the road to sobriety becomes all the more peaceful.

With our facility located so close to the Jemez Mountains and surrounding area parks and recreational activities, the Icarus treatment center is the ideal environment to achieve long-term sobriety.

Finding a Mountain Recovery Center in New Mexico

Whether you are a native Californian or an out-of-state visitor, knowing how to find the right mountain recovery center in New Mexico can be overwhelming. The Land of Enchantment is known to offer an extensive variety of rehabilitation centers and addiction recovery services.

Fortunately, there are various signs that you can look out for when determining what kind of treatment facility will be best suited to addressing each of your care needs.

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The Signs of Top Quality Addiction Treatment Centers

While you may have heard of larger treatment centers in NM like the Shadow Mountain Recovery center, there are a lot of factors that go into providing quality treatmen, and our facility offers many features that others cannot or do not.

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide comprehensive and evidence-based treatment as well as various holistic recovery services.

As a smaller facility, we are able to focus on each of our clients individually and provide them with the extensive support they need to get their life back on track. There are many signs to look out for when recognizing top treatment centers like the Icarus Behavioral Health facility, including:

Low Staff-to-Client Ratios

One of the best ways an addiction treatment facility can provide quality care to their clients is to have a low staff-to-patient ratio. By attending a program that prioritizes having an adequate amount of staff to provide consistent support to each of its clients, you ensure that you are receiving the attention and care you deserve.

The Icarus Behavioral Health facility maintains a low staff-to-client ratio to ensure that every person who walks through our doors receives the quality care and support they need to achieve lasting recovery from addiction.

Individualized Treatment

Individualized Treatment

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we understand that each of our clients come from different backgrounds and circumstances. Just as each of our clients have unique life and addiction experiences, so too do we value their need for an individualized treatment plan.

When recovering at our facility, you may have a different treatment plan from other individuals staying at our center. This is because your substance abuse may involve different drugs or co-occurring mental and medical disorders that require different levels of care to be addressed.

Comprehensive Treatment

No matter what your circumstances are, we offer an extensive variety of recovery programs and services to address all of your treatment needs. From medication, to counseling, to various holistic and evidence-based therapeutic interventions, our patients participate in many different treatment modalities to make sure they are getting the best care possible.

The Importance of Location In the Addiction Recovery Process

In order to successfully overcome a substance use disorder, choosing a treatment program in a different environment can play a crucial role in your ability to successfully get sober. While traveling for treatment can be daunting, it can actually open you up to thousands of more treatment options than you would not have access to when staying home.

By exploring all of your options, including out-of-state facilities, you can find the specialized care you need to properly address both your addiction and its underlying root causes. It is also important to choose a treatment facility in an environment that is restorative and conducive to your recovery.

With our facility being so close to beautiful natural landmarks like the Jemez Mountains and other scenic areas, the Icarus Behavioral Health facility can help you restore your inner peace and get your life back on track.

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Finding Inner Peace in the New Mexico Mountains

There are many benefits to seeking treatment near the Jemez Mountains. The beautiful sunsets, fresh air, extensive opportunities for adventure therapy and overall beautiful atmosphere are just some of the privileges you will have access to when staying at the Icarus treatment facility.

No matter what substance abuse issues you are struggling with, choosing to recover by the mountains can help you build a solid foundation for your recovery in a restorative and healing environment.

Icarus Behavioral Health Addiction Treatment Services

Icarus Behavioral Health Addiction Treatment Services

When you choose to recover at the Icarus facility, you give yourself access to much more than beautiful mountain views. You will be able to participate in various treatment services, including residential treatment, drug and alcohol detox, outpatient programs, and much more.

We pride ourselves on our staff of compassionate and dedicated treatment providers, whose main priority is your safety and comfort throughout the entirety of your recovery process. Every person who gets treatment at our facility has different needs. Generally, though, your treatment may include several treatment options, including:

Medical Detox

For many people, the first step in their treatment process will be to participate in a drug detox program. This is because many substances can cause severe and potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms once an addicted individual stops using them.

At Icarus, our medical detox program provides you with regular access to various treatment services to help ease the withdrawal process, including medication management, nutritional counseling, and other holistic and evidence-based interventions to help minimize your withdrawal effects.

You will also receive constant support and supervision from our team of compassionate clinical professionals, who are dedicated to making sure that the initial stages of your recovery are smooth and pain-free. After completing our detox program, you will likely be encouraged to seek further treatment through other programs offered at our facility.

Inpatient Treatment Program

Inpatient Treatment

Our inpatient treatment center offers state-of-the-art living and treatment services that are specifically designed to ensure that our clients are getting the intensive and structured care they need for a successful recovery.

Our residential treatment program allows you to focus solely on your recovery and building your self-esteem, away from any potential triggers and stress factors associated with your usual environment.

By giving yourself the time and privacy you need to get through the early stages of recovery, you will be better equipped to handle making amends and re-establishing security in your regular life once you leave our facility.

While recovering through our residential program, you will have access to various services and therapies that will help you to address both your addiction and its underlying causes. Ultimately, the goal of our inpatient rehab program is to provide you with the support and structure you will need in order to regain and maintain your sobriety after leaving our facility.

Outpatient Treatment Program

If you are struggling with a more moderate form of addiction or are a New Mexico native, then our outpatient program may be better suited to your needs. This will include attending regular individual counseling and group sessions with one of our licensed psychiatrists or addiction specialists, who will help you navigate the recovery process while still living at home.

We offer both intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs to those who may require more intensive care, but cannot commit to a residential program, as well as standard outpatient services.

Icarus outpatient programs offer several addiction support services, including counseling sessions, medication-assisted treatment, and educational services to help you not only understand the causes of your addictive behaviors but to learn new life skills and coping methods to maintain sobriety.

Behavioral Therapies

One of the most important services we offer at the Icarus treatment facility is our many different therapies and mental health treatment options. These services can be especially beneficial to those who are struggling with a dual diagnosis.

Whether participating in our inpatient or outpatient program, our facility can provide you with both holistic and evidence-based therapies to help restore your mental well-being and develop the knowledge to maintain a healthier, substance-free lifestyle.

Some of the therapeutic services that may be included in your treatment plan at Icarus include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Holistic therapies

Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

When treating substance addiction, two of the most commonly used therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

CBT helps individuals to address their negative and unhealthy thinking patterns, understand where these come from, and develop new thought patterns that are healthier and more sustainable for their well-being.

DBT focuses more on helping individuals identify their strengths and positive personality traits, and develop ways of focusing on these characteristics to help them avoid falling into negative thinking patterns and behaviors.

Both of these therapeutic methods can be highly effective for treating addiction, whether on their own or combined, due to their ability to help individuals see past their addictive behaviors and develop new skills and coping mechanisms to lead healthier lifestyles.

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