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Proven Inpatient Programs for Recovery at Icarus in NM

Are you or a loved one grappling with mental health issues or substance abuse? Seeking residential treatment centers in New Mexico can be an overwhelming process. Yet, the beauty of New Mexico, with its vast skies and therapeutic landscapes, houses a gem. Icarus Behavioral Health is a top-notch rehab center based in Albuquerque, NM.

As a leading residential treatment center in the Southwest, we offer a compassionate and supportive environment.

Admitting you need drug or alcohol treatment is incredibly brave. Whether you need outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, or a full residential treatment program – you are doing the right thing by seeking information.

We are glad to serve as your treatment program and your life healing center now that you’re ready to take that step into a sober life. Keep reading to get more information on our approaches and find the many reasons to choose Icarus today!

Why Choose a New Mexico Treatment Center?

Mental Health Services

  • Comprehensive Mental Health Services: New Mexico has several reputable treatment centers. But few offer as wide a range of treatments as our inpatient rehab services followed by our intensive outpatient program. We offer everything from family therapy to group therapy sessions for substance use disorder. Our team of licensed counselors and therapists provides tailored care.
  • Evidence-Based Therapies: Our treatment programs include evidence-based treatment, such as dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and craniosacral therapy. All our methods are proven effective in treating various mental health disorders.
  • Centrally Located: For those local to the area, Icarus is convenient to Albuquerque, NM, and nearby Santa Fe, and provides convenient access to top-notch treatment services. We ensure New Mexico clients never feel too far from home.
  • A Perfect Destination: Our New Mexico location is also ideal for those who arrive from outside of our beautiful state. Many clients also come from other areas across the country. They tell our team that breaking away from the people and places that trigger drug or alcohol misuse helps them focus on their wellness journey. So whether you are a New Mexico resident or from points beyond, we are happy to welcome you to your drug rehab program.

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Treatment Services Offered at Our Residential Treatment Centers in New Mexico

Our full range of treatment services in New Mexico includes the following offerings:

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs: Beyond our residential treatment offerings for drug abuse, we also provide outpatient services and intensive outpatient programs. These programs cater to those who need more flexibility in their schedule.
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab: Our drug rehab centers and alcohol rehab facilities have the latest medical supervision. Thus, we ensure a safe withdrawal process for those with drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Medically Supervised Withdrawal: Withdrawing from your drug of choice is crucial in tackling substance abuse issues. There’s no other way than to tackle it head-on. But we minimize the discomforts of withdrawal symptoms commonly associated with drugs and alcohol. At-home detox from drugs or alcohol is unsafe. So instead, you can rely on us to comfort you during this difficult time.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program: Ideal for individuals who need medical attention but not 24/7 care.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: We offer a dedicated team focusing on medication management. Thus, we ensure that all our clients receive the proper treatment for their unique needs.

Why is this essential? New Mexico is in the middle of an ongoing drug and mental health crisis. According to 2019 findings by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, youth in New Mexico are experimenting with illicit drugs and alcohol at a much higher rate than the national average. That often morphs into substance abuse issues in early adulthood that can persist and negatively impact one’s whole life if left untreated.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Icarus in New Mexico

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is also often referred to as a co-occurring disorder. It is when an individual experiences a mental illness and a substance use disorder together. One example is someone experiencing depression due to alcohol abuse.

Another is someone with bipolar disorder battling opioid addiction. Given the complexity of dual diagnosis, treatment requires an integrated approach. Our team addresses mental health disorders and substance use disorders together.

The Importance of Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we understand that a dual diagnosis can be challenging. It can be overwhelming for individuals and their loved ones. Our New Mexico treatment center has established a comprehensive program designed to treat both aspects holistically.

Here are a few ways our residential programs address your mental health and addiction recovery needs:

  • Individualized Treatment Plan: Our team recognizes that every individual’s journey is unique. Thus, every patient receives a tailored treatment plan. This plan incorporates evidence-based therapies suitable for mental health disorders and drug and alcohol rehab.
  • Expert Team: Dual diagnosis requires a multidisciplinary approach. Our team comprises mental health professionals, addiction counselors, medical staff, and therapists collaborating to provide the best care possible.
  • Supportive Environment: Mental health issues combined with substance abuse can feel isolating. Our rehabilitation center fosters a supportive and affirming environment. That’s where patients can feel free to share their experiences, learn from others, and build a community. They need to connect with others that understand their struggles. Our support groups are the perfect place to share drug addiction avoidance strategies that set patients up for a brighter future.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Given the complexities of dual diagnosis, patients need continuous monitoring. This oversight ensures their safety and well-being. Our dedicated staff knows how to recognize signs of relapse or deterioration in mental health. Moreover, they know how to help someone get back on track.
  • Education: Understanding one’s disorders is a crucial step toward recovery. We educate our patients about their conditions and the associated risks. We also teach them ways to manage and prevent relapse.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab: A Pillar of Good Mental Health

The drug and alcohol rehab component at Icarus Behavioral Health is robust. We consider it a pillar of our dual diagnosis program.

Dual diagnosis can be a challenging path. But it’s one you will not walk alone. At Icarus Behavioral Health, our integrated approach to drug and alcohol rehab and top-tier mental health services ensures everyone receives the best recovery.

If you, a family member, or a close friend faces this challenge, remember that recovery is not just possible with the right help and support. It is within your reach. It starts here in New Mexico, at our healing and recovery center.

Get Support to Heal from Substance Abuse with Icarus in New Mexico

Heal Your Substance Abuse

Our goal is to set the foundation for a complete recovery experience. Every step receives our care. We’re with you from your first contact with our treatment team to when you step into our recovery house or rehabilitation center. Our mental health and addiction treatment center ensures that your individualized treatment plan addresses all facets of addiction.

Also, our group therapy sessions and our kind rehabilitation center staff foster a community spirit. There, every individual embarks on a healing journey together. With a strong focus on relapse prevention, trauma-informed care, and a comprehensive mental health component, we provide lasting solutions.

You will find the physical accommodations more than pleasing. We take great pride in offering comfort, beauty, and charm in keeping with the warm traditions of New Mexico. Our facility has that famous southwestern vibe, beautiful landscaping, and calm, serene vistas. You can confidently say that you will find nothing lacking. Our designers renovated our facility with one thing in mind – client needs.

Up to 100% of Treatment Covered By Insurance – Call Now!

We Accept Most Health Insurance and Self Pay Clients

Are you concerned about health insurance coverage for rehab, co-payments, or costs?

Our team is adept at navigating the intricacies of your healthcare coverage. We provide transparent pricing schedules and help to make our services accessible. Just provide your insurance information to our specialists, who will sort out those details on your behalf.

Our goal is to simplify the process. We want you to focus on what matters the most – your full recovery – during your time at our beautiful rehab in New Mexico.

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Search for Rehab Centers in New Mexico

Whether you need help with alcohol detox in Albuquerque, outpatient drug abuse counseling convenient to Los Lunas, or care for a mental illness that can be found for residents of Santa Fe, Icarus Behavioral Health stands out among rehab centers in New Mexico. We blend traditional and contemporary treatments, including dialectical behavioral therapy and individual therapy. You will find that our Albuquerque-based treatment facility will cater to every need.

You or someone you love doesn’t have to face substance use or mental health disorders alone. Let our experts, from medical professionals to licensed counselors, guide you. Your healing journey with Icarus Behavioral Health is just a call away.

Don’t wait another moment – there’s no time like the present. Start the journey towards a brighter, happier, and healthier future today. Contact Icarus Behavioral Health for further evaluation and treatment. Together, we can conquer addiction and mental health challenges.

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