What is the Turning Point of Recovery

What is the Turning Point of Recovery?

Marking the Milestones in Getting Clean and Sober

Do you – or a friend or loved one – struggle with substance abuse? You might be at rock bottom, often the first turning point of recovery. While you struggle with a substance use disorder that hurts your physical or mental health, you are clear-eyed enough to know it is time to change before all is lost. But are you ready to begin addiction treatment?

One person who struggled with substance abuse described their experience with addiction to drugs and alcohol as playing the childhood game of Jenga. Picture the game set up with a neatly stacked tower of wooden blocks. In the game’s earliest stages, you can remove the blocks with little threat of toppling the tower. That’s similar to the first stages of drug use – when you can balance your daily life with your drug of choice.

But the game progresses. Each time you slide out a block, the risk increases. You continue to erode the tower’s stability, weakening with each move you make. The block tower teeters and sways, becoming less stable as you continue the game. You practice harm reduction, but you really need a more structured program. This instability represents the drugs or alcohol pulling your body deeper into addiction. Your addiction continues to erode your relationships and threaten your security.

Finally, you remove a critical block from the Jenga game. The entire structure crashes to the floor, destroyed. That destruction is like hitting rock bottom. It’s a first turning point when you recognize the utter collapse of your relationships, job, and declining wellness. You see that your life is in total disarray.

But here’s the good news. The metaphor need not need to end with the collapsing Jenga tower. You can restack the blocks, rebuild the structure, and start the game again. In the context of recovery, this symbolizes a fresh start.

You can reset the game and start over again.

But don’t worry – you’re not alone in this. The compassionate team at Icarus Behavioral Health can guide you as you pick up the pieces and start anew.

Read on to learn how we can guide you in getting the reset you need!

Reach Out for a Turning Point of Recovery at IcarusRecovery from the grips of substance use

Recovery from the grips of substance use is only possible when you realize you need help. Once you reach that critical turning point, successful recovery becomes possible.

For most, that happens when you hit rock bottom. It is a moment when you realize that you will not live the life you once dreamed about if you don’t seek help. For some, the motivation comes from losing important relationships with their families or partners. Others might hit this realization only after an overdose or other tragic event.

Whatever the reason, we are glad you are here – it is time to pick up the pieces and start over again.

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Why Icarus Behavioral Health is a Top Recovery Center

Whether you struggle with alcohol, drugs, or both, we have the resources to support healing. We provide recovery services and stand-alone mental health programs. That’s because we recognize that depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses often connect to addiction.

We acknowledge that our clients can only reach permanent, successful recovery if we treat them as a whole person – not a medical diagnosis.

Being addicted now does not determine your future. You’ve reached a turning point, and we will support you as you rebuild from rock bottom.

Here are some therapies we may use to help you recover:

Medical Detox

The first phase of your program is medical detox. We’ll be honest – this is the first of a few challenges. Don’t worry. Our specially-trained staff will support you in becoming sober. As the chemicals leave your body, you will receive medication-assisted treatment to minimize discomfort.

Residential Treatment at Our Recovery Center

Residential Treatment at Recovery Center

Residential treatment at Icarus often offers the most hope for those with the strongest addictions. This round-the-clock care offers maximum support as you get well. Trained staff will address your needs with a structured schedule. You’ll receive specialized, individualized counseling to cope with the addiction.

However, you will also receive guidance on restoring your general wellness. That means you’ll have healthy meals, opportunities for exercise, and plenty of fresh air to restore your mind.

Outpatient Treatment Options at Icarus

Some people affected by addiction hit rock bottom, that critical turning point, but know they cannot go to an inpatient recovery center. Some have trouble maintaining caring for children or loved ones. Others would have difficulty maintaining schoolwork or a career.

With our PHP and IOP options, clients still receive intensive treatment during the day. But they can return home at night to take care of family or education commitments.

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Family Therapy for Clients in the Right Circumstances

Substance use impacts entire families. Whether you choose inpatient or outpatient services, family support is a key to helping a person recover. A recovery center therapist can help affected family members heal after their life was impacted by addiction.

Therapy also gives your loved ones the education they need to understand better and assist them during every point of recovery.

Insurance Verification Services: Confidential and Ready!

Health Insurance Programs

Icarus Behavioral Health in New Mexico accepts most major health insurance programs. These include Blue Cross-Blue Shield and other large carriers. That also means we accept TRICARE, Western Sky, and New Mexico Medicaid plans. One of the best resources we offer you is our insurance verification program.

Call our insurance specialists at (505)305-0902. They will coordinate your benefits so you can focus on healing from your substance use disorder.

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Reach Your Turning Point at Icarus: Recovery Starts Now!

One thing we can tell you is that a better life is just ahead with your commitment to recovery. It takes strength to reach out to a recovery center for help. But now that you recognize rock bottom, your turning point has arrived. We are here to give you hope, support you, and provide the necessary resources.

You can begin rebuilding your life, forming a strong foundation today. Reach out to our recovery center right now for a confidential discussion of options, and to get started today!

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