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Getting Treatment Help as a Film Crew Worker at Icarus Behavioral

If you’ve been following the news over the last year, you’ve undoubtedly read or heard reports regarding film-set workers, actors, and the turmoil currently blowing down on Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general.

Being in close proximity to Southern California, in addition to having a picturesque landscape that’s primed for on-set filming – New Mexico is no stranger to the entertainment industry and is home to thousands of members of the workforce that bring movies and television directly to your screen.

Unfortunately, the recent storm only perpetuates the pre-existing problem of substance abuse in the entertainment industry. It’s well-documented and reported that members of the film and television world are overexposed to the dangers of alcoholism, drugs, and a multitude of other addictions and disorders. This is where our IATSE drug rehab services are of such value.

The strikes and departure of members of the IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees), encompassing most film crew workers, has created a situation that calls for emotional support, in addition to resources for recovery, including insurance and other financial assistance for those seeking recovery.

This article sheds light on the growing crisis of addiction for IATSE members with the goal of raising awareness, as well as providing effective treatment options at Icarus in New Mexico for our film workers in the state who are in dire need of services for alcohol and drug abuse recovery.

A ‘Work Hard. Play Hard’ Culture That Can Lead to Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Culture of Alcoholism

As we mentioned before, the entertainment industry is often related to addiction and substance abuse disorders already. For decades, our favorite news shows and tabloids have reported on the tragic downfall and inspiring recovery of actors and actresses who fell victim to alcohol and drug addiction.

From a young age, these individuals are groomed to accept the fact that addiction or, at the very least, casual drug abuse, is “a part of life” and many of us see and hear entertainers glamorize alcohol use and substance abuse daily.

Unfortunately, there’s a hidden demographic that suffers from this exposure just as much as the faces of the entertainment industry.

IATSE Members Face Addiction Risks Due to Stress and Working Environments

The IATSE is a collection of unions that represent film crew members nationwide. Although it’s rarely reported on, film crew and set members are exposed to the temptations of substance abuse just as often as the stars – if not more.

In some cases, film set members are driven to work longer, harder hours, with a far more demanding schedule – and, sadly, for far less pay. This demanding lifestyle is a bridge directly to drug and alcohol abuse as an escape – which ultimately transitions to full-blown dependence.

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A Rise in the Need for IATSE Drug Rehab Services: Recent Strikes and a Changing Entertainment Industry

Adding more fuel to the fire is the recent turmoil and strikes taking place with film crew workers in New Mexico and other areas. Because it’s a short flight from Hollywood, but offers a much cheaper cost of living and a larger number of local shoots, New Mexico is home to a multitude of set workers.

The occurrence of strikes has resulted in several forms of collateral damage that have almost certainly plunged a higher number of workers deeper into addiction. Not only are these workers dealing with a loss of employment – causing an immediate financial burden that can be impossible to shoulder, but also severed relationships and irreparable damage to not only professional ties but close personal friendships.

The financial burden as a result of strikes can also lead to a volatile home life, with looming unpaid bills mounting, managing a stable and healthy home life is all but impossible.

Understanding the current landscape for IATSE workers – what type of services are available for these individuals in New Mexico and other areas? Icarus Behavioral Health is on the front lines, offering support and treatment for those who are in the most dire need of addiction services.

How Funding for Treatment Works for IATSE Members


In most cases, IATSE unions offer insurance to their members. This is one of the positive spots of this otherwise gloomy situation. Icarus Behavioral Health works with most health insurance providers that are available to IATSE unions.

If you have any of the following providers and are curious about the possibility of treatment coverage for rehab, contact Icarus Behavioral Health today:

  • The Motion Pictures Workers Health Benefits Plan
  • IATSE National Benfits Fund
  • ProSight Specialty Insurance
  • IATSE National Health Plans A and C
  • and others

Any questions can be immediately directed to our staff and admissions department, where we’ll be happy to discuss, and even contact your insurance provider to ensure that you receive the coverage you deserve for alcohol or drug addiction treatment.

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How Much Coverage Do IATSE Workers Receive from Health Insurance for Rehab?

The exact amount of coverage allowed for drug treatment depends on your specific plan. Other factors might include your length of time as a member of the union, your location, and other eligibility factors designated by your provider. However, all insurance providers that partner with IATSE unions offer some form of coverage for rehab services.

Contact Icarus Behavioral Health – all we need is some basic information regarding your specific plan, and we’ll help you get all of the most vital information regarding your level of coverage.

What Services Are Available for IATSE Union Members In New Mexico for Drug Treatment?

Individual treatment plan

Regardless of your amount of coverage, Icarus Behavioral Health offers the same types of therapy to all of our clients. IATSE union members are excellent candidates for our services, for a number of reasons, including:

  • We are only a two-hour flight away from Hollywood and other Southern California film studios and are located centrally to many studios and shooting locations in New Mexico as well.
  • Icarus Behavioral Health has experience in assisting set workers because of the number of films shot in New Mexico, and we are sensitive to the unique concerns of the industry.
  • We offer a discrete, but comprehensive individual treatment plan that outlines a unique goal for each client. No two situations are alike, and we approach every client on a case-by-case basis instead of deploying a blanket-style program.

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Icarus Behavioral Health is Available for IATSE Members Today

If you’re a member of the IATSE and experiencing challenges associated with the recent strikes or are in need of treatment otherwise, don’t hesitate to reach out. We all need support at some point in our lives, and Icarus is proud to be in a position to offer a hand to the hard workers of the IATSE.

Contact a member of our admissions team today – the call is free, and you have nothing to lose. Take a huge stride toward recovery by contacting our caring staff at Icarus New Mexico today!

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