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People who search for alcohol and drug rehab in Big Spring TX, often come to a startling discovery. They are ready to admit the need for help. But their internet searches for drug rehab centers leave them with very few options. This lack of access to addiction treatment centers puts many in a bad position.

You or a loved one may know that treatment services are needed. However, the lack of rehab centers in Big Spring can be an easy internal justification to avoid dealing with an alcohol or substance use disorder.

It’s not anyone’s fault – that feeling of avoidance is the voice of the substance abuse. It lulls the brain into a false reality that views substance abuse as ordinary and puts the promise of help to quit out of reach. Months, or even years, of drinking or using a drug of choice has rewired how we perceive things in addiction. It compromises our physical and mental health, leaving us open to putting sobriety off and with the lie that recovery is not attainable.

Let us help you or your loved one dispel that myth, and find quality, evidence based programs less than a day’s drive away from Big Spring, TX.

The drug and alcohol team members at our facilities at Icarus Behavioral Health in Albuquerque know how substance abuse can trick people. Fortunately, we also have top-tier facilities to help heal.

If you love someone who needs help – or you need to take that first step to sobriety yourself – read on to learn how our programs offer a convenient alternative for those struggling in West Texas!

The Shortage of Drug Rehab Centers in Big Spring, TX

Shortage of Drug Rehab Centers in Big Spring

Many states share a common concern. As the epidemic of drug, alcohol, and prescription addiction rises, many lack access to addiction centers. That’s keenly felt in rural communities and small cities, including West Texas communities. If you live near Big Spring, TX you probably understand this struggle and may have already considered attending an out-of-state program for support.

The beds may be limited even where an inpatient recovery center may exist. Statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) report a wide range of treatment options from one facility to another. For instance, some facilities offer comprehensive inpatient care, including for dual diagnosis mental health disorders. Others offer outpatient methadone treatment for opioid users. Still others are veterans programs only, like you’d find at the West Texas VA.

That’s where Icarus comes in – we’re just a six-hour ride from Big Spring, Texas. Our treatment center in Albuquerque includes a holistic program that addresses all levels of addiction, trauma, and mental health.

Our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab includes evidence-based care, including the following: medical detox, medication-assisted treatment, individualized therapies, dual diagnosis evaluation, and relapse prevention.

When you are not receiving alcohol and drug rehab services, you will enjoy a comfortable and welcoming inpatient treatment center. You will feel good about the tastefully appointed rooms and the lovely New Mexico view.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment Away from Big Spring, Texas

Many who need help with substance abuse are held back from getting help for fear of privacy concerns. So, even if they find drug rehab centers nearby, they avoid seeking treatment centers because of their fears. Choosing treatment services away from the close quarters of small communities happens more often than you think.

Here are some other reasons that some people seek help for substance use disorders away from their communities:

Addiction Centers in Big Spring, TX Are Too Close to Enablers

Rehab centers in Big Spring, Texas, might be too close for comfort to friends with whom you used alcohol or your drug of choice. Those people may also still abuse drugs and be avoiding rehab and recovery themselves!

Besides friends who use drugs or alcohol, staying home keeps you close to family members who may enable you. Perhaps that means the grandparent who gives you money to buy alcohol, even against her better judgment. It might also be the friend who drives you a couple of hours down the road to Lubbock to buy drugs from a dealer when you’re dope-sick.

Drug Rehab Centers Away From Big Spring, TX Distance You From Your Dealer


Distance You From Your Dealer

Besides your friends and family who enable your use of drugs or alcohol, there’s another negative influence in Big Spring, TX.

Your drug dealer.

Finding an addiction treatment center six hours from home can help you fight that urge. That distance is particularly helpful during detox and your first days of rehab.

Finding Treatment Options Away From Home Mean Focus on Recovery

As you review treatment programs, remember that recovery is a long-term plan. Wellness doesn’t happen overnight.

Long-term rehab and lasting recovery take incredible focus. Dedication. Determination.

Getting away from Big Spring, TX to those based in other cities will help you find holistic healing from substance abuse. Ultimately, the work you put in at your drug and alcohol program will set you up for a clean and sober new life.

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Sober Activities in Big Spring, TX, After Your Alcohol and Drug Program

After you finish receiving rehab services from your drug and alcohol program at Icarus, you will still have much work to do. Substance abuse treatment doesn’t end at our door. Returning to Big Spring, you must fill your spare time with positive activities.

You’ve worked too hard in your addiction treatment program to turn back now! Here are some healthy things to try when you go back to Big Spring:

Visit Big Spring State Park

You probably noticed that addiction treatment healed more than your substance abuse. Addiction centers famously also help restore your physical health! Head out to Big Spring State Park to enjoy the three-mile trail for walking, bicycling, and jogging. It loops around the most famous Big Spring view: Scenic Mountain. This activity is good for your physical and mental health.

Check Out the Heritage Museum of Big Spring

Big Spring, Texas, has a proud heritage. It becomes evident when you visit the Heritage Museum of Big Spring. Taking time to learn is a great way to keep it off of negative alternatives.

Attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Attend Alcoholics Anonymous

AA and NA are a must to keep you on the right path. You did so much hard work at rehab, from detox to aftercare. Guess what – the others attending AA and NA meetings know exactly what you’ve been through. They are open to all women and men who are in recovery.

AA might not have an in-person meeting in Big Spring currently. However, they are always expanding. You can check out their free online meeting here.

Similarly, NA does not have current opportunities in Big Spring, TX. You can join Virtual NA here. Like AA, it is also free.

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Drug Rehab in Big Spring Doesn’t Fit the Bill? Icarus Welcomes You!

We know firsthand from clients that the necessary care levels are often unavailable in small cities. So, we would invite you to come to us at Icarus. Our treatment center is only six hours away, but we are confident that your search for the inpatient care you need is over.

The short drive from West Texas can change your life. Connect with us today – you can start to receive inpatient treatment as early as tomorrow!

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