Drug Rehab Marfa Alternatives

Getting Help Convenient to Marfa at Icarus in New Mexico

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, Texas is in a drug overdose epidemic. Overdose rates in Texas almost doubled from 2017 to 2021, and across the United States as a whole, we see high rates of addiction, with drug and alcohol use disorders affecting around 16.5% of the total US population aged twelve or older.

Statistics in Texas and across the US reveal a dire need for addiction treatment services. Unfortunately, Marfa, Texas, has a limited number of addiction treatment options available due to population size. So, what can you do if you or your loved one in West Texas needs effective drug rehab Marfa services?

Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico can help. Our rehab center stands out with its unique features, making it an ideal choice for Marfa residents. The residential treatment program at Icarus is convenient for clients coming from Marfa because it provides on-site living, meals, recreation activities, and a range of other amenities to make your healing experience a great one.

First, let’s talk about how to get to our drug rehab near Marfa and what sets Icarus apart from other treatment centers in the area. Then, we’ll discuss staying sober after rehab and sober activities to enjoy in Marfa, TX.

Our Drug Rehab is Convenient to Marfa, TX

Icarus Behavioral Health, New Mexico

Icarus Behavioral Health’s New Mexico location is six hours away from Marfa, Texas. You can get to Icarus from Marfa by car, plane, or train. If you need directions to our facilities or want to learn more about your transportation options, please call our admissions line.

All drug and alcohol rehab centers are different. Having a positive experience at the treatment center you attend can make a tremendous difference in your recovery. Our customized programs and expert treatment specialists make Icarus a leading choice for out of state clients from across both Texas and the Southwest.

What Makes Our Addiction Treatment Center Unique?

There are so many reasons to choose Icarus as a resident of Marfa, Texas, seeking nearby drug rehabs. Here are some of the things that set Icarus Behavioral Health apart from other addiction treatment options.

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Icarus Offers Comprehensive Care for Dual Diagnosis Disorders

Many people facing substance abuse also have one or more co-occurring mental health conditions. In fact, statistics indicate that over one in four people with a serious mental illness also face addiction.

In addition to substance abuse, a client may experience concerns like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or a history of trauma. When this is the case, comprehensive care that addresses both addiction and mental health concerns is vital, leading to better treatment outcomes.

Icarus in New Mexico provides dual diagnosis treatment for clients with addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions.

Evidence-Based Therapy Programs in All That We Do

Group Therapy - Evidence-Based Therapy Programs

Icarus treats all levels and types of addiction. The staff members at our drug and alcohol rehab center use a range of evidence-based treatments for addiction and mental health. Therapies and treatments used at our drug rehab convenient to Marfa, Texas, include but aren’t limited to the following:

Your treatment schedule at Icarus will include a combination of groups, individual therapy sessions, and other treatments. Since all clients at our treatment center get an individualized treatment plan, the therapies and activities you engage in will be catered to your needs.

New Mexico Facilities and Amenities in the Land of Enchantment

Our New Mexico facility has various on-site amenities and features that set us apart from other drug rehabs. Special amenities you’ll find at Icaruz include but aren’t limited to private and semi-private rooms, chef-prepared meals, indoor and outdoor spaces for clients, fitness opportunities, and games.

Icarus Accepts a Wide Range of Health Insurance Coverage Types

We know that insurance coverage for rehab costs can be a significant factor in selecting a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

To make quality addiction treatment accessible, Icarus New Mexico accepts most forms of health insurance, including some forms of NM Medicaid.

Staying Sober After Attending Our Drug Rehab Marfa Alternative

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Plan - Sober Activity After Drug Rehab

At Icarus, we know that recovery doesn’t end with addiction treatment. The addiction and mental health treatment specialists at Icarus will help you create a relapse prevention and aftercare plan before you leave our treatment center.

Like your treatment plan at Icarus, your aftercare plan will be unique to you. Following inpatient rehab, you might attend an outpatient program, support groups, or engage in continued therapy and medication management services. Aftercare plans might also include work and education support, sober living, and other services.

Our facilities do offer outpatient treatment with sober living nearby. Clients from Marfa are welcome to stay in New Mexico for continued outpatient treatment at Icarus after inpatient rehab, but many return home once inpatient rehab is over.

Once you’re ready to return to Marfa, TX, we can refer you to outpatient programs, free support groups, and mental health providers in or near Marfa. Our drug rehabs also have alumni programs that can help you stay connected to the support system you built while in treatment.

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A Few Fun Indoor Sober Activities in Marfa, TX

Aftercare planning is an important part of staying sober after rehab. Finding new sober activities to enjoy also matters for your mental health and recovery. Marfa, Texas, and surrounding areas are rich with art galleries, fitness centers, learning opportunities, and other fun activities. Here are some indoor sober activities in Marfa, TX, to consider.

Neighboring cities and towns like Fort Davis and Alpine, TX, have additional sober attractions you might be interested in. For example, the Museum of the Big Bend, Cheshire Cat Antiques, Front Street Books, Fort Davis National Historic Site, and Catchlight Gallery.

Ideas for Outdoor Sober Fun in Marfa, TX

Ebike Marfa - Ideas for Outdoor Sober Fun in Marfa

Time outdoors can improve your mood and overall well-being. When you’re ready to reap the benefits of nature, try these sober activities and attractions in Marfa, TX.

You can also visit local parks and playgrounds such as Coffield Park or Sunset Park for free and easy access to nature.

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To learn more about how Icarus in New Mexico, and how we can help Marfa, Texas, residents facing addiction, call the phone number on our website today. All calls are confidential, and we can let you or your loved ones know the answers to any questions you may have, and verify insurance free of charge.

The admissions team at Icarus is available 24/7 to verify your health insurance or respond to your treatment questions, so please reach out for our support today!

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FAQs About Drug Rehab Marfa Services

Are there NA meetings in Marfa, TX?

Narcotics Anonymous offers free meetings across the United States. The “Find a Meeting” page on the official Narcotics Anonymous (NA) website can help you find NA meetings accessible to Marfa, but in this case, many of them may be of the online variety.

Are there AA meetings in Marfa, TX?

The official Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) website has a resource finder that can help you locate AA meetings accessible to residents of Marfa, Texas. Go to AA.org and click “Find AA Near You” to search for virtual and in-person meetings.

The Area 66 Group of AA also covers the area and offers meetings in the surrounding area as well.

Some meetings in Marfa include:

  1. Marfa Brunch Group
    115 East Oak Street Marfa.TX 79843
    At the Marfa Library
    In the Community Room on Saturday at Noon
  2. The Marfa Lights Group also meets at this location on Tues. at 6 PM and Thurs. at Noon
  3. We Are Not Saints
    101 East Washington Street
    Marfa TX 79843
    St Paul’s Episcopal (Mon and Wed. at 6 PM, Big Book Study on Wed.)

Are there SMART recovery meetings near Marfa, TX?

SMART Recovery meetings offer free support to people overcoming all types of maladaptive behaviors or addictions. You can get information about SMART Recovery meetings accessible to Marfa on the official SMART Recovery website.

Many SMART Meetings are also held online and are easily accessible via the above link.


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