Can You Go to Rehab on Probation in New Mexico

Can You Go to Rehab on Probation in New Mexico?

Getting Treatment Options and Support on Probation in New Mexico

I burned every bridge and ruined almost every relationship because of my drug and alcohol addiction. Getting into drug rehab seemed like a foreign concept to me. For the longest time during my addiction, I did not want to get clean. I didn’t want to go to a treatment center or deal with any of my issues.

It was only when I was facing jail time that I was given the option of drug rehab. I didn’t take it seriously at first, but the people at Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico planted a seed in me that led me to take my recovery seriously. I had been to other drug rehab centers, but none actually inspired me to get clean.

If you want to find out more about the potential of Icarus to help in your situation, read more to find answers to ‘Can you go to rehab on probation in New Mexico’ and get info on their programs now!

Finding the Right Rehab on Probation in New Mexico

Right Addiction Treatment Program

Sometimes you don’t have a choice regarding the rehab center that you go to. A lot of drug rehab centers may be full, or not accept certain insurance. The rehab program that I enrolled in at Icarus was perfect for me. Even though it was court-ordered drug rehab, something clicked in me once I walked through those doors.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I hadn’t been around people who inspired me in a positive way in a long time. My life revolved around getting high, so the people I associated with weren’t great influences. Once I met others in recovery who came from a similar situation as me, it made me realize that maybe I could get clean. Before that, I had not even realized you could go to rehab on probation in New Mexico, or even that anyone would choose to seek recovery.

Getting Tangled Up In The Legal System

An unfortunate part of addiction is getting caught up in the legal system. It can be very difficult to get out of the system once you are in it. The cards are stacked against you when you have a criminal record and are subject to parole supervision after sentencing. The legal consequences of drug addiction are about as difficult to get through as the addiction itself.

A lot of drug addicts fall into a life of crime and deal with serious consequences as a result of their substance abuse. I’ve been in and out of jail multiple times, and have gone through multiple probation officers in my time as an addict. There are plenty of reasons for attending rehab, especially when the alternative is jail or prison.

I was happy to find out that, as well regarded as their programs are, Icarus was also among several rehabs in New Mexico that accept Medicaid for treatment.

24 Hour Detox and Rehab Hotline

Tips on Dealing With Your Probation Officer

There was a time during my addiction when I viewed every probation officer or parole officer as the enemy. They were the ones who had the power to give or take away custody of my freedom. I thought they were all out to get me. Looking back, some of the probation officers I had gave me a lot of chances and wanted to see me succeed. However, there’s only so much they can do for someone who won’t help themselves.

Every time I went into my probation office, I got a knot in my stomach. Sometimes I would get tested, other times I wouldn’t. I failed almost every time my probation officer gave me a drug test. When my PO would ask me whether or not I would fail, I would be honest half the time, and dishonest the rest of the time. I never knew what to say so that I wouldn’t get tested, and it usually didn’t matter.

Deciding Which Drug Rehab To Go To

If you have the option of choosing which treatment center you go to, there are usually many options local to you. I was surprised to find out that there are not very many highly rated drug rehab and detox centers in New Mexico. The treatment center that you go to makes a big difference. Some drug rehab centers work better for certain addictions.

There are some drug rehab centers that claim they can cure addiction. Others focus more on behavioral health and dual-diagnosis programs to help you deal with your mental health and substance abuse issues simultaneously. If you have the option of choice, it’s important to do your research to see which rehab center is right for you.

In looking at all the factors, I decided the programs at Icarus in Albuquerque for drug rehab were the right match for me, and the fact that they were able to answer all my questions quickly and easily was also helpful.

Decide on Your Treatment Needs In Drug Rehab

Treatment Needs In Drug Rehab

For addicted individuals seeking sobriety, there are many different treatment options available depending on the type of addiction. It’s hard to say what it takes to finally accept treatment. Every person is different, and every form of addiction is somewhat unique. For me, the fear of incarceration was enough for me to finally take rehab seriously.

For many people, a life of crime becomes normal and no consequences seem to help them achieve sobriety. A lot of people think that being in jail or prison means you are away from drugs. Unfortunately, it can be just as easy to get drugs in the prison population as it is out on the street. The corrections department does all it can to weed these things out, but drugs still make their way into our county jails and prisons.

Get Options for Treatment Your PO Will Approve!

Standing Up to Drug Addiction

When you go to a rehab program or treatment services facility, a lot of what happens is up to you. You can get the best help available, but you must be willing to put in the work. Drug use is a personal struggle and one that requires a lot of personal effort to combat. This dawned on me when I was in the treatment program at Icarus. I knew that I could either throw it all away or find a way to make it work.

I paid attention during my addiction treatment and made a big effort to apply some of the advice that I was given. Because I was in court-ordered drug rehab, I was facing big consequences if I failed. I still had a lot of legal issues to take care of once I got out of court, as well as community service and restitution that had to be paid. I made sure that I put myself in the best position to succeed once I had to deal with those responsibilities.

A Probation Officer Can Change Your Life

Probation Officer Can Change Your Life

I’ll never forget one probation officer telling me that it was up to me whether I lived or died. Those words stuck with me. I had heard a lot of judgment and lecturing from multiple people in law enforcement, and nothing ever stuck. The matter-of-fact way in which those words were said to me struck a nerve.

My mortality finally became clear to me once I got into the rehab facility at Icarus. All my legal issues were a result of drug-related crime and horrible personal choices that I had made my entire life. When I got out of rehab and faced the judge, they saw something different than they had seen before. They saw that I was sincere in my recovery.

I was spared immediate arrest and more jail time and was given more probation instead. I never failed another drug test.

Reentering Society Following Addiction Treatment

The first few months were very scary for me when I got out of treatment. I felt good when I was in rehabilitation, but being left to my own devices concerned me. I knew that I could slip up, and I tried desperately not to. The thing that helped me stay the course was attending meetings and going to individual and group therapy.

I started to amend my broken relationships and received a lot of peer support from those around me. I was done making excuses and blaming others for my problems. I found gainful employment for the first time in years, which helped me create a routine Routine is very important for people in recovery. Failure is much easier when you don’t expect to have a regular schedule.

There is Hope for Recovery: Rehab on Probation in New Mexico

Hope for Recovery on Probation

After years of drug-related crime, judges, courts, parole officers, and unhealthy relationships, I now go to jails and prisons and mentor others in recovery. Being able to give back is a huge part of what keeps me going. This is how I can give back and pay it forward. If I’m not trying to help others, I feel like I am not doing my duty. Being incarcerated myself gives me a perspective that others might not have. I know what it’s like to be at the bottom.

People in jail and prison are there because of many different circumstances, some out of their control. A lot of these people have the opportunity to change and live productive lives. That’s the thing I try to preach more than anything. We can all seek redemption and attain it if we are serious enough. You can destroy your life and rebuild it. All you need is the right attitude and a place like Icarus Behavioral Health.

Confidential Assessment and Insurance Verification

Reach Out for Treatment Options on Probation at Icarus Today

While I don’t know everything about going to rehab on probation in NM, or anywhere for that matter, I know that in my case it was one of the best decisions I have made as an adult. It took me from a place where jail was something I considered inevitable to a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Sure, I still have responsibilities and the grind gets to me some days. But now the love and respect in my family’s eyes is like a drug I could never get enough of, and I don’t have to leave them to get locked up or wonder about my next re-up to stop going through withdrawals. What an amazing gift.

If you or your loved one would benefit from going to rehab, reach out to Icarus and get your questions answered about what they offer. I know it was a call I’m glad I made, and I bet you will be as well!

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