Fort Bliss Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol

Getting Convenient Help for Soldiers at Icarus New Mexico

When you’re a member of the United States Armed Forces, looked upon as an unshakable pillar of strength with little room for error or signs of weakness. Keeping your war face on at all times is of the utmost importance, and upholding the military’s gold standard for rules and ethics is how you’re taught to operate.

Contending with an alcohol or substance abuse disorder isn’t something most active duty service men and women are willing to stare down, and many times asking for help seems entirely out of the question.

The fear of punishment, or even worse, a dishonorable discharge stops you from seeking out the essential Fort Bliss rehab support you desperately need.

Fortunately, times have changed, and the willingness to assist soldiers who are contending with any type of drug or alcohol challenge has grown nationwide. Despite the fact you hold yourself to a higher standard than someone living a civilian life – the fact is, nobody is completely insulated from the pitfalls of addiction. The truth of the matter is, that active duty and members of the Army Reserve and other branches are near the top of the list of high-risk individuals when it comes to developing AUD or SUD.

Keep reading to understand what Icarus offers as a Fort Bliss rehab destination, and why so many soldiers and their loved ones have chosen to seek recovery at our facilities!

A Treatment Center for Fort Bliss Soldiers and Family Members

Icarus Behavioral Health - Treatment Center for Fort Bliss Soldiers

For those stationed at Fort Bliss who struggle with alcohol or substance use disorder, few options exist that accommodate the intense schedule and commitments of a service member. A soldier recovery unit is available on-base – but this hardly provides the meticulous approach that’s available at Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico.

At our treatment center, we provide the environment needed for a Fort Bliss soldier or family member – to position themselves for the highest chances of a successful recovery. If you need assistance with recovery, consider the following highlights of our program and how they could potentially deliver the support you need.

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Supportive Fort Bliss Rehab Services are Our Standard at Icarus

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we understand how isolating being stationed in an area like Fort Bliss can be. Your entire world exists within that base, so the thought of finding satisfactory options for treatment might seem unattainable.

However, our treatment programs are out-of-state but still a reasonable drive from Fort Bliss – just under four hours, to be exact. We accept TRICARE and TriWest forms of insurance and work with active duty service members from Fort Bliss on a regular basis. Our expert. team and staff are highly skilled and certified in all of the most important therapeutic modalities that will help you carve a path to recovery.

Information and Referral Services for SUD and Mental Health Only Clients

Although we specialize in substance abuse recovery, we welcome those struggling solely with mental health concerns at Fort Bliss. Our certified counselors specialize in the following:

  • Treatment of PTSD, depression, and anxiety
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Employment readiness to get you prepared for your triumphant return
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Trauma-Informed Care

Soldiers at Fort Bliss suffering from PTSD or other trauma-related challenges have the potential to experience significant progress under our trauma-informed care program. In this setting, you’ll learn about the 4 R’s: Realization about trauma and how it can affect people and groups, recognizing the signs of trauma, having a system that can respond to trauma, and resisting re-traumatization.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Our evidence-based treatment program uses rock-solid scientifically proven research to guide our therapeutic direction. This can involve pharmaceutical therapy, behavioral therapies, group therapy, or a mix of all of these in addition to other approaches.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

If you’re stationed at Fort Bliss and suffer from a mental-health-related substance abuse disorder, our dual-diagnosis treatment program can help you conquer the challenges at the core of your addiction.

Things like PTSD, depression, and anxiety are commonly diagnosed in those who have a drug or alcohol use disorder. By treating both simultaneously, we treat the root cause and not just the symptoms, decreasing the chances of relapse in the future.

Residential or Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Inpatient Rehab Treatment for Fort Bliss Soldiers

Our residential/inpatient treatment program consists of stays of up to 30, 60, or 90 days, and may have any of the above-mentioned therapeutic or treatment programs attached, depending on your personalized treatment plan.

One of the best parts about our inpatient treatment? Our aftercare planning. We help with the following to ensure that you remain proactive in your recovery long after your time with us is finished. Our clients have access to resources like:

  • Employment readiness program to prepare you for a return to active duty.
  • Transition assistance program to help get you reintegrated into a normalized, independent style of living again.
  • Referrals to a family assistance center and other services to help your loved ones during your recovery.
  • Resources and referrals for emergency financial assistance
  • Alumni programs that help keep you connected and active within our community. This allows you to remain an integral part of our program and maintains a constant line of communication and camaraderie – even long after you return home.

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Peer Support Group Referrals Near Fort Bliss

It’s never a bad idea to get proactive about your recovery, even before entering treatment. These are a few of the most prominent NA/AA/SMART resources for peer support. These will also be helpful for your aftercare planning:

  • 7 days a week, online meetings are hosted at 12 Noon and 7 PM. This is a 90-minute NA meeting and is accessible with the ZOOM ID # 204-534-9460.
  • In-person meetings are available at Noon and other times throughout the day at St. Paul’s Methodist Church, 7000 Edgemere Blvd. El Paso, Texas. Visit here for a more comprehensive list of scheduling and locations.
  • Every Thursday from 8-9 PM, SMART Recovery meetings are hosted at 6955 N Mesa St #304, El Paso, TX 79912.

One of the most significant advantages you have is the plethora of sober activities outdoors in the Fort Bliss area. This is an ideal way to spend your recovery time.

A Few Sober Activities to Pursue Around Fort Bliss After Icarus

Casa De Azucar (Sugar House) - Sober Activities Around Fort Bliss

Consider partaking in the following sober activities after returning to Fort Bliss:

This is only a small sample of the things to do around Fort Bliss. These are perfect escapes for Fort Bliss soldiers and their family members and an enjoyable way to spend your time in recovery. Being proactive should also be enjoyable, so don’t hesitate to get out and experience what the area has to offer.

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A Proven Rehab Destination Convenient to Fort Bliss TX

If you or someone you love at Fort Bliss is experiencing challenges with a mental health disorder, and/or substance use disorder, relief is less than 4 hours away. Our team is dedicated to helping soldiers navigate one of the most difficult battles in life, and victory is achievable with the right squad by your side. For more information, contact our admissions team today!

All calls are kept strictly confidential, from your CO as well as anyone else, so please reach out to get treatment options at Icarus today!

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