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Effective Drug Rehab Services for Belen, New Mexico

For those seeking substance abuse treatment programs convenient to Belen, New Mexico, Icarus Behavioral Health can be a great place to find recovery. As the second highest populated city in Valencia County, Belen serves as home to various cultural and natural landmarks and is less than forty minutes from the closest of our locations.

We recognize that there are not many quality treatment centers in Belen, NM, and in nearby areas that can help individuals recover from a substance abuse addiction. At Icarus, our treatment facility is just a short distance to travel for drug rehab Belen services for both residential and outpatient care.

Our programs offer comprehensive and life-changing recovery services to anyone looking to overcome their alcohol or drug abuse. Read on to learn more about how Icarus provides a great fit for you or your loved one’s treatment needs!

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Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Addiction In Belen, NM

Whether you live in the area or are willing to travel for treatment, there are many benefits to seeking treatment at Icarus near Belen, New Mexico. Our treatment programs convenient to Belen also allows individuals to heal both their mind and body in a restorative and beautiful environment.

Recovering from addiction can be an overwhelming and stressful process. That’s why it is important to find a treatment program that can offer holistic healing and a peaceful atmosphere that is conducive to your recovery process.

With our facility located so close to natural landmarks like the Jemez Mountains, beautiful rivers, sprawling meadows, and other natural sites, the Icarus treatment center can help you comfortably and successfully overcome this crippling disease.

Top Substance Abuse Treatment Centers In Belen

Comprehensive Care

Knowing where you want to recover is just part of the process when it comes to choosing the right treatment program for you. When it comes to finding a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program near Belen, it is important to know how to recognize the signs of top rehab centers.

Fortunately, there are several qualities that you can look out for when looking for a top treatment center not just in Belen, but wherever you wish to seek treatment. These include:

Comprehensive Care

Those recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction will need to receive treatment that caters to their specific needs. While other NM drug rehabs offer comprehensive treatment services to their clients, Icarus also offers services with a trauma-informed and evidence-backed approach.

This means that at the Icarus Behavioral Health facilities, we are more equipped to handle various different addictions and recovery needs. We offer both substance abuse and mental health treatment services, as well as aftercare support to help our clients stay sober even after they have left our facility.

From detox to therapy, to residential and outpatient treatment, we can offer the treatment you need, no matter what substance abuse issues you are struggling with.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Each person seeking treatment will need treatment that is specified to their needs. This is because everyone’s experience with addiction is different.

Whereas one person coming into a treatment center may be struggling with opioid addiction, another may be in recovery from alcohol abuse. These are two very different problems that will require different levels of care to be properly addressed.

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we strive to provide each of our clients with the personalized care they need to address each of their recovery needs. We want to make sure that you are able to get the proper help you need to stop using drugs and alcohol while staying at our rehab facility.

Dedicated Staff

When recovering from an addiction, you will want to make sure that your treatment center has a diverse staff equipped with licensed medical professionals, therapists, and addiction specialists to make sure that you are being well cared for.

At the Icarus treatment center, we work with an extensive variety of medical doctors, clinicians, therapists, and addiction counselors to make sure that each aspect of your addiction is being addressed.

As a smaller facility, we are able to provide our clients with the one-on-one care they deserve and the attention they need to successfully achieve sobriety.

Aftercare Services

Aftercare Services

A top rehab center will want to make sure that each of its clients is receiving the care they need, even after leaving the facility. That’s why the Icarus Behavioral Health treatment facility offers ongoing support services to all of our clients.

This recovery service helps connect those who have completed our rehab program with the ability to connect with other alumni, participate in life-skill classes and connection opportunities, and locate local recovery support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or other secular alternative organizations.

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The Icarus Behavioral Health Treatment Center

Now that you know what qualities to look for in a top addiction treatment center, it is important to know what kind of treatment you will receive while staying at our facility near Belen, NM.

We understand that each client who enters our facility will need personalized and extensive treatment to successfully achieve sobriety. During your stay at our facility, your personalized treatment plan may include a variety of different services, including:

Detoxification Services

For many people, their treatment process will begin with a detox program. Our Albuquerque detox clinic is designed to help you overcome your chemical dependency on a substance safely and comfortably.

We use medication, nutritional counseling, and therapeutic interventions to help treat your addiction while managing withdrawal symptoms and substance cravings that can increase your risk of relapse.

Once the detox process has been completed, you will likely be encouraged to seek additional treatment through our residential or outpatient program, depending on the severity of your addiction and its underlying causes.

Residential and Outpatient Drug Rehab Belen Services

Residential Rehab

For those with more severe addictions, it will generally be recommended that they participate in a residential treatment program. When staying at our residential center, you will have access to constant support and a safe, structured recovery environment.

You may participate in various holistic and evidence-based addiction intervention and recovery services while staying at our treatment center and will be able to build a supportive community with other people who are on their own recovery journeys.

Of course, if you need a more flexible approach to your treatment, we also offer a variety of outpatient options, including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment.

This will include attending regular appointments with a counselor, therapist, or medical provider, group therapy sessions, and medication-assisted treatment. When participating in our outpatient program, you can get the help you need while still living at home and attending to your usual responsibilities.

Mental Health Treatment

One of the biggest struggles many people will face during their addiction recovery process is a co-occurring mental illness. Many of those struggling with a substance use disorder started using drugs or alcohol as means of coping with an underlying mental health condition.

That’s why our treatment program offers various holistic and evidence-based therapeutic interventions in our recovery program. When recovering at our treatment center, you may participate in mental health services, including but not limited to:

Why You Should Travel to Icarus for Treatment

Travel to Icarus for Treatment

Even if you do not live in New Mexico, our treatment services near Belen, NM can still be a great fit for your recovery needs. In fact, traveling for treatment can be one of the best decisions you make for successfully achieving sobriety.

By removing yourself from a familiar and potentially triggering environment, you are giving yourself the chance to recover in peace and focus solely on your treatment journey. When traveling for treatment, it is important to choose a location that is conducive to your recovery.

Belen and other New Mexico cities can offer the restorative and peaceful atmosphere you will need to maintain a positive recovery mindset and overcome your addiction. Call our treatment center now to find out more about how recovering in New Mexico can be a great choice for you!

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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and are looking for rehab in Belen, the Icarus Behavioral Health facility can be a great fit for you. We will work with you to discuss all of the factors contributing to your addiction and develop a treatment plan that is specific to your recovery needs.

You can speak with one of our welcoming Admissions representatives to find out which of our treatment programs will be right for you, verify your health insurance and discuss payment assistance options, and get answers to any other questions you may have.

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