How Much is a Gram of Cocaine

How Much is a Gram of Cocaine?

Realizing the Financial Cost of Cocaine Abuse

One of the more significant aspects of drug abuse that tends to be ignored in favor of the side effects of the substance is the financial cost. Cocaine prices are extremely high and climbing ever higher with each passing year.

Understanding what you spend may help to curb drug use as you realize how hard you have to work to keep up with your habit. After all, how much is a gram of cocaine?

A gram of cocaine may not last you a very long time if you are using it heavily. However, it can hit your wallet fairly hard. If cocaine use has you mired in debt, here is how much you could save by seeking help for your substance use at Icarus Behavioral Health!

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How Much Does a Gram of Cocaine Cost?

The street prices of cocaine tend to vary depending on what part of the world you live in from Rhode Island to California. Law enforcement officials have a few ideas of what the street price is for some of these illegal substances though.

Much of it depends on the form and the purity levels of the drug in question, as well as if it is powdered cocaine, crack, or freebase forms of coke.

Powder Cocaine Prices

Powder Cocaine Prices

Powder cocaine prices have fluctuated over the years, usually falling between $100 to $150 per gram in the years between 2000 and 2007. The Drug Enforcement Administration places it a little higher in their 2017 evaluation of the street prices of cocaine: $160 per gram.

When adjusted for inflation and the modern-day prices of 2023, you may find that the street prices are similar today.

Some people report paying as much as $100 to $150 per gram, depending on their location and the overall purity levels of the drugs that they buy. In some lower-cost-of-living areas, you might find that powder cocaine is just a little less expensive than in major cities where drug use tends to be rampant.

Outside the United States

Prices are very much the same both in the United States and in Europe. Within the United Kingdom, you will find that cocaine prices are closely in line with the developed Western countries like the United States.

However, continuing east leads to higher prices with Hong Kong and Japan having slightly increased prices.

For example, many Arab countries have much stricter laws governing substances and their sales, which contributes to higher prices. The cost of living in Australia is also much higher, and they pay upwards of $200 per gram for the same drug.

A gram tends to be less expensive in Colombia (a South American country known for its cocaine production) or in Mexico, which is closer to the drug’s origin.

This is why cocaine is sometimes less expensive in the southwest United States because it is closer to the sources of most cocaine production. More people are selling in these areas due to its rampant availability, leading to stiff competition and lower prices as every dealer seeks to win more market share.

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Crack Cocaine Prices

According to the White House Archives, crack cocaine tends to go for a higher street price than powder cocaine. A gram of this drug will set you back anywhere from $200 to $250, according to the 2007 archives.

However, the price was dropping during this last survey which ended in 2007. It is now believed by law enforcement officials that both crack cocaine and powder cocaine are relatively close in price.

Crack can often seem cheaper than cocaine because the baking soda and other substances used to create a more readily smokeable form of the drug constitute a large percentage of its weight.

How Much is a Gram of Cocaine: Prices for a Bump of Coke

Some people who are addicted to drugs may not have the funds to pay for an entire gram of cocaine upfront. They can cut down on the cost of cocaine use in the immediate present, but it may cost you financially to do this in the long term.

A bump of cocaine is typically noted as a single serving such as a line scooped out of a larger package by a key or finger. Because you are getting just one hit of the drug, you will find that it may cost you less than $20.

You will pay more for this one-time usage whereas you could have about 20 to 25 bumps in a single gram. This evidences how much you could be paying for your cocaine addiction, depending on how many bumps you are doing per day or per week.

How Much Do You Spend on Cocaine Use Per Month?

Spend on Cocaine Use per Month

One of the problems with a drug like cocaine is that the effects are relatively short-lived. Many people find that a bump of cocaine wears off within an hour of first taking the hit. When it does start to leave their system, they feel depressed and miserable in the short term.

This leads them to take another hit and continue the cycle throughout the day.

If you are taking a bump of cocaine every hour for a full day, you can go through a gram of cocaine each day. Imagine how much you are spending on a gram a day for a month: it could be around $4,000 to $5,000 a month depending on where you are located.

This makes the cost of cocaine detox seem downright inexpensive in comparison!

The Real Financial Cost of Cocaine Use

This could eat through your entire salary in a year if you make $60,000 or less. It is no wonder that many people who use substances have a difficult time with their financial obligations and may face issues with housing and bills.

Not to mention, there are the dangers of getting caught with cocaine that could lead you to be arrested. This cuts back on the income that you can make and may put you even further behind when it comes to your debts, bills, and other financial obligations.

Oftentimes, people who struggle with substance use do not stop to add up the money spent on their drug use over the past year. If they did, they would find that treatment is often more affordable than continuing with their substance use.

Even if you require long-term outpatient counseling to get your substance use under control, it can still be more accessible with a copay and deductible on your health insurance plan when compared to the funds that you are currently spending on cocaine or other harmful drugs.

How Much is a Gram of Cocaine: Are Other Drugs Less Expensive?

Some people will wonder if cocaine is expensive in comparison to other drugs that they could get on the same market. The price is still exorbitant when you factor in that you could be spending your hard-earned dollars on the things that really matter to you or your family.

You will find that other drugs like heroin and crystal meth are similar in price to a gram of cocaine in any form. Not to mention, they are just as addictive and will force you to continue using more and more to achieve the high that you crave. If price is the sole factor, you will want to discontinue drug use.

Simply switching to a “less expensive” drug will still add up over time when treatment could allow you to cease spending on drug use altogether.

Treatment is a worthwhile investment of your funds and time, as it can help you to live a beautiful sober lifestyle without all of the financial strain of keeping your cocaine or drug supply.

Seeking Treatment to Save Money on Cocaine Use

Treatment to Save Money on Cocaine Use

The cost of treatment is what makes many people shy away from discontinuing their drug use, no matter what their drug of choice is. They see the initial sticker price of inpatient rehab and detox, thinking that they cannot afford it. However, they fail to tally up how much they are spending on cocaine each month.

With insurance, addiction treatment is more affordable than ever before. Even if you do not have coverage, you may be able to find a facility that offers payment plans or sliding scales based on your income in the USA. There are plenty of ways to decrease the cost of treatment so that you can get help.

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Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico accepts a number of insurances to keep treatment costs low so that you can afford the help you need. When you eliminate spending on your drug abuse altogether, you will find that rehab is a worthwhile investment of your resources now and into the future.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save money and conquer your substance use issues all at the same time. All calls are strictly confidential, so reach out now to get options for a life with money in your pocket and the sanity found in recovery!

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