What is the Blues Drug

What is the Blues Drug?

An Explosion of Counterfeit M30 Percocet Fentanyl Pills

You might have heard the term on the evening news or heard someone talking about blues drugs. You wonder if they are all taking the famous little blue pill intended for gentlemen. But that doesn’t quite add up. So then you ask yourself: What is the blues drug?

What you will find out about these blue pills is incredibly alarming. If you are taking them – or you suspect a family member is – it’s critical to stop taking these potent substances ASAP.

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we have seen the impact of these dangerous counterfeit pills that are flooding the streets. They harm both the individual and their family and community. But it’s not all bad news; our team also knows how to help you or your loved one end their drug addiction.

Read on to discover more about the blue pills. We’ll cover what they are, how to identify them, and why they’re addictive. But we will also explain treatment options for opioid addiction, giving you hope for a brighter future after drug abuse.

What Is the Blues Drug?

What Is Blues Drug

Blues drugs are another player in the opioid epidemic. These are oxycodone-based pills laced with fentanyl. Street dealers also call them M30s, which describes their markings: an “M” on one side and a “30” on the flip side.

Although prescription oxycodone pills have valid uses when used as prescription medication, these counterfeit pills are deadly. That’s because the street buyers think they’re buying oxycodone tablets. However, they are getting counterfeit pills containing fentanyl.

Some alternate street names for the blue pills are:

  • 30s
  • Beans
  • Buttons
  • Hillbilly heroin
  • Kickers
  • Killers
  • OC
  • Roxy

These blue fentanyl pills have a high overdose risk. The consequences are severe, including overdose deaths.

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When Is Fentanyl Used for Legitimate Medical Reasons?

Fentanyl is a legal drug in the United States when used as prescribed by a physician. It’s very effective for pain relief, especially in cancer patients. But like other prescription opioids, it has a rapid onset of addiction.

Doctors commonly prescribe these painkillers under the brand names OxyContin and Percocet.

Besides managing pain, anesthesiologists use fentanyl and similar drugs for conscious sedation, commonly referred to as “twilight sedation.” This medicine allows patients to undergo minor, short medical procedures without going to sleep. There’s no need to “vent” the patient; they have no memory of the procedure upon awakening.

It’s a popular anesthesia for dental and cosmetic surgeries. The main difference is the doctor’s supervision and pharmaceutical quality oxycodone versus the fentanyl analogs available on the streets.

The Drug Enforcement Administration Warns: One Pill Can Kill

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued a stark warning about counterfeit pills in 2023. The message is clear: “One pill can kill.”

In 2023, Drug Enforcement Administration agents seized over 78.4 million fake pills; 7 out of every 10 contained deadly amounts of fentanyl.

It is worth noting that the flood of these pills enables the individual cost to be very inexpensive. Consider the contrast: from the days when genuine Percocet 30 mg pills went for a dollar a milligram (and sometimes more in rural areas) to the current counterfeit ‘fentapill’ oversupply: where a single pill goes for $5 or less in most urban areas.

In the Northwestern US (and likely across the country at this point) the wholesale price of these deadly pills is now often less than 50 cents each.

Not that this means an illegal opioid habit is cheap, with some users taking between 40 to 50 pills each day to feed a dependence. the vicious cycle of high and withdrawal are so tightly intertwined that those using the ‘blues drug’ report having to take the drug every twenty minutes to a half hour to avoid the symptoms of dope sickness.

How Can I Tell the Counterfeit Pill Form from the Real Thing?

Counterfeit Pill

Besides fake oxycodone pills, the DEA has seen dupes of Xanax and Adderall, both of which also contain fentanyl. The only way to avoid getting the blues drugs instead of the real thing is to avoid buying from illegal dealers.

The Cartels and Drug Traffickers Make Counterfeit Pills in Mexico

All that information may lead you to be curious about how so many synthetic opioids make their way onto our streets. The increasing availability leads back to a sinister source: an intricate network of cartels and drug traffickers from China and Mexico.

China manufactures the precursor chemicals, chemicals that fuel the opioid crisis, and sends them by ship to Mexican seaports. Once in Mexican cartel hands, they turn the chemicals over to clandestine laboratories, where their affiliates make the precursors into non-pharmaceutical fentanyl.

They move much of the newly pressed pills into the United States through legal ports of entry. The Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Border Patrol play a cat-and-mouse game, seizing as many of these (and other drugs) as possible.

Fentanyl Leads to Drug Addiction Quickly

Fentanyl is so effective as a pain reliever for the same reasons it causes such widespread opioid abuse. It works quickly to change the brain’s reward system by creating an intense, euphoric high. It makes users want to experience the high over and over again, leading to drug addiction.

In addition, people who struggle with opioid addiction develop a tolerance, their brains demanding more frequent – and more powerful – doses of the drug. The low threshold for a lethal dose contained in the counterfeit pill form is also why it can lead to overdose deaths.

Recognizing Opioid Addiction (Prescription or Counterfeit Opioids)

Opioid Addiction

The first step to getting help for yourself or someone you love is recognizing the problem. We’ll cover some signs of opioid addiction.

Many of these signs may also apply to other illicitly produced substances, such as methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin.

Notable Shifts in Behavior May Reveal an Addiction to Blue Pills

People who are at high risk for addiction to opioids often display these behaviors:

  • Mood swings, especially euphoric highs, falling to extremely hard lows
  • Becoming withdrawn from friends and family
  • Having a false sense of invincibility
  • Spending time seeking drugs
  • Lying about their activities and whereabouts
  • Finding new friends and rejecting old relationships
  • Losing a job for unexplainable reasons
  • Financial difficulties as they prioritize purchasing drugs
  • Neglecting their children, pets, or other responsibilities

You may see one or more of these behaviors that indicate opioid use or other substances.

Physical Signs of Addiction to This Synthetic Opioid

Taking a synthetic opioid poses several health risks. Some of these can be life-threatening.

Watch for these signs, especially when the person hasn’t used fentanyl or opioids and has entered withdrawal:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Cold sweats
  • Muscle cramps
  • Achiness

At-home withdrawal is dangerous and poses severe health risks. Seek medical assistance immediately.

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Overdose Risk and Counterfeit Oxycodone Pills

Does someone you love abuse counterfeit pills? Knowing the signs of fentanyl overdoses can save a life. Know the following key signs of opioid overdose:

  • Severe Respiratory Depression and Blues Drugs: Breathing becomes shallow or slow. In some cases, respiration may cease altogether.
  • Limp Body After Using Counterfeit Opioids: As breathing or the central nervous system bears the impacts of overdosing, the person may slump over or go limp.
  • Blue-colored Nails or Skin and Fake Pills: The person’s lips, fingernails, or skin may turn blue. That discoloration is a direct result of a lack of oxygen.
  • Pinpoint Pupils May Reveal an Overdose: Pinpoint pupils are a classic overdose symptom – not just of fentanyl but even of prescription opioids. The medical term for this is miosis, but to you, it means getting help.
  • The Person Won’t Wake Up in an Opioid Overdose: Some people will slip into unconsciousness. Because they don’t wake up, you might not realize what’s wrong. This is often the case with a lethal overdose.

If you see any of the above signs, administer Narcan if available. Call 911 and await instructions – it’s dangerous to try to move the person without proper guidance. The responding EMS team will have Narcan, if you did not have any on hand. This life-saving treatment will only work for opioids.

Treatment Options for the Blues Drug

Inpatient Treatment

The nationwide opioid epidemic may rage on, but you can stop your drug use. The team at Icarus Behavioral Health offers evidence-based treatments to help you break free of opioid abuse.

Let’s start by reassuring you that you are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the use of synthetic opioids has skyrocketed. It has multiplied tenfold over the last 25 years. Moreover, 88% of overdose deaths resulted from synthetic opioids. The illegal drug market stacks the odds against you, making increasingly addictive pills.

The opioid crisis is real. But you can be a victor and beat the odds. We can help.

Inpatient Treatment to Quit the Blues Drug

Our inpatient treatment center at Icarus recognizes that no two clients are the same. Thus, we develop individualized programs for every person who needs help with an addiction. This treatment is very structured and means 24-hour residential care.

It is the best place for people who may also have co-occurring mental health risks. It’s also a place where people who have high tolerance to potent drugs can get the most help. This setting allows clients to focus solely on recovery. Their drugs of choice may be fentanyl, heroin, or alcohol – or any combination of drugs.

Outpatient Treatment For Blues Addiction

In less severe circumstances, or for people who have a less potent addiction, outpatient care may be the answer. For instance, some people abuse prescription oxycodone pills (or any other pills) and realize they need help to quit before they become long-term drug users.

They are struggling and need help. But suppose they have young children. Or an aging parent who needs daily care. These people can’t attend the highest level of care. An outpatient option allows them to balance these needs.

What to Expect When Beating an Addiction to Fentanyl Pills

Being addicted to the blues drug, or anything that may contain fentanyl, places you at great risk of overdose. Although every client receives an individualized plan to beat the illegal use of pills, here are some general steps you can expect at Icarus:

Clinic Intake and Medical Detox

When you arrive at Icarus, you can take a deep breath. You have taken your last dose of potent, illegal drugs – and our caring staff will make the time you spend in withdrawal from opioids as comfortable as possible. Our intake team will help you complete a brief questionnaire and risk assessment. We need to learn the last time you used drugs or alcohol and how much.

We’ll also learn about your physical and mental health. Then, you will start a medical detox. Our detox team monitors you, dispensing medication to manage any discomfort. Detox time varies, depending on your metabolism and your drug of choice.

Counseling and Therapy Sessions

Counseling and Therapy Sessions

During detox, you will work with a counselor. The intensity of your sessions will increase as you feel better.

You will likely experience Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to learn how to change your behaviors. Besides individual counseling, you may also have group or family therapy sessions. These are a typical part of the healing process.

Relapse Prevention Planning

Before you leave our drug rehab facility, we work to help you make a relapse prevention plan. We know that the opioid crisis continues outside our doors. But you can have the confidence that comes from knowing that you have a plan in place. You can…and you will…know how to distance yourself from it.

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Icarus Can Help You Overcome Addiction to the Blues

The time to seek treatment for an addiction to fake oxycodone pills is now. Street drugs have never been riskier, with cartels importing increasingly harmful pills. There has never been a better time to reach out for support in getting clean and sober, and our team is ready and waiting to help support the path to a brighter tomorrow – imagine a life free from the cycles of sickness and searching for the next pills!

Connect with Icarus Behavioral Health today; we can help you come for treatment as soon as tomorrow.

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