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Recovering from Addiction In Taos, New Mexico

Located in northern New Mexico’s high desert and near the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountain range, Taos is a town that offers many healing and rehabilitative benefits to those looking for a rehab center in the Land of Enchantment.

When recovering from a substance use disorder, our Taos drug rehab services can be a great choice for getting the help you need to start a new, addiction-free life. With several treatment centers to choose from in New Mexico, it is important to know what to look for when choosing the right rehab program.

At less than two and a half hours drive from Taos, our inpatient programs offer a more personalized treatment option for those seeking assistance, and Icarus accepts many forms of New Mexico Medicaid as well.

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we help people from all over the country overcome their substance use disorders everyday. Keep reading to learn more about how our rehabilitation programs near Taos, NM can be a great fit for you!

Finding a Taos Drug Rehab Center

Finding a Taos Drug Rehab Center

No matter what substances you or a loved one may be recovering from, it is important to find a rehab center that is able to treat every aspect of your addiction. Whether you are looking for treatment near larger cities like Santa Fe or smaller areas like the town of Taos, New Mexico has an extensive variety of substance abuse treatment options to offer.

When starting your search for a drug and alcohol rehab facility, knowing where you want to recover is just one of the many things you will have to consider. It is also important to know what services will be best suited to treating your substance abuse issues.

How you will pay for treatment, whether you have any co-occurring medical or mental health issues that will need to be addressed, and how long you expect to spend in recovery are all things that will need to be considered when finding a treatment center that is right for you.

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we will work closely with you to address all of these questions and more, and come up with a treatment approach that will be best suited to your recovery needs.

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Top Rehab Centers Convenient to Taos, NM

When looking for a treatment facility near Taos, NM, it is important to know how to recognize the signs of a quality rehab center. You want to be sure that you are receiving the best care possible during your recovery process, as this will determine how successful you will be in maintaining long-term recovery.

Fortunately, there are several characteristics you can look out for that can help you identify top rehab centers not just in Taos, but nationwide. Some of the qualities you will want to see in a top treatment facility include:

Individualized Treatment Plans

There are many different types of addictions, as well as various different root causes and contributors to a person’s addictive habits. A high-quality treatment center will work with each of its clients on a case-by-case basis to ensure that they are receiving the individualized care they need to address their specific recovery needs.

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we understand that each client who walks through our doors is different. That’s why we will work with you to create a treatment plan that caters specifically to your addiction treatment goals and needs.

Comprehensive Treatment Services

Comprehensive Treatment Services

Addiction is a complex disease, and will often require more than one level of care to fully recover from. Top rehab centers will offer their clients comprehensive treatment that involves both holistic and evidence-based recovery services.

The Icarus Behavioral Health team wants to have a real impact on our clients’ lives and help them achieve lasting sobriety. That’s why we offer an extensive variety of behavioral health services and aftercare support to keep our clients committed to their sobriety, even after they have left our facility.

Professional and Caring Staff

When choosing the right treatment facility, you want to make sure that you will have access to a diverse team of licensed mental health and medical professionals, who can help heal both your mind and body from the effects of addiction.

At the Icarus Behavioral Health treatment facility, we work with addiction specialists, licensed therapists and counselors, medical doctors, and several other clinical professionals who can ensure that our clients are receiving the well-rounded care they need.

No matter what kind of support you need on your recovery journey, our treatment facilities are equipped with trained professionals who can support you in meeting all of your treatment goals.

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Reasons to Choose Our Addiction Treatment Center

At the state-of-the-art Icarus Behavioral Health treatment center, you will have access to many different recovery services and activities. As a smaller facility, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the personalized and intensive treatment they deserve.

With our location next to beautiful and culturally diverse areas like the town of Taos and other natural New Mexico landmarks, you or your loved one can recover from addiction in a peaceful and restorative environment.

While each of our clients will have their own treatment plan that is specific to their recovery needs, there are many services that may be included in your treatment process while at our facility, including:

Medical Detox

For many people, the first step in their recovery journey will be to participate in a medical detoxification program. This will be necessary for the intervention of their addictive habits and setting up a solid foundation for further treatment.

At the Icarus detox program, you will be slowly weaned off an abused substance while under constant medical supervision and support. You may receive medication-assisted treatment, as well as nutritional counseling and therapy sessions during this time.

This will help to manage and prevent any withdrawal symptoms or drug cravings that may occur during the early stages of recovery, reducing your risk of relapse.

Once you have finished the detox process, we will encourage you to seek further treatment through our residential or outpatient treatment options, depending on the severity of your addiction and its underlying causes.

Residential Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment Program

The Icarus residential treatment program can help those struggling with particularly severe addictions recover from their substance abuse while staying in a structured and secure environment.

Choosing to stay at our sober living home can help remove you from the triggers and distractions of your everyday life, so that you can focus solely on your recovery.

While staying at our residential treatment center, you may work with a treatment specialist while participating in several holistic and evidence-based treatment services, including:

  • Addiction education seminars
  • Relapse prevention programs
  • Counseling and therapy sessions
  • Medication management
  • Recreational activities

Outpatient Programs

If you have unavoidable work or family obligations, or otherwise cannot adhere to the requirements of a residential treatment program, you can benefit from participating in our outpatient services.

Unlike traditional recovery support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), our outpatient program focuses on providing you with a whole-health approach to treatment while still being able to live at home.

This will include attending regular treatment and counseling sessions, prescription medications to help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and other activities to teach you healthy life skills, fix relationship issues, and overall promote a sober lifestyle.

Mental Health Treatment

One of the biggest obstacles many people will face in their recovery journey is a dual diagnosis. There are many common mental health conditions that can occur with an addiction, including depression, borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders.

No matter what mental health concerns may be contributing to your substance abuse habits, the Icarus treatment facility can provide the care you need to address the root cause of your addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

We offer various holistic, evidence-based, and trauma-based therapeutic interventions, including but not limited to:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Recovery support group sessions
  • Family therapy
  • Art, music, and adventure therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)

The Benefits of Traveling for Treatment

The Benefits of Traveling for Treatment

Even if you are not located in New Mexico, Icarus Behavioral Health can still be a great fit for you or your loved one. In fact, traveling for treatment can often be the best choice many people will make in their journey to sobriety.

By leaving behind a familiar and potentially triggering environment, those who are recovering from addiction can fully focus on themselves and their healing. Choosing an area that is conducive to this recovery process, like the beautiful and scenic New Mexico environment, can also be a great way to keep a positive mindset.

Traveling for treatment also opens you up to many more possibilities in terms of the kind of treatment you may be able to receive. By expanding your search beyond the limits of what is familiar, you will have access to specialized treatment programs that may otherwise not be available in your area.

No matter where you are located, the Icarus Behavioral Health team has treated people from all over the country and helped them achieve long-term recovery. Give yourself the chance you deserve to overcome your addiction, and reach out today to learn more about our recovery program.

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