DBT Therapy Albuquerque

DBT Therapy Albuquerque

Originally designed to help people with suicidal behavior or borderline personality disorder, DBT has now been adapted to help with many mental health problems that may affect many aspects of a person’s life.

When looking for DBT therapy in Albuquerque, Icarus Behavioral Health forms one of the top-rated addiction treatment and mental health facilities in New Mexico and offers many different treatment options to suit every individual patient’s needs.

From inpatient to outpatient, there are many different options at Icarus Behavioral Health in order to serve the needs of anyone afflicted with any mental health issues.

Their admissions department are awaiting calls to answer any questions that may need answering about their programs and facility, 24 hours a day. Don’t wait, call them immediately with any questions you may have.

What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

DBT stands for dialectical behavioral therapy. And what is dialectical behavioral therapy? According to a PubMed article published on the NIH website, ”Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for borderline personality disorder.”

DBT therapy has many similarities to other cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, however there are four unique elements the treatment that will constitute it as DBT therapy. “…these elements include [1] serving the five functions of treatment, [2] the biosocial theory and focusing on emotions in treatment, [3] a consistent dialectical philosophy, and [4] mindfulness and acceptance-oriented interventions.”

Dialectical behavioral therapy skills training includes four components. These four components are core mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. These four components help a patient manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

What are the Features of DBT?

What are the Features of DBT

As stated before, mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness are the four main features of DBT. Learning acceptance of situations, while regulating emotions and building up a higher tolerance to distressing situations are all goals of DBT therapy.

An important fact regarding DBT therapy is that it is still an evolving medical treatment. The eventual goal of DBT is to not only treat borderline personality disorder, but a whole host of other mental and behavioral maladies.

As the treatments progress and evolve, it is important that studies be consistently monitored to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment on specific disorders. The features of DBT therapy, as it exists at the moment, seem to be incredibly efficacious when administered correctly.

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What Does DBT Help People With?

The more studies we conduct, the closer we will come to understanding exactly what does DBT help people with. Being that DBT is a cognitive behavioral therapy, it helps people with thought processes in hopes that it will in turn help with their behaviors.

At the present moment, DBT is the only accepted non-pharmacological treatment for borderline personality disorder.

According to a paper published through the NIH website, “There have been several randomized controlled trials studying the efficacy of DBT in BPD… [Which show that] DBT has been more effective than community-based treatment-as-usual in numerous areas, including reducing parasuicidal behaviors, increasing adherence to treatment, and reducing the number of hospitalizations.”

With all of the markers signifying a worsening condition eliminated, it can be assumed with confidence that DBT therapy has shown itself to be rather advantageous in persons with BPD as compared to other treatment modalities.

How Does DBT Work?

How Does DBT Work

The question becomes, exactly how does DBT work? In its name we have dialectical which means acting through opposing forces. At its core, therapists in DBT sessions attempt to balance opposing perspectives simultaneously in order to promote emotional regulation. The goal is to help the patient find a grey area in their originally black & white thinking.

DBT focuses on acceptance of past experiences as a way to reassure patients and help them find the balance they need to change negative behaviors.

DBT is usually applied in an outpatient setting with individuals meeting both in a group setting and in a one-on-one setting. There are also some homework assignments that are given to the patients in order for them to begin applying what they have learned in real life settings.

Through these combined strategies, which are all offered at Icarus Behavioral Health, many people suffering from BPD are able to take steps towards recovery and begin living a more meaningful life. Look into which of their outpatient programs works best for you by visiting their website or giving them a call today.

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Finding Dual Diagnosis Treatment and DBT in New Mexico

Dual diagnosis refers to when a patient Is suffering from a substance use disorder combined with another, co-occurring mental disorder. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses the addiction and the precipitating mental health issue at the same time.

Co-occurring disorders must be treated simultaneously with the addiction. This is because the underlying mental health issue always plays a role in the addiction, so if left unchecked the person will undoubtedly relapse.

Dual diagnosis treatment with DBT works because DBT trains a person to manage their stress, emotions, and relationships much more efficiently which leads to better behavior. Better behavior means less use of drugs and alcohol.

DBT has had positive results in helping people overcome ADHD, bipolar disorder, bulimia, eating disorders, depression, and PTSD. All of these conditions can be contributing factors to an addiction.

Once a person has a better grasp on the areas of their life that can be enhanced by DBT therapy, they can recover from their addiction and begin living as productive life.

Icarus Behavioral Health offers many treatment options to address dual diagnosis patients with co-occurring addiction and other mental health disorders. If you or a loved one is suffering from any of the above conditions, give our admissions department a call. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can help find the treatment option that works best for you.

Using DBT as Part of Residential Rehabilitation

Using DBT as Part of Residential Rehabilitation

DBT therapy was originally designed for outpatient treatment, as it required patients to do homework while experiencing real life experiences. However, using DBT as part of a residential rehabilitation has been studied as well.

A study published on the NIH website explains, “On the basis of the evidence, the authors identify essential components of an inpatient DBT package and discuss its potential function as an “intensive orientation” to outpatient DBT services.” In other words, the efficacy of using DBT as part of residential rehabilitation is that it introduces the patient to DBT therapy in a sort of “crash course” sort of way.

If a patient is receiving inpatient treatment for addiction, using DBT as part of residential rehabilitation would be a great way to introduce him/her to the therapy and give them a head start in using the techniques once they are out of the program.

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DBT Practices Through Outpatient and Aftercare Planning

Using the DBT practices through outpatient and aftercare planning sets the patient up for their best chance of success after they have completed inpatient.

Recovery from mental illness, much like recovery from addiction, is a life long road that requires daily work to avoid a relapse. Learning all the tools and skills in inpatient means nothing if those skills and tools are not properly applied once back in the real world.

Choosing Icarus Behavioral Health for DBT Therapy Albuquerque

Choosing Icarus Behavioral Health for DBT Therapy Albuquerque

Choosing Icarus for DBT therapy is the best choice one can make in the Albuquerque area. Our facility offers many different treatment options and can find the one that best suits your needs or the needs of your loved one.

Although we seldom toot our own horn, Icarus Behavioral Health has some of the best reviews for any treatment center in the nation, let alone the Albuquerque area. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction or any other mental health issue, give us a call to discuss treatment options today,

With addiction, and really any other behavioral health issue, the longer a person waits, the harder recovery becomes.

All it takes to begin your journey to a happy, healthy, productive life is to give them a call. Don’t wait another minute, call today.

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