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Get Recovery Support Near Roswell at Icarus New Mexico

If you’re looking for Roswell NM drug rehab programs, you have found the right resource and destination at Icarus. Although we welcome clients from all areas, our drug rehab center in New Mexico frequently services clients in Roswell and surrounding areas.

Our New Mexico location is convenient to Roswell, with successful programs that have helped thousands of clients reach lasting recovery from addiction and mental health issues. So, what should you know about getting treatment as a Roswell resident?

It takes about three hours to get to Albuquerque, where Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico is located, by car from Roswell via US Highway 285 N and I-40 W. As long as your current address is within the state of New Mexico, we can also help you get transportation to our rehab center if needed.

Let’s talk a bit more about drug addiction in Roswell, how our treatment center can help Roswell residents facing drug and alcohol addiction, and sober activities to enjoy once your stay at Icarus Behavioral Health is over. Keep reading for details and remember you can reach out to directly to our caring Admissions team at any time for support!

By the Numbers Drug Addiction in Roswell

Numbers Drug Addiction in Roswell

New Mexico is one of the US states with the highest rates of drug addiction. Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is the most common substance use disorder in the state. About six people died in New Mexico each day from alcohol overdose in 2021.

A large percentage of overdoses were also attributed to methamphetamine and fentanyl. Chaves County, where Roswell, New Mexico, is located, had an overdose death rate of 43.4 per 100,000 people in 2021.

Despite these statistics, many people don’t get the help they need. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in New Mexico accepts most forms of insurance, including many forms Medicaid such as Western Sky insurance. We’re here to guide you or your loved one through the recovery process.

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The Benefits of Our New Mexico Rehabilitation Center

Since our treatment center is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, most clients coming from Roswell decide to attend our residential inpatient addiction treatment program. The residential inpatient program at Icarus Behavioral Health provides room and board, regular meals, and on-site amenities for clients to enjoy.

Your therapy schedule will be intensive in residential treatment, involving a full daily schedule of group therapy, individual therapy, life skills, and other treatments facilitated by clinical staff.

Some clients choose to stay in Albuquerque for continued treatment. In this case, you may pursue one of our outpatient programs, such as our partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). Outpatient programs can be used as an initial form of care for individuals facing addiction, but they can also be used to help you transition out of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab.

If you’re a client returning to Roswell after inpatient rehab in Albuquerque, we’ll help you make a custom aftercare plan. Icarus Behavioral Health’s staff will also connect you with referrals to outpatient services and other forms of support in your area as needed.

When you inquire about treatment at Icarus Behavioral Health, we can set you up with a free intake assessment. At that time, we’ll get to know you and your symptoms, discuss the best starting level of care for you and whether or not you need to attend detox as a first step, and answer any questions you have about treatment.

The Importance of Detox as a First Step

Importance of Medical Detox

One of the features that makes our fully licensed rehab an excellent choice for those working to overcome addiction is that we have a full continuum of care, starting with detox, either at our facilities for sub-acute clients, or with partners for certain substances of abuse.

Medical detoxification services will help you get off of drugs and alcohol before you enter another treatment program, whether that is our residential inpatient program or an outpatient program. Most people stay in detox for about 1-2 weeks or during the most serious stages of the detox process.

Detox can be incredibly important in the initial stages of treatment. Getting off of drugs and alcohol without detox can come with discomfort and withdrawal symptoms that could be dangerous without medical intervention, especially in cases where a person has been drinking heavily or using other substances long-term in high doses.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Icarus Behavioral Health

Like addiction, mental health concerns are a marked issue in Roswell and across the US. If you or your family member looking for Roswell, NM drug rehab centers has a co-occurring mental health condition, Icarus Behavioral Health is an ideal solution.

A significant portion of individuals struggling with substance abuse also have a mental health condition. All of our substance abuse treatment programs are equipped to address dual-diagnosis concerns such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.

For clients who do not use alcohol and other drugs, our treatment centers also offer standalone mental health support.

Support for Staying Sober After Residential Treatment

Support for Staying Sober after Rehab

After residential treatment at Icarus Behavioral Health, your aftercare plan might include support groups, attending an outpatient program with us or recommended rehab centers in Roswell, continued therapy, job and education plans, or something else. It’s important to stick with your aftercare plan or reach out to a staff member for support if something changes so that we can help.

On top of following your unique aftercare plan, sober activities can support your continued sobriety after treatment. With over 300,000 residents, Roswell has an array of options.

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Indoor Sober Activities in Roswell, NM

Whether you want to learn more about the 1947 famous UFO crash, see the city’s art, or learn something new, Roswell has something for you. Consider the following substance-free indoor activities in Roswell.

If you’re looking for indoor spots to exercise on hot days, Roswell and surrounding areas have a ton of options, from local gyms to dance and yoga studios.

Outdoor Sober Activities in Roswell, NM

Bottomless Lakes State Park - Outdoor Sober Activities in Roswell

Roswell is full of beautiful parks where you and your family can have fun for free, as well as a variety of other outdoor spaces and activities. On a nice day, check out the following attractions.

Roswell is a great area for hiking, bike riding, and more.

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Looking for substance abuse treatment at Icarus Behavioral Health can change or save your life. If you’re looking for Roswell, NM, drug rehab programs, Icarus Behavioral Health is here for you.

Our New Mexico location helps people with all types and levels of addictions reach lasting sobriety. To get in touch with our drug and alcohol rehab near Roswell, call our admissions line, available 24/7, today.

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FAQs Regarding Roswell NM Drug Rehab Centers

Is there AA in Roswell?

Yes! There are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings in Roswell. Regular AA meetings are held at the following locations:

200 E Van Buren St,
Roswell, NM 88203

One Day at a Time
1000 E College Blvd
Roswell, NM 88201

Go to for resources that will help you find a full list of online and in-person meetings for Roswell residents.

Is there NA in Roswell?

Yes! Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings are regularly held in Roswell, New Mexico. You can find multiple NA meetings per week at the following address or go to for a complete list of online and in-person meetings.

Dry Harbor Club
202 East Van Buren Street
Roswell, NM 88203


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