Is Adderall Like Meth or Is Adderall Meth

Is Adderall Meth or is Adderall Like Meth?

A Look at How I Found Out the Hard Way About Stimulant Abuse

Dealing with an Adderall addiction is a life altering situation. Everything revolves around it. Before you know it, you’re either at rock bottom or close to it. When I got to Icarus Behavioral Health I was still in quite a bit of denial. I knew I needed help, but I assumed once I left treatment I would have everything under control. It didn’t take long before the reality of the situation sunk in.

I was a full-blown addict, and with an addiction like this, it was going to require a complete life change for me to succeed in recovery. By the time I sought help, I had abused Adderall for over ten years. When I couldn’t get Adderall, I would often abuse drugs like meth and cocaine. Being addicted to stimulant drugs is exhausting, but I knew no other way. If you are searching for answers on: is Adderall meth, you have come to the right blog!

Keep reading to learn more about my own path down a hard road of stimulant abuse, and how I finally got support for a good stretch of clean time at Icarus in New Mexico!

Prescription Drug Abuse Kicked Off a Long Battle With Stimulants

Prescription Drug Abuse

I first tried Adderall in middle school. Adderall is technically a Schedule II controlled substance, but it is very frequently prescribed to treat ADHD, which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A friend of mine was prescribed it and would sell his pills to me and a handful of other classmates.

This was my first experience with prescription medication. I had already tried marijuana by this point and was already moving on to other things at this young age.

When I first started taking it, I felt on top of the world. As a stimulant, a drug like Adderall affects the central nervous system by giving you increased energy and alertness. I could have fun just sitting and staring at the wall. When I would come off of it, I would feel cranky and tired.

The cycle I ended up in lasted years, and had a profound negative effect on my physical and mental health. Because of Icarus Behavioral Health, I was ultimately able to overcome my addiction to stimulants. Keep reading to find out how recovery from stimulants like Adderall can work for you.

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Is Adderall Meth: A Lot of Similarities Exist Between Stimulant Drugs

Adderall and other ADHD medications fall into the same family as other amphetamines. Is Adderall like meth? It’s closer than you might think. Stimulants like meth and Adderall have the same effects on the mind and body. Interestingly enough, by society’s standards, we view these drugs quite differently, despite how similar they are.

When we think of methamphetamine addiction, it conjures up images of meth labs and those classic “before and after” pictures of meth addicts. When we think of Adderall, we think of kids who are unable to pay attention in class.

The biggest difference between meth and Adderall is the way these substances are ingested or taken. After all, Adderall is a prescription amphetamine. Dexedrine, its somewhat stronger cousin, comes even closer to being actual prescription methamphetamine. Desoxyn, which is harder to get on the street in my experience, is actually prescribed meth!

There are Some Differences Between Adderall And Meth Addiction

While methamphetamine has a different chemical structure than Adderall, the side effects and withdrawal symptoms are similar. Adderall speeds up brain activity and increases the amounts of dopamine. Methamphetamine has similar effects, however, they tend to be much stronger.

Adderall is not always habit-forming, especially when taken properly. But one hit of meth is often enough to spur a full-on meth addiction.

Both drugs can be taken several different ways, but Adderall is often taken orally or crushed and snorted. Methamphetamine can be snorted, smoked, and/or injected. Crystal meth is often smoked. The effects of methamphetamine aren’t long-lasting, often leading users to use more of it.

While Adderall can be used for legitimate medical use, methamphetamine is not something a doctor will prescribe, except in the rare cases when Desoxyn is used for obesity or narcolepsy.

Courting Danger: The Risks Of Stimulant Addiction

Risks Of Stimulant Addiction

My addiction to prescription stimulants continued into my late teens and early twenties, with some methamphetamine abuse mixed in there as well. Eventually, I couldn’t get my hands on Adderall frequently enough. I befriended some people who ran meth labs, and slowly but surely I replaced Adderall with meth. Once my dance with meth began, I started noticing some serious health risks.

Meth mouth was one of the most adverse effects. Meth addiction causes users to grind their teeth, which quickly leads to cracked and broken teeth. I didn’t suffer from this condition when I was taking Adderall. My skin became pale and sickly looking as well. I would stay up for days on end, which is something that I would also do when I was actively using Adderall.

The Daily Struggle Of Meth Users

My meth abuse led me to psychosis and an overall desperation that never went away. I would do anything for meth. I committed a lot of theft in order to continue my meth abuse. There weren’t a lot of risks I wasn’t willing to take. Living like this for as long as I did completely rewired my brain’s reward system. After a meth binge, with my brain being totally sapped of dopamine, I would go through the worst crashes imaginable.

I ultimately curbed my meth use and was actually sober for about eight months. Following a few personal upheavals, I started abusing Adderall again. In my mind, it was better than my meth abuse. I convinced myself that I needed the drug to pay attention at work. I tried to convince other people of this, but there was no fooling anyone. I had just replaced one addiction with another.

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When A Prescription Drug Addiction Takes Over Entirely

A prescription drug can be abused just as much as any other illicit drug, street meth included. The way that we classify drugs can make things very murky. Whatever amphetamine drug you are taking, whether it is abusing meth or taking Adderall as prescribed, the addictive side can still take over entirely.

Prescription drugs are just as easy to become addicted to, if only because you can get them legally at your local Walgreens. When you have to procure your drugs on the street, there is a criminal element that can make it more risky.

I got tired of being screwed over by meth dealers, so when I relapsed, I wanted to go with the sure thing. I could just find a doctor to give me my prescription amphetamines and not have to worry about acquiring my stuff illegally. It wasn’t long before they cut me off and I was back on the street trying to get Adderall illicitly.

The Accumulation of Physical and Mental Side Effects

With any recreational drug, there will be side effects that affect your quality of life. The most obvious issues for me were weight loss and lack of appetite. I would go a day or two without eating anything substantial. It wouldn’t bother me at all. My meth and Adderall appetite outweighed my regular appetite. Dealing with a substance use disorder means that there will be negative consequences.

Beyond the physical effects, the mental health issues associated with substance abuse cannot be understated. The anxiety and paranoia I felt when I didn’t have the drugs was brutal. All of the real life problems I had would flood into my mind. One of the biggest reasons I needed the drugs all the time was to avoid dealing with my emotions. There was no in between with me during this time. I was either high and on top of the world or crashing and wanting to kill myself.

Who Is At Risk for Stimulant Abuse?

Difficult Upbringing

There is a lot of conversation regarding addiction risks. What makes somebody an addict? Are certain people destined to be addicts? It varies so much from person to person. For anyone who has a difficult upbringing, whether it be from bad parenting or any other kind of trauma, you can be at high risk for substance use disorders. A family history of drug abuse is also a red flag and a potential factor in people abusing drugs.

There is a big debate over attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and how many children have been diagnosed with it. Many would argue that the pharmaceutical companies pushed drugs like Adderall on kids who didn’t necessarily need it. ADHD is definitely a real thing, but I believe that a lot of kids got diagnosed with it when there may have been other issues going on. After all, the more drugs get prescribed, the more money drug companies make.

Is Adderall Like Meth: Going from Stimulant Medication Abuse to the Real Deal

I’ve heard so many stories from people who began abusing drugs after they were prescribed amphetamines like Adderall. That was the gateway drug for them. Word of mouth spreads when you are in school. If people know someone has a prescription for ADHD drugs, they are likely to try and buy or trade for them.

I can remember being in study hall and watching a fellow student snort drugs right off the table that he got from a kid with a stimulant medication prescription. You don’t see addiction coming when you are at that age. There’s no way to imagine yourself years later sleeping in the street and stealing from people to satisfy your addiction. A lot of kids at that age aren’t thinking about their future.

Stimulant Addiction Treatment at Icarus Offered a Way Out

As a person who is still working my way through recovery, I have learned that the addiction will always be there. I’ve relapsed before, and it comes out of nowhere. I don’t believe I am totally cured of my meth and Adderall addiction, even though I might be doing well so far. I attend group meetings as much as possible and try to listen to others when they talk about their experiences.

The basic fact is that you have to hold yourself accountable. You can have sponsors and other people in your life who can positively influence you, but ultimately you have to be alone with yourself. It’s in those moments when you are truly tested. That’s when doubt might creep in. I have those moments, but I always try to remind myself of how bad things can get if I go back to my old ways.

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Staying Away From Stimulant Medications

What works for one person may not be the thing that helps somebody else. I’ve heard from enough addicts to know that the one thing we all have in common is we need something to replace the drug. Idle time can create a situation where you may slip up. You also have to work on whatever it is that made you an addict in the first place.

Our experiences may be similar, but we all have our own lives and our own drama. Drugs can easily alter your vision of yourself and make you believe or not believe a lot of mistruths. There are some people who believe they need the drugs. The most heartbreaking thing an addict can tell you is that they don’t want to quit. Unfortunately, I’ve heard many people say these words.

Get Strength and Support at Icarus for Recovery Success

Get Strength and Support

All I know now is that if I didn’t seek help through Icarus Behavioral Health, I’d either be dead or in prison. Because of the wisdom I gained through their programs, I have a better head on my shoulders to fight my addiction. Overcoming stimulant addiction is difficult, but with the right team around you, it can be just the spark that you need.

Ready to move past your addiction and seek a life of joy and fulfillment? If so, Icarus can help change your attitude and your life. They are always there for anyone willing to take the first step. Taking the first step is tough, but it can be the beginning of a healthy new life.

Reach out today and see what they can do for you. It might just be the decision that saves your life!

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